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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. All I can say is that PSY is a great artist and I'm so glad that the Koreans love him and he still gets #1s. Yes, to the Western general public he's only a one hit wonder with Gangnam Style, but he's honestly so much more than that.
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  2. Our next song is....

    33. Untitled, 2014
    Average: 5.586
    Highest Score:
    10 (@junglefish), 9.5 (@Serg.)
    Lowest Score: 1 (@soratami), 2 (@Monkey0)

    Year-End Chart: #16
    Went #1: Week 23
    Total Sales: 1,476,371+​

    How exactly does one start a write-up about someone like G-Dragon?

    BIG BANG has delivered a handful of what are objectivly bops in their time in k-pop and remain largely some of the most successful artists in the history of the Korean music industry. Still, it’s almost like a ancient proverb by now: oppa didn’t mean any harm. G-Dragon has largely been a bit unsavory and problematic in his time in the spotlight.

    One of BIG BANG’s worst offense though? Helping cement Maroon 5’s popualirty in Korea with this:

    Dddd but no, for real, he’s kind of unlikable but let me not rain on any parades too much.

    In 2017 though, it wasn’t his words bringing him controversy, but something else that would leave a different kind of stain on society....


    Yes, G-Dragon decided to release his album via a USB that was painted red and apparently stained your hands, clothes, etc. aka essentially anything the USB came into contact with. I think he or his fans claim it was supposed to? Something about dragons and birth, etc. Maybe I don’t understand #ART.


    But Gaon took particular issue with the release format as the USB didn’t actually contain the album, but a download code to go and download the album from a link that lead to YG Entertainment's website. Gaon decided that this packaging didn’t qualify as what they considered an “album”, disqualifying the project 'Untitled 2014' was released under from charting on any of their album charts. The album still went on to move signifiant units in Korea, Japan and China.

    At the end of the day, though, it seems G-Dragon still won. Gaon announced in December 2017 that they were considering different types of music formats when deciding what qualifies to chart.

    But did G-Dragon win you all over like he won over Gaon?

    @Monkey0: "Sis GD ain’t got vocals to make it anything more than basic piano ballad without any climax."

    @ericcccc: "His voice isn’t pleasant."

    @ryan_riot92: "Meh … pretty boring."

    @Gintoki: "First of all....he don't have a range to pull that would sound much better if someone else sang it."

    @eliminathan: "The song is good, it would be way better with a real singer instead of G-Dragon butchering those notes."

    @Slice of Life: "Hmmmm, a tough one. I always love it when artists bare their hearts and the good sis Jiyong sounds really sincere here. BUT. He has better ballads than this."

    @Empty Shoebox: "'It might be easier to die Than to receive your forgiveness' Hate to break it to you pal, but maybe they never really liked you? Maybe you should just move on? Nah? Whatever."

    @karmarisma: "GD stole some of IU's tips, when going for his digital cash grab by releasing a ballad of him singing. GD has done ballads before (see That XX) and they weren't half bad; however, this one doesn't really do much. This is ignoring the whole $30 USB fiasco, which didn't even have the song files on them and had red paint rubbing off it…"

    @Squashua: "Woah, this was not what I was expecting. G-Dragon is usually so… annoying? I mean I can see why SK took it to #1, it's totally in their piano-ballad laden ballpark. He sounds good, the subtle cloudscapes are quite lovely and I swear to God he looks like Gain for the whole of this video too. Still, it's another ballad and not my fave of the ones so far."

    @ThighHighs: "This is a really beautiful song. It’s not the most interesting, but it’s really strongly written and performed."

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  3. Oh well. I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later.
  4. Oh, that is a tad unexpected.
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  5. Continuing forward.....

    32. Be Well
    Average: 5.717
    Highest Score:
    9 (@Serg., @Monkey0, @eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@ohnostalgia, @ericcccc, @soratami)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Week 18
    Total Sales: 436,441+
    “Be Well” is Sechskies’ second song to be eliminated from the rate, which means we’ve officially knocked the ahjussis out of the rate completely. Didn't your parents teach y'all to respect your elders?

    The song was released as part of the dual kick-off singles for the group's special 20th Anniversary project, which they had been preparing for the previous year, slowly re-entering the public eye. While met with warmth from fans, who got the song to #1, bloggers worried the song beiged them out.

    Some suggested the song lacked a sonic identity, and attributed such to the group signing with YG for their anniversary comeback, suggesting it sounded like something either iKon or WINNER could have released. The same bloggers said Sechskies were known for energetic and rambunctious songs and performances and, while the guys may have grown older, it felt like the song aged them far too much.

    Were Sechskies more like daddies or duds when it came to y'all?

    @Gintoki: "This is something like One Direction I's listenable."

    @ThighHighs: "This is fine, it’s just so bland?"

    @ericcccc: "Most of these ballads can choke."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I'm not loving it, to say the least."

    @Monkey0: "Look at my age appropriate boyfriends! Those strings in the background elevates the song."

    @Squashua: "It sounds weird but you can tell they're from a previous generation of K-Pop - their vocals are so refreshingly different, especially here on a more ballady track. There's a vague gospel vibe here in the chorus but it doesn't really push itself beyond that. It's fine, I preferred the slightly more upbeat (ironically) 'Sad Song' but it has its merits."

    @eliminathan: "Listening to this for the first time, I love it. Old oppas slaying the scene."

    Also, some of y'all outed yourselves as Little Shinhwansters:

    @karmarisma: "With all the 00s groups returning to the Kpop scene, I expected some of the original energy and vigour that made them the top groups; however, all we received was a very typical ballad. I guess oppas have to make money too. All the 00s bands need to take a page out of Shinhwa's book - and learn how to mesh with the times."

    @Slice of Life: "Umm, cute production, I guess? I guess not everyone can be Shinhwa-level of iconic 20 years after their debut."

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  6. We're still in the bottom 10 though, and I've already lost an 8 and a 10. I'm not pulling an @Empty Shoebox here and using 0-6 as the full range

  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’m not used to agreeing with KPJ so much!
  8. Our final song for tonight is.....

    Sometimes evil........

    Can win over good....

    31. Yesterday
    Average: 6.173
    Highest Score: 9 (@ryan_riot92, @junglefish), 8.5 (Sanctuary)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@LA Hallucinations), 4 (@Serg., @ericcccc)

    Year-End Chart: #48
    Went #1: Week 6
    Total Sales: 1,128,432+​

    We hit 6+ averages before completely doing away with our bottom-fourth, so that's kind of a success, yes? The plague of the ballads couldn't keep your averages from being somewhat maintainable and respectful!

    Block B kind of epitomize the struggle that's faced by many boy groups within k-pop and greater Korean pop culture itself. Boy groups are largely on the bottom of the totem pole for the Korean general public. Soloists remain the bread and butter in much of music, with girl groups able to find a niche within the K-GP's hearts with cutesy concepts. This leaves boy groups in a... particularly interesting place.

    Hip hop concepts are super popular amongst the type of fans who'll zombie stream your title track on Melon at 3AM or group-buy albums, as well as being popular amongst international fans. However, they lack staying power with the general public unless your name is BIG BANG. So you'll often see boy groups swaying between two extremes: rough, slightly appropriative hip hop concepts that mirror much of Western music versus softer, usually-ballad-but-sometimes not, more kitschy and acoustic boyfriend concepts.

    Of course sometimes stone-cold bops become exceptions to this rule, but often times, the cute boyfriend concept rules the K-GP's hearts. Sometimes people just want something soft.

    But did Block B's soft quirky 90s sitcom boyfriend concept win over your hearts?

    @ericcccc: "What… is this weird-ass genre fuck mess of a song." dddd Billboard calls it "alt-rock".

    @Empty Shoebox: "The vocal styling is a bit of a choice. Just listen to that pronunciation of 'yesterday'"

    @LA Hallucinations: "This sounds like a Lazy Town song but bad."

    *Lazy Town theme song plays in the background*

    @Monkey0: "Cute pop/rock song. I suspect they still getting pity points from their scandal back in the day." Apparently they got groped by some SNL comedians in 2016 who kept groping male idols? I think this may be what Monkey is referring to?

    @Squashua: "N.Flying, is that you? This sounds straight up lifted off their most recent mini and I'm not mad at it. The ultra 90's lewks are kinda reflected in that rock-ska-pop No Doubt was bringing at the time but I wish the chorus singer was less whiny. It's the wrong side of bratty."

    @ThighHighs: "I’m kinda torn on this one. I think the chorus is kinda bouncy and fun sometimes, but other times I think it’s juvenile and basic. It’s a bit too sing-songy for me."

    @eliminathan: "Unnie in the video is beautiful she should be an idol, we all know you don't NEED talent to be an idol. Speaking of Block B. The song isn't painful to listen to. Listening to it with headphones on is infuriating, there's a loud bang from behind me and I kept thinking someone was breaking shit outside of my window. Then late in the song a guy starts going "ueueuey" and I could not stop watching my window this song got me shook."

    @karmarisma: "I never expect Block B to live upto their legendary days of Very Good, Jackpot and HER; however, Yesterday struck close to their HER theme with a light funky tone. And it's a refreshing break from the swag-lite ballad hiphops Block B has released recently. I still feel like Shall We Dance? was one of the best 2017 tracks but it was severely ignored so I guess Block B is staying a ballad group for a while."

    @ryan_riot92: "I don’t know what it is about BLOCK B that I like. Maybe it’s the quirkiness … maybe it’s the charm … maybe it’s their style … All of the above actually. These boys are so unique and I appreciate that. It’s a goofy little number but it’s so bright and fun. It makes me smile."

    @ThisIsRogue: "I get early 2000s pop punk vibes from this. Not bad, I guess."

    @Gintoki: "This is like kpop with little bit of brit-pop, it's actually kind a catchy."

    @Slice of Life: "When will these guys return to the excellent Nillili Mambo sound? I mean, this is cute but it's just too nothingy. Leave this shit to NCT Dream."

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  9. [​IMG]


    Honestly though, Block B are so underrated ... they're one of my favorite guy groups out there and they continually serve us bops that the forum fails to notice or just tosses it aside even when they do notice TT. Why? I don't know but I hope someday y'all will be see the light and start stanning with me.
  10. [​IMG]

    Sorry I'm just being salty kii
  11. Why did I like this post when I gave Yesterday a 5? I'm a mess.
  12.’re all jatz crackers.
  13. Slice of Life

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  14. Speaking of you :
    FIRST you did NCT Dream SO dirty in the SOTY rate and now you drag them in your commentary? And you call them your BABIES? You call yourself a FAN?
    You're cancelled.
    (jk I still love you but sis.)
  15. I would definitely attend a lecture by @Sanctuary on the commercial side of pop music internationally.

    And ddd at Block B blatantly copying Björk's Post logo. Only my influential queen.
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  16. Have you read his first Bible?
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  17. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I really like the statistics with the sale numbers included, great feature, @Sanctuary!
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  18. This is my commentary for ‘Spring Day’, which thankfully hasn’t been eliminated yet.

    I gave ‘Yesterday’ a 5 and commented “I get early 2000s pop punk vibes from this. Not bad, I guess.” It might be a 6 on a good day...
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  19. That's a... cute song. I'm surprised it's out before like Instagram or The Song.
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