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  1. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
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  2. Plz Don’t Be Rude it’s their redemption comeback after being clocked by Cube.

  3. Dddd sorry for being late today........

    Though it's probably best cause maybe this one will be......


    20. Love Story
    Average: 7.260
    Highest Score:
    10 (@ericcccc, @soratami, @send photo), 9.5 (@Squashua)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@LA Hallucinations, @Alouder98, Sanctuary)

    Year-End Chart: #69
    Went #1: Week 43
    Total Sales: 840,041+​

    I don't know when we started if I imagined or even fathomed this happening, though the abundance of ballads probably had a hand in how things have unfolded. IU loses her fourth song and is now down to just one with 19 songs left. How far her last song will go, we'll have to see....

    Epic High are a successful rap trio within Korea who debuted back in 2003. Throughout their 15-year-long career, they’ve collaborated with numerous names in the rap, indie and idol scenes.

    This list ranges from Dynamic Duo to Lyn to Brown Eyed Soul to Paloalto to Younha to Lee Hi to Dumbfoundead to Park Bom to Taeyang to Mino to Bobby and more.

    With We’ve Done Something Wonderful, their first project after a three-year hiatus, Epik High would go on to expand their collaborations list with people like Crush, Oh Hyuk and, most notably, someone as high-profile and successful as IU.

    “Love Story” acted as the single for the project and would be IU's fifth #1 in 2017 alone. The track ended up at #1, alongside two other Epik High tracks in the Top 4, while also continuing Melomance being blocked from ever reaching the top spot.

    Unfortunately, how some of you felt about the track was not a story of love...

    @Gintoki: "This is nowhere near as good as Epik High feat. Younha combination....or Epik High feat. Taru combination. They can do better...."

    @Empty Shoebox: "Seems okay to me, just not my thing."

    @Monkey0: "Cute, I guess.."

    @eliminathan: "I love all of IU's parts."

    @karmarisma: "The album is called 'We Made Something Wonderful'. I'm not sure if I'd call this wonderful but it's not bad."

    @Slice of Life: "This pales in comparison to Home Is Far Away but it's still a pretty solid release for Tablo and gang. I feel like IU could've been utilized better though... like in a different, less somber track."

    @ThighHighs: "It’s good, and I really like the hook. Koreans really love songs about being despondent and hopeless after a breakup. Who hurt them? Don’t they know they deserve better?"

    @Squashua: "Such an interesting take on balladry, one of the best in this rate perhaps? Just edgy, beautifully composed, effortless spilling with conflicted emotions from both IU's restrained choruses and Epik contemplating through his rap sections. The swirling piano has an air of GFriend's Summer Rain about it and I kinda wish they'd been brave enough to take it down this route somehow too.

    @ericcccc: "Epik High was actually my first k-pop group when I was like 12; I was obsessed with “Love Love Love.” IU’s vocals really make this for me."

    @soratami: "Such a smooth bop, the violin really elevates this."

  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Sad it didn't make it further. That was one of the songs that really stayed with me after rating.
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  6. @Sanctuary being the lowest scorer for like half of the last ten eliminations though, what kind of villainous hosting.
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  7. Me when seeing I accidentally put a score for a song as a 20 instead of a 10:

    Me when correcting it makes #2 and #3 switch places:

    I'm a mess. But #19 coming soon.

    Ddd if only y'all knew who out of y'all is the true rate villain waiting in the wings.
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  8. Why do I get the feeling this means someone tanked all the TWICE songs?

  9. "Likey" is trash and I tanked it.

  10. Dddd I'll let y'all figure that out yourselves....


    19. Where You At
    Average: 7.282
    Highest Score: 10 (@Slice of Life, @eliminathan, @karmarisma)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@ericcccc), 4 (@Gintoki)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Week 41
    Total Sales: 321,931+​

    Probably the greatest comeback story of 2017?


    If there was ever a case of survival shows actually producing results and saving the careers of groups, NU’EST may be one of the main cases. There hasn’t been such a turnaround since EXID were on the road to disbanding until Hani’s hips shot the group into viral stardom and gave new life to their careers.

    For NU’EST, that career revival came in the form of Produce 101 Season 2, where 4 of the boys competed. Before then, the boys only had one minor hit in the form of “Hello”. Their five previous singles, before the #2-peaking thank you single “If You”, had missed the Top 50 entirely.

    Times were dark and didn’t look good for the five boys, but Produce 101 saw a surge in legacy sales in their discography and they snatched their first-ever #1 song with “Where You At”.

    Due to Minhyun being part of Wanna One, the four boys ended up forming NU’EST W to promote during his seperate activities. W, Here would go on to be a huge success for the boys, selling more than their five previous albums combined. Pledis Entertainment, as well, seems newly reinvested in their careers.

    Also, here's another Baekho gif:

    Though “Where You At” is the pinnacle of the boys’ goodwill, it misses our Top 15.

    @ericcccc: "I’m finding that I should probably not watch the videos because a lot of times they tend to be shit, which doesn’t help with the song also isn’t good. Oops."

    @Gintoki: "another drop that ripped my to Gashina."

    @Empty Shoebox: "This is quite good. The chorus is a bit lacking (I don't think there's enough to cover the gap in the vocals) and the delivery is a bit strained at times, but like I said, quite good overall."

    @ryan_riot92: "This track was kind of disappointing for me. I was expecting that build-up to become a lush chorus but instead it turned into a noisy instrumental… I’m happy to see the return of these boys though!"

    @Monkey0: "Prove there’s justice in the universe."

    @Squashua: "I didn't follow all of Broduce in the end but the Nu'est guys didn't strike me as all that phenomenal in the episodes I saw. Certainly not to the extent that they blew up. Their back catalogue is fine but nothing crazy amazing - much like how I feel about this track. It's a drop chorus using a number of visual concepts/sets from other guy groups earlier in the year (noticeably Winner's Fool, KNK's Rain and BTS's Not Today). Wanna One were more successful with this sound for a reason."

    @ThighHighs: "Properly epic and dramatic. Cut to me on an empty beach screaming at the sky."

    @karmarisma: "An absolute redemption for our long-underrated Nu'est, who reformed as Nu'est W, doing their usual urban electro sound; however, the twist at the chorus is what makes this song quite different and special to most other EDM Kpop songs that were released. I love how the song slows down into the piano section for the chorus, before the beat properly drops and that slight disco sound in the background as well is so dynamic. I feel like the song keeps going and doesn't give me a moment to breathe because it's so tightly packed with good moments. Baekho please continue to attack me with your vocals."

    Yas, sis, speak on it:

    @Slice of Life: "YATH KINGS! I only *liked* this upon first listen but now I truly stan it. Gimme drama! Gimme cinematography! Gimme weird choreography! Aron's parts are actually my favourite... a mess."

    @eliminathan: "What kind of glow up because Minhyun zaddy sacrificed haself. They have better songs but this song's impact and the part that Baekho sings that sounds like "Don't say no" by Seohyun are added points."

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  11. He wishes


    It was actually Minhyun Zaddy and JR got absolutely snatched on the last ep even though he was guaranteed a spot throughout the whole show.
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  12. Oh oops dddddd. Fixed.
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  14. the likes... I’m scared
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  15. I'm happy that a formerly flop boy-group could breakthrough in such a big way but I kinda wish it had been a different band that had ascended. Nu'est have never been all that output-wise.
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  16. He


    But they seem quite talented though.

    And Baekho, oh yes... Baekho deserves it.

    Kahi crying for them was also a highlight.
  17. [​IMG]


    Also why is this gif so gigantic ddddddd
  18. He


    Was JR not getting in rigged? I'm thinking Pledis might have pulled some strings so he would go back to promote with Nu'est as soon as possible. Or is this far fetched?
  19. I don't think Pledis have any strings to pull at this point.


    That vote was some bs but I don't think it was foul play. If anyone had any suspicious activity it would be Samuel (and Ren). Both of their votes are around the same number from Ep 10 to Ep 11 [300k and 200k respectively] whereas everyone else had a huge jump in votes. Daniel went from 800k to 1.5mil, Minhyun went from 300k to 800k but those two were the same between both days.
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  20. He


    What do you mean they do not have any strings to pull? Aren't Pledis quite big nowadays after Seventeen?
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