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  1. Whores.
  2. Fake fan.
  3. @junglefish unnie and I reviving our old iconic rivalry:

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  4. Doesn't "reviving" suggest that it actually stopped at one point?
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  5. What I say next may shock you: I actually used my eleven in this rate.
  6. I was referring to their BIG scandal:

    Singer worth 6$.
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  7. Shit. I'll amend it. The score was put in correctly though so scores remain the same ddd.
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  8. ALSO! Here's your Top 30.
    We'll be moving onto the 2-a-day pacing:

    Your Night
    I Will Go To You Like The First Snow

    The Song

    Spring Day
    Knock Knock

    Plz Don’t Be Sad

    Through The Night
    Really Really
    Can’t Love You Anymore

    Be Well
    I Luv It


    Lonely (Sistar)
    Untitled, 2014
    We Loved

    Don’t Know You
    You, Cloud Rain
    Red Flavor
    Ko Ko Bop

    Like It

    We Are
    Autumn Morning

    Something Special

    Where You At
    Love Story

    When We Were Two

    Emptiness In Memory

    Lonely (Jonghyun)
  9. Speaking of boy groups.....

    30. Beautiful
    Average: 6.195
    Highest Score:
    10 (@karmarisma), 9 (@Monkey0), 8.5 (@eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@soratami), 3 (@ericcccc)

    Year-End Chart: #83
    Went #1: Week 46
    Total Sales: 667,145+​

    "Beautiful" is the first song to fall from the Nation's (Temporary) Boy Group. It's certainly no "Whatta Man" or "Very Very Very"," but the boys do show a softer side. It was also mainly a repackage single.

    To understand the impact of boy groups, digitals are often not the best lane to go. To contextualize Wanna One's impact, their album + repackage has sold over 1.3 Million copies so far. And that's... a lot. To deny the impact of the Nation's New Boy Group would be silly. Hopefully they'll all be able to bring over their success back to their individual careers and groups once their contract ends.

    Wanna One personally have left me cold in terms of their music so far since IOI felt like they were giving the gays more of what they want, but considering the group will keep promoting until February 2019 or so (ddd Jesus), I'm sure they have time to really expand their musical adventures outside of electronic bops. Lucky for them, they still have another song left in this rate, but how far will it go?

    I wanted to think of some funny Shangela pun, but I couldn't, so just enjoy this gif of Daehwi:

    But did y'all miss Wanna One like they missed you (so much)?

    @soratami: "The verses are alright, but the pre-chorus/chorus are terrible."

    @ericcccc: "I forgot I was listening to this oops."

    @Empty Shoebox: "Not really feeling the emotion in this one. No idea why, I'm just not."

    @ryan_riot92: "Actually this is the first time I’ve heard this one. It’s quite lovely and gives me some slight “Eyes Nose Lips” vibes."

    @Slice of Life: "Not bad but a bit of a let down after the still wonderful Energetic. The "I miss you so much" bits seriously throw me off every time and I don't know why. I must say the choreography is pretty lit."

    @Squashua: "Oh. Well. I hadn't heard this before but it was kinda… dull? I didn't expect them to do two bops back to back, and it's certainly nowhere near as bad as Dream Girls, but it doesn't ever go anywhere. Nice to see the AHS: Hotel reference from Daehwi in the corridor scenes though - make your mum proud kiddo!"
    Yaaass praise the king of dance:

    @ThighHighs: "I’m sorry, but this is a snooooooze. Plus the video sucks. Just a lot of clutching at your heart and walking around in a big empty room. Nah man. I do like the gay-baiting throughout, as the boys over-emote and clutch at each other. Same sis."

    @eliminathan: "I appreciate them trying a ballad but their other singles are still better. The Minhyun close-up clocked me because I never saw the video before after that mess story video."

    @Monkey0: "Boy group ballad of the year? Possibly."

    Our sole 10 giver, @karmarisma: "I don't even want to talk about the messery and disappointment that was the music video for this song. For anyone who hasn't seen it, save yourself the brain cells and watch the Performance Ver. which features our zaddy Ong and Minhyun being absolutely hot and iconic. What I appreciate the most about this song, is that it's a ballad; however, it has an interesting, dynamic instrumental, a very emotional pre-chorus 'I miss you so much' but it never goes into the 'over-singing' or 'over-baked' territory. There's just enough emotion and an interesting enough chorus but it also tugs the heart strings. I don't want to even imagine listening to this after December of 2018."

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  10. Our final song for today... and this one hurts...

    29. The Song
    Average: 6.282
    Highest Score:
    10 (Sanctuary, @karmarisma, @aaronhansome, @junglefish)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@BEST FICTION, @ericcccc, @soratami), 3.5 (@eliminathan)

    Year-End Chart: #64
    Went #1: Week 5
    Total Sales: 1,036,924+​

    The fact that this got MULTIPLE TENs and is already out is so?? I'm shook, y'all. This is the first song we lose that received more than just one 10 and also is Zion.T's last song in the rate.

    2017 was a big year for Zion.T and "The Song" in particular represented what was at risk for his career going forward. After rising through the ranks of k-rap after debuting in 2011 and becoming an immensely awarded r&b act within Korea, Zion decided he wanted more out of his career. Thus, the extremely controversial decision to leave Amoeba Culture and sign to the YG-imprint The Black Label.

    Some found this decision to not only be creatively questionable, but also personally questionable, with some viewing it as Zion turning his back on fellow acts signed to Amoeba, like his usual collaborator and close friend Crush. It hung in the air if the decision to move to The Black Label would pay off. That question, however, was answered when Zion released his 2nd mini album OO in early 2017.


    Zion.T was able to not only dethrone the monster of a hit that was Ailee's song at the time with two tracks, and block Red Velvet's new single, but also take-up 3/5th's of the Top 5. And as noted in the rate, this wouldn't be Zion's last time in 2017 topping the digital chart.

    But did Zion.T top your lists like he ended up topping the charts?

    @ericcccc: "I do not like this at all. I don’t find his voice to be special in anyway and the song itself is boring and has no special qualities."

    @soratami: "…Korean Bruno Mars? No thanks."

    @eliminathan: "Not much happens in the song, it's not horrible though. He sounds like a 90-00s singer but I forget who, maybe Darren Hayes."

    @Empty Shoebox: "Without the rap, this could have been okay."

    @Monkey0: "Zion.T knows how to write a bop but everything about this feels pedestrian, like he woke up one day and wanted to create an upbeat song for masses. Accomplished but it’s one of his weakest songs."

    @Squashua: "Something about the melody of this is giving me flashbacks to something from a musical - maybe Rent? Whilst I appreciate the aesthetic of a Beetlejuice suited Zion Wonka and his pastel SWAG MoR Factory this is just a bit on the dull side and doesn't really go anywhere."

    @ThighHighs: "This is really nice. The chorus is really catchy and he sounds good. Is he problematique? I should start paying attention to boys, huh?"

    @ryan_riot92: "The vocals are nice. The progression of the song is … nice. Overall it’s just nice."

    @Slice of Life: "He has really nice, unique vocals. As for the song, it's cute. Not exactly the most amazing Zion.T song ever but it will do."

    And representing the iconic 10s crew, because they're the only one who wrote commentary for the song, @karmarisma: "Of course, I was worried - what did moving to YG have in store for ol' Zion? Permanent banishment to Dungeon 5? But I didn't expect Zion.T to stray from the usual lowkey R&B style of his to something more upbeat. I sure didn't expect a piano bop that would just pure fun, joy and piano happiness."

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  11. Wow! With that Zion.T song we just lost the first song in this rate that I actually enjoyed!

    The Wanna One song just doesn't do anything for me. The pre-chorus is a total loss for me.
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  12. Sis, I think you've still got my comments labelled with the wrong songs. Pop punk this is not ddd
  13. Dddd hold on, let me investigate.

  14. We're good dddd @ThisIsRogue.

    I only mixed up The Song-Yesterday-Spring Day because you didn't give The Song any commentary, though that was the only time things got disorganized. Everything else in my doc is correct.

  15. July >>>
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  16. When I see my commentary missing again


    When I check my commentary and it's another shitty mention of the 90s.


    ddd maybe I shouldn't add commentary to my scores because my responses are clearly UNINSPIRED
  17. [​IMG]

    I really am a damn mess.

    I moved all the commentary to my commentary doc but was already writing the write-up the post for The Song. I really am dishonoring my character nn.

    Nobody's commentary should be missing from here on out cause it's all in one place. I'm sorry for the confusion ddd. Also I added your commentary for The Song.
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  18. Ddddd sorry for the delay, y'all, let's resume.....

    28. We Loved
    Average: 6.326
    Highest Score:
    9 (@junglefish), 8.5 (@eliminathan, @ryan_riot92, @Gintoki)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Monkey0, @karmarisma)

    Year-End Chart: #19
    Went #1: Week 24 & Week 25
    Total Sales: 1,491,990+​

    The coffee house cull continues and we lose our first song that spent multiple week on top of the charts.

    Bolbbalgan4 are a singer-songwriter duo who first popped up on the Korean music scene via the show Superstar K6 in 2014. They made their official debut in 2016 after signing with Shofar Music.

    The girls’ power in Korea is almost unmatched. Many consider them to be part of a modern Digital Monster trio - artists who dominate in digital sales - alongside both IU and Heize.

    Despite debuting in 2016, years after the ending of Freezone (a service offered by Nate that would give away 4 songs or ringtones a month to users, with many k-pop songs becoming eligible by companies after two weeks, thus some digital sales being inflated pre-2013), the girls have sold over 17 Million digitals during their short careers.

    While coffee shop music isn’t for everyone, fair enough, the power of the genre and its mainstays like Bolbbalgan4 can’t be denied. “We Loved” was a one-off collab with singer 20 Years Of Age. The duet would spend two weeks on top, dethroning G-Dragon and blocking Mamamoo from the top.

    But could the girls convince y'all to spend your days sipping coffee, looking out a window, waiting for a magical encounter with your destined oppa?

    @karmarisma: "BBG4 are possibly the current queens of Coffee House and a level above Beige - Korea's Mauve Hunties. And their Coffee House music has an appeal, that has me on board their bus; however, this did not fit the narrative…"

    @Monkey0: "This doesn’t go anywhere, just folk-ish gibberish."

    @Serg.: "Jiyoung's voice is heaven, but this guy has a bland one"

    @ericcccc: "A thing I’ve noticed so far while doing this rate: sentimental ballads are very popular in Korea."

    @Empty Shoebox: "The lyrics are okay, but I'm not a fan of the delivery."

    @Squashua: "Ok so I stan the fack out of Ji-Young's voice and the Bobblz always hit that sweet spot between sacharrine and indie-savvy for me. This isn't their best work but it's a cool side-swerve on their actual group material, thanks to 20YOA's input. Also benefits from being short and sweet."

    @ThighHighs: "This is nice and has a sweet melody. It sounds like it would be perfect for a rainy day, so let me get into my coffeehouse vibe."

    @eliminathan: "I'm not usually a fan of indie girl voice but it looks like unnies toned it down a bit in this song, and testosterone hunty sounds fantastic."

    @Slice of Life: "Not the most original-sounding song (this sounds literally like any other Korean populace-approved coffee house music) but at the same time, there's a warmth to this that speaks to me. It will do."

  19. Also let me do this now cause ya boy wants to watch Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother ddd.....

    27.Through The Night
    Average: 6.434
    Highest Score:
    8 (@Serg., @ericcccc, @Squashua, @eliminathan, @LA Hallucinations)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (Sanctuary), 4 (@karmarisma)

    Year-End Chart: #2
    Went #1: Week 13
    Total Sales: 2,181,372+
    We lose another track from one of the digital giants in the same day, but it's also no stress to IU, given that she does have four other tracks still left in the running. It does seem of note though that IU's most successful song of 2017 is also her worst-performing one amongst K-PJ.

    For those who don't know IU, she's had a huge career in Korea and has essentially grown up in front of the nation and is universally adored. Many view her as the Nation's Little Sister. There's a joke in here somewhere about her tendency to mention her age in her lyrics.

    The fact that this was the second-biggest song of 2017, and only beaten by a song that was assisted by one of the most successful dramas of the year (I think y'all can guess who and what, but I'm saving the specifics for a later write-up), shows the power at which IU wields over the nation.

    Considering she still has four songs in, there's not much to say, but I'm sure she's happily rolling around in her mountains of won at the ballad empire she's built in Korea. We lose, she wins, etc.

    But how loyal could Queen IU get y'all to be to her?

    @karmarisma: "IU's moneymaking strategy Pt. I - releasing a relatively uninteresting ballad pre-release with her divine voice, to get herself a certified digital hit." dddd this is too accurate, sis, let her live.

    @Gintoki: "Such a nice snoozefest, it's not the first....and definitely not the last one from her."

    @Slice of Life: "I still like this and use it now and then but it is easily IU's worst single of 2017. Oh well, when you release masterpiece after masterpiece, you're bound to fuck some things up. It happens to the best of us, unnie. Xoxo"

    @Empty Shoebox: "Bit more mellow than I'd like, but it's okay."

    @Monkey0: "Charming and I’m sure lyrically great but there’s like dozens IU songs that sound the same."

    @Squashua: "Lovely. The folk elements, specifically the guitar strumming, give such a springtime air to it all. Fresh, clean and crisp."

    @ThighHighs: "Another well-sung, but BORING ballad."

    @eliminathan: "I guess I'm going to hear lots of songs like this, very easy to listen to ballads that never get out of their comfort zones. I like it, could be better."

    @ericcccc: "This is a nice ballad."

  20. I got scared with the tag, DDD. Through the Night queen of averageness.
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