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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. There hadn't been any in almost two hundred years. They died out during (new TV show period). We get to see the dragons at their height, and then their fall. Expect another "bittersweet" ending.
  2. Yes there’s going to be dragons in it. The show might even cover the story of The Dance of Dragons
  3. just remake dragonheart instead ddd
  4. Not "might even", but definitely will.
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  5. It was always so unlike HBO to draw things out beyond their natural conclusion but I guess this is the streaming era. In the past couple of years we got extensions to Deadwood, Sopranos and now Game of Thrones. I'm surprised they haven't brought The Wire back from the dead.
  6. And this is just the first spin-off ñññ
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  7. Yeah the show is going to revolve around the Targaryen civil war which lead to the extinction of their dragons around two centuries before the events of the main show.
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  8. The way I told myself I wasn’t going to watch this, but will probably be drawn straight back in when they show the dragons and Matt Smith get his bum out.
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  9. The VFX artists having to animate like 2736 dragon scenes to a tight deadline though while HBO just casually tweet "fire will reign, coming soon xx" every few weeks.
  10. So this spin off is cancelled?
  11. The PTSD is still buried very deep.
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  12. Yeah the Naomi Watts one was canned over two years ago, I think the story has resurfaced because of a new interview. House Of The Dragon is still going ahead.

    I'm in two minds about whether to watch; on one hand, Paddy Considine and Eve Best, on the other, well, once bitten...
  13. I mean its different showrunners so we could give it a chance.
  14. I was reading up about the new Elden Ring game and saw this:
    He's really determined to do everything but write Winds of Winter, huh? I say having still only read the first three books!
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  15. I’ve just finished Storm of Swords p2, is it worth starting the next?
  16. I think they’re all generally worth reading. The book story may be left in limbo, but it’s better than what the show delivered as a conclusion…

    While I’m here. I just wanted to give a mention to one of the best things this franchise has produced:
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  17. This looks a bit excellent, actually.
  18. Excited for this. It’s going to be good
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  19. It's felt like a very long wait for this to arrive, but it's looking excellent.
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