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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. This is the best ballad in the rate, shameful.

    We Are needs to be eviscerated.
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  2. This is fucking outrageous. Y'all have horrid taste. First Through the Night and now this?? Shameful.

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  3. I can't believe this is the second time Salvador Sobral is brought up in the commentary. I thought this was supposed to be a safe space

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  4. To be fair, I did refer to it at 'tuneless dirge' both times.
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  5. Well......

    Since you all asked so nicely.....

    21. We Are
    Average: 7.217
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Gintoki), 9 (Sanctuary, @ericcccc, @Slice of Life, @Monkey0)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Serg.) 4 (@Alouder98)

    Year-End Chart: #34
    Went #1: Week 36 & Week 37
    Total Sales: 1,090,324+​

    In a moment of fate, we lose another track that owes much of its success to a television program. While it’s been discussed how popular American Idol-style shows that find new idol coffee shop talent are in Korea, we’ve yet to touch on another aspect of TV: K-Rap.

    Shows like Show Me The Money have been able to tap into the popualirty of hip hip amongst a young and growing population in Korea. SMTM has even inspired other shows where rappers can show off their abilities and compete, like the all-female Unpretty Rapstar (Another artist in the rate, Heize, would find her first bit of exposure from being on the 2nd season). Underground and idol rappers have shared the stage on Show Me The Money to earn respect and notoriety.

    Woo Won Jae was a popular contestant on Show Me The Money 6. After ending up in 3rd place, he was unable to perform the track he had prepared: “We Are”. Once the track was leaked onto the net, it was met with immediate popularity and would fly up daily music charts. The track also features Loco and GRAY, who have done their own stints on Show Me The Money, with Loco being the original season's winner.

    Unfortunately, despite not being as polarizing as the ballads, this slice of k-rap couldn't make the Top 20.

    @Empty Shoebox: "This is just a mess to me. I'll admit I didn't bother looking up the lyrics to this one, so I apologise if they're really profound, emotional, breathless and...real."

    @eliminathan: "I like the instrumental."

    @Squashua: "Funky in an LA 80's drive time way. Usually my thing but the chorus vocal effects are a bit too wobbly for me. The rapping is great mind although I'm surprised this got #1 when the K-indie crowd (Sik-K, pH-1, offonoff to name 3) did this kind of thing much better."

    @ThighHighs: "A fun groovy lil bop. The chorus is a bit monotonous."

    @karmarisma: "An above average Khiphop song purely because of the rapping. Beat making continues to stay largely dead in Khh, especially with AOMG tracks. This has the usual autotuned sweg-type hooks that AOMG does which turns me off a fair bit."

    And in a shocking event, all top-scorers offered commentary, so I'll let them take it away:

    @ericcccc: "It’s VERY Calvin Harris’s recent era and wouldn’t sound out of place next to “Slide” and “Feels.” A bop!"

    @Slice of Life: "As someone who doesn't really listen to K-hiphop (or any hiphop for that matter), this is actually amazing. No cringe factor whatsoever, just pure display of talent."

    @Monkey0: "I just discovered this bop. So cool."

    @Gintoki: "After I heard it here's on repeat these days, not sure why but it's clicked with me, it's just so effortlessly catchy."

  6. ALSO...

    YOUR TOP 20:


    Spring Day
    Knock Knock

    Plz Don’t Be Sad

    Really Really


    Lonely (Sistar)

    Don’t Know You
    You, Cloud Rain
    Red Flavor
    Ko Ko Bop



    Where You At
    Love Story


    Lonely (Jonghyun)​
  7. These three next please.
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  8. Now the real competition starts.

    Love Story should go first.
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  9. lol no
  10. I was hoping SISTAR's Lonely was going to go all the way but then I realised Gashina was in this rate too and it's going to drag disbanded unnies.

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  11. I love Ailee's voice, I gave that song a 6 just because of it. We Are is cute.
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  12. Two of those three are two of my top 3, so I'll put this here and keep on truckin.
  13. How about...
  14. Most definitely not

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  15. I completely forgot that 'Signal' was on the list.
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  16. Signal must be in the top 10. Likey too.

    On the other hand, Heart Shaker can go before top 10 and Knock Knock can go anytime.
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  17. See, I would put Likey and Knock Knock as the only ones worthy of top 10. Signal and Heart Shaker can check out without me shedding a tear. Heart Shaker first.
  18. He


    No to Signal or Heart Shaker being high, yes to Knock Knock and Likey.
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  19. Plz Don’t Be Sad can go next honestly.
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