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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. The way they could make a shit ton of money by just re-doing the entire last season and resuscitating the spirit of the franchise as a result but instead they're just going to wash out the whole brand like it's Game of Thrones flavored La Croix.
  2. Give me a 2-hour special where Danaerys is resuscitated in Volantis, unifies Essos, wages a cataclysmic war against Bran, kidnaps and forcibly marries Jon in order to strengthen her hold on the North and perpetuate the golden blood of old Valyria.

    In which Bron is violently stabbed to death by some Tyrell cousin, Sansa is forced to bend the knee and married off to Sweetrobin or Tyrion as their reward, and we discover what on earth happened in Dorne.
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  3. I have faith that House of Dragons will be good. They’re got the best people who worked on Game of Thrones doing it and Dumb and Dumber are nowhere near it which is always a good thing.
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  4. The BOPS are coming!!! Ready and perched for a Dragonstone night out full of Targaryen summer anthems!!!
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  5. Fuck yes

    Dany got some of the best motives in the score, so I can't wait to see what Miss Djawadi churns out for a show full of Targaryens!

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  6. I just don‘t know why I should feel motivated to watch it when I know where this will lead to in the end.
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  7. This. I will watch the first episode and if it's good then another but it would take A LOT for me to go the full term. I have a feeling that I the Gee Pee will do the same.
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  8. Hate bump!

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  9. The ending was so dumb. Just... stupid.
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  10. I still to this day haven't watched the last 3 episodes. I refuse. The way the show cascaded after S6 is baffling.
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  11. I’ve not checked this thread in ages but this will never not be true.. I remember when I was so excited about getting the complete 1-8 box set because it would look gorgeous...
  12. He


    I love how this thread is only: remember how horribly they ruined it?

    It's all I really recall from the show now, they really undid it all for me.
  13. It's just astounding to me that no one stepped in. Outside the die-hards, no one really knows who Dan and David are? It's not like firing JJ Abrams. There are so many points in pre-production that someone should have stepped in and said "wait."

    Was there anyone in the cast who ever voiced a desire for the show to wrap up speedily? I know HBO would have gladly paid for more, so if the whole cast is happy to sign on for another couple seasons, if they want it, the network wants it, the fans want it....

    There's just literally no reason these two goblins should have got exactly what they want at the expense of literally everything and everyone else.
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  14. I can't even remember the last season ddd all I remember is that Cersei spent most of it looking outside from her window and sipping wine.
  15. Just think of the extra stuff we could've got with more time. Even if the main plot points of season seven remained the same, but we got a full ten episodes...

    Things like Dany flying north of the wall in about ten minutes of screen time while Jon and co sit there in literal silence as though that makes good television.

    Imagine if that episode ended on a cliffhanger of Jon's team being stranded, cornered in a cave by the wights, and left for dead with no help coming.

    Then the next episode shows Jon using the skills he learned from his time with the wildlings to keep them alive and safe, and the group talks and bonds over what they believe are probably their last moments, and finally they accept that they can't survive in there and have to take their chances fighting the dead.

    They grab their weapons, charge towards the zombies, and BOOM—dragon fire. Viserion is lost, they escape, cut to black.

    Would've given the character so much more depth.
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  16. Lockdown queen.
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  17. My husband has mentioned multiple times that he wants to rewatch the series and I’m like why? When you know that last season/ending is coming up what’s the point?
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  18. This is what pretty much killed any desire I might have had to re watch it
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  20. [​IMG]
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