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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. I don't remember any of those songs...
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    Nñn Through The Night was a song that gave me a lot of comfort so I'm hella bitter you did it dirty, but I didn't vote because life got too much so I don't get to have much of an opinion.
  3. Feel free to react along, sis. Everyone should feel free to participate / comment yes I get you were probably being sarcastic but I wanted to make sure ddd.
  4. Also, our next song out....

    26. Your Night
    Average: 6.478
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Squashua), 8.5 (@Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@BEST FICTION), 3.5 (Sanctuary, @Serg.)

    Year-End Chart: #62
    Went #1: Week 1
    Total Sales: 1,016,343+​

    We lose the first song to go #1 in 2017. Infinite Challenge is apparently an entertainment program that has been airing since 2005 and is broadcasted via MBC.

    Some context (via Wiki ddd): “The program is largely unscripted and follows a similar format of challenge-based reality television programs, familiar to some audiences in the West. The challenges are often silly, absurd, or impossible to achieve, so the program takes on the aspect of a satirical comedy variety show rather than a more standard reality or contest program.”

    Apparently since 2007, hosts on the show will compete by teaming up with real musicians to make a song that’ll compete in the Infinite Challenge Song Festival. That’s how we get to where we are right now.

    Hwang Kwanghee is an actor and variety host, while also being (somewhat) part of the (possibly no longer together?) boy group ZE:A. He teamed up with Gaeko, of rap duo Dynamic Duo, and rapper Oh Hyuk.


    The year's theme was apparently HipHop x History, with Mino, Zico and other rappers teaming up with other hosts on the program (Mino's song with Haha went #3 the week this went #1):


    The song was also able to block AKMU from the top spot. Though not one of the largest songs of the year after everything was said and done, it did extremely well for a variety show song. Maybe ZE:A will have a comeback one day.

    Considering we're in the middle of the pack, most of you just found it to be.... fine.

    @Monkey0: "It's Infinite Challenge festival song so... Basic verses (Kwanghee’s parts are awful) and Oh Hyuk making it stand out on the chorus. Not much else happening here."

    @ericcccc: "I like the piano-driven production on this."

    @soratami: "Very smooth but the rap feature kills the mood a bit."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I would have given this a six if it weren't for the Sam Smith wannabe."

    @aaronhansome: "Sounds like a lesser Zayn song."

    @eliminathan: "The good sis with the pipes sounds great, the rapping is fine. Very chill song, I like it."

    @ThighHighs: "A low-key bop. The piano is really nice and the rest of the production fills it in perfectly. The rapping and singing are quite good too. It doesn’t light me up, but it’s good background music."

    @karmarisma: "It's a pleasant little song to listen to; however, nothing really set it apart from the usual piano single. The vocals are very pleasant to the ear and Oh Hyuk has a lovely voice."

    @ThisIsRogue: "Super chill. I have to be in the mood for this, and right now, it's more sedate than it is laid back. It'd be great background music in cool bar though."

    @Slice of Life: "Screaming! NOT KWANGHEE SNATCHING A NUMBER 1 SINGLE. Poor ZE:A. This is actually kinda good. I'll always be here for Oh Hyuk oppar's vocals. The rap parts are my style too. Yath."

    Our top scorer, @Squashua: "This is so incredibly chill & atmospheric, it would work so well in the January gloom. Look at SK starting the year off in an actually music-savvy way. The heartbeat-esque sounds with those strings bleeding through in the second half are gorgeous. I love Oh Hyuk's voice anyway and Gaeko is a pretty solid rapper so I'm sold. The only gripe I was going to give is that it's a smidge too long but that outro! Okay screw it, have a 10 for surprising me so much lads."

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  5. Every damn song from this show (it has legendary status, like highest viewership etc.) gets to #1 so even Kwanghee laughing for 3 minutes would slay GAON.
  6. Someone's about to lose another song.....

    ....a man?

    ...a woman?

    ...or both?

    25. Can’t Love You Anymore
    Average: 6.760
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Slice of Life), 8.5 (@eliminathan), 8 (@Alouder98, @send photo)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (@Empty Shoebox), 5 (@Serg., @ericcccc, @karmarisma, @Gintoki)

    Year-End Chart: #17
    Went #1: Week 15
    Total Sales: 1,536,837+​

    She really does just toss out these ballads like they’re nothing.

    Queen of mass ballad consumption. This ended up being her 15th #1 on Gaon - continuing her already large lead as the most successful artist in the chart’s history - and she would go on to snatch three more in 2017.

    To showcase her power even more, there was never an official video for the track, just a.... weird performance-take video, with it only serving as a pre-release track for her album.

    But could IU rack up your praise like she can rack up #1 singles?

    @Empty Shoebox: "There's not a lot that I like here."

    @ericcccc: "I mean it’s not bad."

    @karmarisma: "IU's moneymaking strategy Pt. II - releasing a collabo with a well-known artist, to cement her position as artist and reputable. This time, it will be slightly more interesting then the first pre-release, in order to show that she can be versatile. This scores her another digital hit, but doesn't make her song much more interesting."

    @Monkey0: "Nice lullaby, but IU sis that whispery singing won’t get you anywhere. Leave that shit to Soyou."

    @Squashua: "Two gorgeous vocalists trilling over a laidback jazzy groove? Sign me up. I'm not sure it's as interesting as this pairing would suggest but it's certainly giving me "twentysomethings not leaving their bedroom in New York" vibes."

    @ThighHighs: "This is nice and pleasant, if a little bland."

    @eliminathan: "The harmony is beautiful, OHHyuk's voice is a perfect match for IU's judging by this song."

    @Slice of Life: "This is the one IU single that really tested me. Af first I was like, IU, unnie, I don't think you have the range for this rnb-ish sound. But I kept on listening and I was... captivated. She sounds so good next to Oh Hyuk. I love this so much and now and the trippy music video will always make me scream."

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    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Wow, I just lost my first 10.

    Let's evict Ailee next xoxo
  8. It should've been the second highest IU single after Palette but I thought Fine is out when I saw the tag so everything's okay ddd.
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  9. Seriously though, why is Instagram still here? I thought that was going to be in the bottom 5 for sure.
  10. Some tea:

    Both songs we lose tomorrow received at least one 10 and a song we lose tomorrow ties the highest amount of 10s for a single song eliminated so far, so some of you may be dreading getting a notification from me.

    Also I've updated the OP and made the averages all 3 decimals since it was bothering dd.

  11. 24. Instagram
    Average: 6.782
    Highest Score:
    10 (@ericccc), 9 (@Gintoki, @junglefish)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@soratami), 3 (@Alouder98)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Week 52
    Total Sales: 189,196+​

    Dean is a kind of enigmatic figure in k-pop. He first got his start as a songwriter and producer for different kpop acts. He helped produce EXO’s “Black Pearl” and VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll”.

    He's also helped to write and produce UNIQ’s EOEO, as well as songs for Boys Republic, SPEED, MADTOWN, HISTORY and 100%.

    He’s worked with some of k-rap’s most well-known names like Zico, Dok2, and Dynamic Duo, Amoeba’s artists like Crush & Zion.T, and Western acts like Anderson.Paak, syd, and Eric Bellinger. He also veered from indie hype to commercial success with a series of collabs with Heize. The hype for Dean’s music career has been skyrocketing for ages.

    So it should come as no shock why “Instagram” is Dean first #1 song in South Korea. Combining soft coffee shop acoustics with chill r&b vibes, "Instagram" is a chill-bop about isolation in the age of social media. Dean also serves us his own art-pop, with a distorted video that makes visual nods to Frank Ocean's Endless:


    But could Dean make you all feel like Robinson Crusoe too?

    @soratami: "What a tragic way to end the year."

    @Slice of Life: "Sorry Dean but this isn't one of your best. It's still cute and I sometimes accidentally use but we all know he can do so much better."

    @eliminathan: "I was never really a huge Dean fan and this didn't convince me otherwise."

    @LA Hallucinations: "Likey outskinnied. But this is stil low-key very lovely. Wouldn’t mind sipping my coffee to this etc."

    @Empty Shoebox: "Marked down initially for featuring a brand name. Marked back up for the lyrics being okay and relatable."

    @ThighHighs: "A chill lil bop. Plus he’s cute so I’m giving him a good score." dddd same sis.

    @karmarisma: "I'm afraid I was never on the Dean appreciation train, apart from his song with Taeyeon. And this was another coffee hit from him, but make that money Oppa!"

    @Monkey0: "It doesn’t do much for me but I appreciate how mellow and subtle it is."

    @Squashua: "Dean's voice though - O.P.P.A. There's something veering on Bossa Nova about this, especially before the backbeat comes in, which is like one of my many musical Achilles Heels so I was always going to dig this. It is a bit on the longer side though if I had to nitpick."

    @ryan_riot92: "Is there any song that DEAN is part of that I don’t approve of … well yes but my point is that this boy is so talented and he has the look to boot. His smooth like honey vocals amidst a perfect R&B instrumental is pure gold."

    @Gintoki: "Another nice surprise, coffee shop bop done right. And the video is interesting....I like it."

    @ericcccc: "I love his voice. This is pretty charming."

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  12. Someone also loses yet another song.....

    .....who could it be....

    23. Autumn Morning
    Average: 6.956
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Slice of Life, @send photo, @ohnostalgia), 9.5 (@Squashua)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 (Sanctuary), 4.5 (@Serg.)

    Year-End Chart: #47
    Went #1: Week 38
    Total Sales: 1,110,928+​

    Ddd it really isn't a good time to be IU, which I imagine is an emotion she's never experienced before, being the Princess of K-Pop herself. This is now the third IU song we lose, leaving her with only two left in the overall rate. It's also the first song she loses (and only one she had) from Flower Bookmark 2.

    I....actually didn't know this was a remake until one of you pointed it out in your commentary. According to Soompi after IU announced the surprise of her 2nd remake album's release: “Autumn Morning” is a hit song by “the godmother of Korea’s folksongs” Yang Hee Eun that was released in 1991. IU’s remake was arranged and produced by genius guitarist Jung Sung Ha, along with musician Ha Rim playing the teen whistle for added analog sentiments.

    You can also watch IU speak more about the song at length here:

    Other notable releases from the album include Sleepless Rainy Night, which charted at #6, and Last Night Story, which charted at #19 the same week. In the end, IU ultimately had six songs within the Top 20 the week in question. The biggest kii of them all though is that IU's random cover track ended up blocking BTS' "DNA" from the top spot that week.

    But did IU make you all feel like a beautiful Autumn Morning?

    @ThighHighs: "There’s just nothing here for me. She sounds cute, I guess."

    @karmarisma: "Although this is something I won't listen to more than once, there is something very special about listening to IU sing without any music. It's very charming and kind of adorable."

    @Empty Shoebox: "It sounds very 'nah' to me. So I've looked up the lyrics and...nah. Sorry."

    @Monkey0: "Such non-event."

    @ericcccc: "Having a purely acapella intro is ballsy. It pays off."

    @Gintoki: "This would be actually a quite nice song for some Ghibli film.....but it still made fall a sleep."

    @soratami: "This is such a soothing song. It would have been so much better without the acapella intro and outro though, which are way too long. The "full song" ends up being only 2 minutes long."

    @Squashua: "Queen of slaying with a cover that has no music video just on sheer notoriety and seasonal blessings. There's something deliciously rural about this and, as a countryside rural dwelling child, that speaks to my soul. This must have been the soundtrack to every Korean harvest festival last year."

    @ryan_riot92: "The simplicity and pureness of this track speaks for itself. Minimal yet completely stunning. IU blankets this track with her signature soft vocals perfectly … It’s quite beautiful."

    @ThisIsRogue: "I actually like that the first minute of the song is just acapella. It's something different at least, and her voice is pretty and expressive enough to execute it well. However, can someone explain to me why IU has been so successful on SK's various charts? Not just on the 2017 Gaon charts, but she's scored a tonne of perfect all-kills over the years too."

    @eliminathan: "Until a minute into the song I was shook that Korea got an acapella to #1 on Gaon but then music came in sounded the same. The vocals sound like a vocaloid rather than a real person. The song itself is really soothing."

    @Slice of Life: "Easily my favourite from the A Flower Bookmark 2 album. IU just sounds warm and soothing here. Calm my anxieties a bit, unnie. <3"

  13. A non-acapella version of that would have been a 10 for me. Even with that it's still a 9.
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  15. The fact that 3 IU songs have left on this page along ddd.

    What kind of bad juju.
  16. We Are and Love Story to go out next and we will have a pretty good top 20.
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  17. Spoiler: We lose someone’s 11 next.
  18. Spoiler: "Instagram" should have been top 5.
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  19. [​IMG]

    It's mine.
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  20. No.

    22. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow
    Average: 7.130
    Highest Score:
    11 (@Monkey0), 10 (@soratami, @ThighHighs), 9.5 (@Serg.)
    Lowest Score: 2 (Sanctuary), 4 (@karmarisma)

    Year-End Chart: #1
    Went #1: Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4
    Total Sales: 2,488,341+​

    Apparently Korea and K-PJ's taste really do diverge from one another. We lose the #1 of 2017 today.

    The power of television in any culture is pretty obvious. Dramas are some of the most watched programs in South Korea and many credit the creation of Hallyu - the idea of Korean culture as a profitable export around the world - with the popualirty of the k-drama Winter Sonata within Japan. Many of the first k-pop acts to try and break into the Japanese market would take roles in Japanese dramas to widen their appeal.

    Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, also known simply by Goblin, was a cultural phenomena. The drama ran from the end of 2016 through January and received some of the highest viewership in Korean television history. Many of the tracks released in conjunction as soundtrack songs were extremely successful. Lasse Lindh’s “Hush” went #1 on the international-only Gaon chart, while songs by Crush, Urban Zakapa and more for the show filled the Top 10.

    But the most successful was "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow". At the time Goblin was taking over Korea, Ailee's attempt at a US career kind of flat-lined:

    To be fair, she supposedly wasn't aware of most of what her US management were doing and had no idea how they were launching her. And in the end, it didn't mean much, as she was having the most successful year of her career yet in Korea. The song would spend three weeks on-top and would block Suzy and Dynamic Duo x EXO's Chen from the top.

    But did Goblin takeover all of you like it took over Korea?

    @Gintoki: "Another kpop ballad...but Ailee's voice is something special."

    @Slice of Life: "This is like a discount Cleansing Cream (a song by the Brown Eyed Girls). I mean, great vocals, beautiful vocals, etc but this isn't exactly the most interesting song. I will say that I was LIVING for that last chorus."

    @ericcccc: "So dramatic and then that key change? Alright."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I'm not really into ballads in languages I don't understand. At least it's not that tuneless dirge from Portugal."

    @karmarisma: "As much as I love Ailee and her pure raw vocal power and emotion, I do think her ability is wasted on songs like this. I'm glad she's getting those digital sales though, because it's what she deserves."

    @ryan_riot92: "It’s a very lovely OST track. Ailee’s vocal versatility shines in this track however it’s not something I’d go back to. Love the drama though!"

    @Squashua: "I know this was a monster hit for Ailee and it ticks all the SK GP boxes - from a big OST, a massive string laden ballad sung by a top tier female soloist. It's not something I'd come back to often (it's edging on the Eurovision melodrama side of things) but watch it live if you want to be scalped. Ailee decimates your faves with those pipes."

    @LA Hallucinations: "Okay but the good sis snapped on the vocals."

    @aaronhansome: "Well, isn’t this lovely? Her voice is gorgeous and also it’s so dramatic, jesus."

    @ThighHighs: "WHEW she WILL sing, won’t she? This song is an emotional fave. The melody is so beautiful and Ailee sounds so freaking amazing. I’ll stan the occasional ballad."

    @ThisIsRogue: "Nicely produced but nothing to really write home about. She shows of her vocal prowess quite well in the middle 8."

    @eliminathan: "I never really listened to Ailee songs so I always thought she was stuck doing aggressive yelling bops but it looks like she can do a bussy bopping ballad at the same time. Sis got range. Her voice is fantastic as expected. One of my favourite things a song can do is drop the music and bring it back during the final chorus and she went there."

    @soratami: "This is very "videogame credits song" but I love it anyway (or maybe exactly because of that)"

    @Monkey0: "Look at me, not only giving high score to a ballad, but awarding a ballad with my 11. She did that. Once a blue moon comes a song that’s just instantly makes you feel things. For me in case of ballads that’s like once a decade thing. What I value in this song is honesty, restrained production and vocals and the fact that it effortlessly annihilated competition."

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