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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. ddd the way HBO keeps playing with my emotions, getting their gay intern to upload this yesterday so it pops up in my recommended:

    can they just go back to their 20 spin-offs that nobody cares about and let me go ONE day without thinking about her
  2. I think it has to do with his self-proclaimed "gardening" style of writing. He also said on his blog that he wrote 3 versions of the arrival of Quentyn Martell in Meereen, on A Dance with Dragons - one before, one during and one after Daenerys got married to Hizdahr. And that also meant he had to write 3 versions of every POV chapter that interacted with him... Muffy sis the unproductiveness.
  3. This talk reminds me of this article that compares his pace to Rothfuss's and King's speed of writing.

    Rothfuss is probably in a worse situation, because his editor has even gone on record saying she hasn't read a single word of the third and final book in nine years.

    Maybe it's time to focus on Discworld or The Wheel of Time. Now that is done!
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  4. And The Wheel of Time show snagged legend Rosamund Pike, so we know who actually has the gays’ best interest at heart.
  5. @Big Bang found stanning relentlessly!
  6. Imagine Rosamund Pike as Rhaenyra or Visenya Targaryen.
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  7. I'm doing a ten year anniversary rewatch and it still really is one of the best things put on television. I'm only on season 4 so we'll see how that opinion holds up for the later seasons and certainly the last one (haven't watched it since it aired) but everything up to now has truly been captivating.
  8. Why are you putting yourself through the crashing disappointment again. Sis, the masochism.
  9. Can we talk about this iconic scene though.

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  10. I love that scene, but this one just shades it for me:

    Lena should have been showered in awards for this monologue alone. And while I think she was done a disservice with the writing of her character, Indira Varma delivers a masterclass in acting with just her eyes here as the nature of Cersei's terrible revenge sinks in.
  11. Like a fool, I think it might change
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  12. Imagine the alternate timeline where we're currently poring over the trailer for the tenth and final season.

    Winterfell in flames

    Jon: "We've lost everything. Our home. Our family. Our friends."

    Jon closes the eyes of Theon's corpse

    Jon: "So many have died needless deaths..."

    Arya walks through the smouldering remains of Winterfell, surrounded by piles of bodies

    Jon: "...all in the name of power."

    Arya glances across the courtyard, her eyes lock with Sansa's

    Jon: "You've lost so much already, and still you want to fight."

    Daenerys watches as Viserion burns on a huge funeral pyre

    Cut to Jon and Dany talking

    Jon: "It's over, Dany. The Night King is dead. The evil is defeated."

    A rage fills Dany's eyes

    Dany: "No."

    *Cersei Lannister takes a sip of wine*

    Dany: "It isn't."


    This fan fiction brought to you by Nillness Productions
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  13. Am I the only one who is still discomfitted by how stupidly Jon nephewzoned Danaerys and how both of them lost all political sense discussing the matter?

    I mean, the obvious thing would be for them to marry and try and produce heirs.
    If Danaerys remained resolute that that was not a possibility, let him take a second queen and produce Targaryen heirs to their shared legacy. An Abraham-Sarah-Hagar type arrangement.
    "A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing" - suddenly she's not alone and she doesn't like it?
    Both of them forget all about producing heirs, marriage alliances and, y'know, noble culture?
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  14. I've only just watched the series, and I was so hoping the end wouldn't be as disappointing as I suspected from all the backlash but sadly it was. I can't imagine waiting years between seasons to get what we got. Even in the short time I binged, I grew to love so many characters and to see them all get the disservice that they got was and is bitterly disappointing.
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  15. Almost like that's the conclusion the story naturally comes to. BUT SUBVERSION!
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  16. Especially considering she leaves Dario Naharis behind because she needs to marry a Westerosi and having a lover along will prevent that from happening.

    She arrives in Westeros where Euron has already gone over to Cersei (and is too dangerous to marry), Tyrion is already her Hand and bringing her anything his Lannister name can bring, and neither the Tyrells nor Martells have anyone to offer.

    Lord Robert Arryn (Sweetrobin) of the Vale and Jon Snow are the only two viable and politically worthwhile matches, of which Jon is King in the North, able to bring her the Vale and Riverlands too, and to her luck, turns out to be a Targaryen dragon-rider. I mean.... sheesh.

    Jon being grossed out by them being blood-relatives makes no sense either. Starks married uncles and nieces more than once and it's not like he and Dany grew up together/hadn't already done it. Once you've gone there with a person you can't roll that intmacy (in their case, coupled with love) back because of genetics.
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  17. Mmmm
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  18. I’m perched
  19. I'm tepid about the prequel. Part of the appeal for me with Game of Thrones was that there was a possibility that all the awful things the characters did to climb the social ladder were for nothing because the world was about to end. That's obviously gone in a prequel series.
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  20. About to start 'The Bells' and for me its Tyrion's character arc that is the most disappointing to be honest. I think if you binge watch it, Daenerys' penchant for torching those who she thinks is against her or on the wrong side is quite clear. Tyrion becomes such a mug in the later seasons, getting it wrong nearly every time and not even having a quickwitted quip to come back with.

    Sansa stays slaying.
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