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    The GAON MUSIC CHART established in 2009 is essentially Korea's answer to Billboard. Just like other charts, Gaon has individual component charts - Downloads & Streaming - while having a cumulative chart that combines all of the metrics into one.

    That cumulative chart is the Gaon Digital Chart, basically Korea’s Hot 100. The tracking week spans Sunday to Saturday, but as you can tell from many k-pop releases, real-time daily charts, exposure, and music show wins are sometimes more coveted than landing #1 on Gaon.

    Still though, the top spot on Gaon remains an honor to snatch and indicator of what most of Korea listens to, even those who focus outside the idol framework.


    I. As per, send me your scores via DM.
    II. Score from 0 to 10, with one song getting your 11; decimals allowed, but nothing wild.
    III. Songs are ranked by average score. All ties are broken by quality of scores received.
    IV. Commentary is welcome and great for rate write-ups!
    V. Don’t be a troll.

    FEBRUARY 2ND, 2018


    Total: 41

    Week 1 - ”Your Night” - Hwang Kwanghee X Gaeko featuring Oh Hyuk
    Weeks 2-4 - “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” - Ailee
    Week 5 - “The Song” - Zion.T
    Week 6 - “Yesterday” - Block B
    Week 7 - “Spring Day” - BTS
    Week 8 - “Knock Knock” - TWICE
    Weeks 9-10 - “Fine” - Taeyeon
    Week 11 - “Anymore” - Jung Key ft. Wheein of MAMAMOO
    Week 12 - “Plz Don’t Be Sad” - Highlight
    Week 13 - “Through The Night” - IU
    Week 14 - “Really Really” - WINNER
    Week 15 - “Can’t Love You Anymore” - IU ft. Oh Hyuk
    Weeks 16-17 - “Palette” - IU ft. G-Dragon
    Week 18 - “Be Well” - Sechs Kies
    Week 19 - “I Luv It” - Psy
    Weeks 20-21 - “Signal” - TWICE
    Week 22 - “Lonely” - Sistar
    Week 23 - “Untitled, 2014” - G-Dragon
    Weeks 24-25 - “We Loved” - Bolbbalgan4 & 20 Years Of Age
    Week 26 - “Don’t Know You” - Heize
    Week 27 - “You, Clouds, Rain” - Heize ft. Shin Yongjae
    Week 28 - “Red Flavor” - Red Velvet
    Week 29-31,33 - “Ko Ko Bop” - EXO
    Week 32 - “Energetic” - Wanna One
    Week 34 - “Like It” - Yoon Jong-shin
    Week 35 - “Gashina” - Sunmi
    Week 36-37 - “We Are” - Woo-Won Jae ft. Loco & Gray
    Week 38 - “Autumn Morning” - IU
    Week 39, 42 - “Something Special” - Sechs Kies
    Week 40 - “Some” - Bolbbalgan4
    Week 41 - “Where You At” - NU’EST W
    Week 43 - “Love Story” - Epik High ft. IU
    Week 44 - “Likey” - TWICE
    Week 45 - “When We Were Two” - Urban Zakapa
    Week 46 - “Beautiful” - Wanna One
    Week 47 - “Yes” - Yoon Jong-shin & Minseo
    Week 48 - “Emptiness in Memory” - Naul
    Week 49 - "Snow" - Zion.T
    Week 50 - "Heart Shaker" - TWICE
    Week 51: "Lonely" - Jonghyun ft. Taeyeon
    Week 52 - "Instagram" - Dean
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    1. ”Your Night”
    2. “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”
    3. “The Song”
    4. “Yesterday”
    5. “Spring Day”
    6. “Knock Knock”
    7. “Fine”
    8. “Anymore”
    9. “Plz Don’t Be Sad”
    10. “Through The Night
    11. “Really Really”
    12. “Can’t Love You Anymore”
    13. “Palette”
    14. “Be Well”
    15. “I Luv It”
    16. “Signal”
    17. “Lonely”
    18. “Untitled, 2014”
    19. “We Loved”
    20. “Don’t Know You”
    21. “You, Clouds, Rain”
    22. “Red Flavor”
    23. “Ko Ko Bop”
    24. “Energetic”
    25. “Like It”
    26. “Gashina”
    27. “We Are”
    28. “Autumn Morning”
    29. “Something Special”
    30. “Some”
    31. “Where You At”
    32. “Love Story”
    33. “Likey”
    34. “When We Were Two”
    35. “Beautiful”
    36. “Yes”
    37. “Emptiness in Memory”
    38. "Snow"
    39. "Heart Shaker"
    40. "Lonely"
    41. "Instagram"


    @Empty Shoebox
    @Slice of Life
    @send photo
    @LA Hallucinations


    #41. "When We Were Two" - 4.413
    #40. "Emptiness In Memory" - 4.434
    #39. "Like It" - 4.543
    #38. "Yes" - 4.717
    #37. "Snow" - 5.021
    #36. "Anymore" - 5.086
    #35. "I Luv It" - 5.413
    #34. "Something Special" - 5.543
    #33. "Untitled, 2014" - 5.586
    #32. "Be Well" - 5.717
    #31. "Yesterday" - 6.173
    #30. "Beautiful" - 6.195
    #29. "The Song" - 6.282
    #28. "We Loved" - 6.326
    #27. "Through The Night" - 6.434
    #26. "Your Night" - 6.478
    #25. "Can't Love You Anymore" - 6.760
    #24. "Instagram" - 6.782
    #23. "Autumn Morning" - 6.956
    #22. "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" - 7.130
    #21. "We Are" - 7.217
    #20. "Love Story" - 7.260
    #19. "Where You At" - 7.282
    #18. "Spring Day" - 7.326
    #17. "Plz Don't Be Sad" - 7.347
    #16. "You, Clouds, Rain" - 7.413
    #15. "Heart Shaker" - 7.673
    #14. "Knock Knock" - 7.760
    #13. "Ko Ko Bop" - 7.826
    #12. "Signal" - 7.847
    #11. "Fine" - 7.934
    #10. "Really Really" - 7.956
    #9. "Some" - 8.173
    #8. "Lonely" (Jonghyun) - 8.195
    #7. "Red Flavor" - 8.260
    #6. "Palette" - 8.391
    #5. "Don't Know You" - 8.500
    #4. "Energetic" - 8.695
    #3. "Likey" - 8.760
    #2. "Lonely" (Sistar) - 8.826
    #1. "Gashina" - 9.630​
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  4. That artwork is brilliant.

    My ballot is already ready by the way, ddd.
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  5. Whew, talent.

    Hard to chose an 11 from all those TWICE #1s
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  6. The fact that Heartshaker will likely go #1 too dddd.

    Iconic. Mine is almost done. Some of these ballads are.... a choice. I wanna know who in the Korean public are buying and listening to them.
  7. Me reading this and remembering what I gave my 11 to:


    Also me when I post my averages (based on gender) and reveal that my average for boy groups is actually higher than the average for girl groups:


    And now to redeem my questionable taste, let me share the Spotify playlist I made a while ago with y'all. I think it misses 4 songs but it was helpful for myself.
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

  9. This is gonna be... interesting. Watch me give my 11 to some drama OST.
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    Week 49: "Snow" by Zion.T

    He'll be added to the song list above!

    As a reminder, voting opens up January 4th!
  11. The fact IU has not one, not two but FIVE number ones this year is nothing short of decimation.
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The true Big Pop Girl™.

    Katy who? Taylor nugu?
  13. The fact that the modern Korean music scene feels like people who like idols vs people who like ballads/ahjummas and IU falls neatly between both ddd. And that this even applies to what international acts are huge in Korea, like Beyonce and how Halo still sells / streams a bunch to this day. (SK is gonna be shook when Ariana finally releases an iconic ballad)

    Queen IU has the most #1s in the chart's history with 18.
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  14. 6th #1 in a row SEALED
  15. Dddd @Serg. is right.


    Week 50: "Heart Shaker" by TWICE:

    I'll add it to the OP.

    I do have to bring something up, but don't want to because I want to keep the thread stress free and not overwhelming for anyone, so I have to ask now.

    There's a likely chance "Lonely" by Jonghyun and Taeyeon may go #1 on Gaon. It's been #1 on Melon for a few days, so it'll be between it and Heartshaker. I just wanted to ask what everyone thought the best thing would be to do. I wouldn't want to include it and people find it troubling to participate because its inclusion is overwhelming for them and they don't find it in good taste to rank it with other songs, but then I wouldn't want to offend anyone who may find it in poor taste to exclude it if it does go #1.

    I just want to do the most tactful, respectful thing possible that everyone's okay with, so let me know!
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  16. I’d personally like to see it included if it does go #1, but I completely understand if others are not comfortable with it.

    Thank you for asking @Sanctuary.
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    My only objection to it would be that I haven’t been able to listen to anything by Jonghyun or SHINee besides one of his songs, but I also have listened to Lonely enough times to rate it without having to listen.

    So if it goes #1, I think it should be included. I’d just urge people to be careful with their commentary, s’all.
  18. So you all probably already know what my 11 is going to be
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  19. I'm between three, but I've only heard about ten of the songs.
  20. Okay so after Gaon delays due to Christmas...

    Week 51: "Lonely" by Jonghyun ft. Taeyeon

    I do though have some hesitations still. A lot of you voiced support in here and to me privately about including it, which is great. However, some did raise a concern over what could possibly happen if the song did well. Specifically, the worry someone brought to me was about if some users felt it was only doing well due to the specific circumstances.

    To be fair, this person wasn't saying that they think Lonely would only do well due to the specific circumstances; they said themselves they love the song + Jonghyun and were simply addressing the worry about what would happen if others thought that and vocalized such and it caused unwanted controversy in the thread, especially if comments became tactless and crude.

    So I'm deciding to include it and simply ask of everyone to:
    - please be respectful in their commentary to songs and reactions of results
    - don't let this post affect how you rate any song. It's still a rate. Score however you feel appropriately that reflects how you feel about the songs. This goes both ways. I don't want anyone who likes the song and was going to score it high to now feel they have to hesitate about rating it highly. It's a rate - please rate however you want and don't let anyone influence or make you feel you can't rate how you want.

    Again, I just ask everyone to be respectful in commentary and in the thread. I hope that all made sense. Dddd your boy did not expect all of this when I suggested about bringing the #1s of [Current Year] trend to the sub-forum. Let me know if there's any questions.

    The OP should be updated.
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