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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. I mean yeah probably but they only hit the jackpot with Seventeen getting wins in 2016 and then P101 S2 was only a year after. I can't imagine they would have much pull in the show if they pulled strings at any point it would be to get their 5 years post debut flopping zaddies on a show full for trainees.
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  2. This may be... the most shocking elimination yet........


    18. Spring Day
    Average: 7.326
    Highest Score:
    10 (Sanctuary, @Monkey0, @aaronhansome), 9 (@ThighHighs, @soratami)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@ericcccc), 4 (@send photo)

    Year-End Chart: #13
    Went #1: Week 7
    Total Sales: 1,534,438+​

    The ever-controversial BTS falls before the Top 15. Some of you were shocked that this was their only entry, noting that “DNA” ended up being blocked from the top-spot. It’s actually their second-ever #1 and is pretty neck-and-neck with Blood, Sweat & Tears as their most successful song in Korea.

    Despite the controversies and issues surrounding their ever-passionate fanbase, it’s hard to deny the quality to a song like “Spring Day”, and its time spent at #1 showcases that. The song comes off of their You Never Walk Alone project, a repackage from the previous year’s successful Wings release.

    The video serves wintery and vibrant aesthetics and I’m sure there’s some expansive storyline happening, that apparently links back to some of their videos as far back as their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life project, but even several Youtube theory videos wouldn’t be able to help me to understand, so let’s just appreciate the visuals of it all:


    Despite taking over the world, BTS unfortunately couldn't win some of you over.

    @ericcccc: "Okay this… is not good."

    @soratami: "Great song but the amount of dead eyes in the video is a bit disturbing."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I'm not familiar with BTS, but I understand that they're really, really popular. From this song, I'm finding it hard to understand why."

    @Squashua: "Beautiful visuals, wonderful visuals. Out of their 2 big 2017 comebacks, I much preferred this more plaintive take on the Chainsmokers sound, even if it's still a bit reductive and not worthy of the gorgeous melancholy visual it got. Rap Monster's sounds so Macklemore-esque here too, I hadn't realised before."

    @ThighHighs: "A power-ballad I can really get into. It’s my favorite BTS song, and one of maybe 6 that I know. The production is great, the vocals and performances are solid, and the melody of that chorus…
    [​IMG] "

    @karmarisma: "There is a very unprocessed sound to this song, and I think it's because of one of the main vocals' voices which ruins the song for me a bit. However, I think they capture the sorrowful tone really well and it would be a lie to say that this song doesn't make me emo."

    @eliminathan: "Jungkook's whispy vocals really add to this type of song, V's bassy vocals seem like they don't fit in the chorus though. They should have given V the Jin treatment in this song and snatched his lines away and just left the "my best friend" part."

    @ryan_riot92: "This is quite a lovely track. The mixture of soft and powerful yet completely vulnerable vocals are beautiful. I like it better than their successor title track and feel this one deserves more recognition than “DNA” … but hey at least they’re getting the recognized internationally, right?"

    @Slice of Life: "This has grown on me so much. There's a wistfulness to this that really warms my frigid heart. Jungkook's whispery vocals really work here. As for V's vocals... okay werq. Also, off-topic but I just noticed that DNA didn't hit number 1????? Poor it." Yeah, Blood Sweat & Tears and Spring Day are probably the songs the K-GP would know best, both being their only #1s on the songs charts.

    @ThisIsRogue: "I listened to this a lot last year. It's certainly one of the better ballads of 2017."

    @Monkey0: "Art. From visuals to production and song structure. Masterfully created impression of sadness, melancholy and coming of age feelings."

    Art, indeed.

    @aaronhansome: "FUCK ME UP this is the first BTS song that I think I’ve heard and WOW it is good. The ending whew."

  3. This is... incorrect. Spring Day deserves better and I'm not even a fan, let alone a stan. Who hurt y'all?

  4. I'm sure my commentary was posted after yours but that ain't stopping me.
  5. [​IMG]

    After learning that you're an NCT Dream hater, I have stopped stanning you. You hurt me, oppa.
  6. I stan IU's slayage of the charts. How many number 1s does she have in total? Mariah who?
  7. He


    15 I think?
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  8. Mianhae sis I'll consider stanning if they add any member other than the ones they have now for their next comeback. I like 127 and U is fine so I'm sure Dream will have some bops eventually.

  9. For our next elimination.....

    Boy groups take another hit.....

    17. Plz Don’t Be Sad
    Average: 7.347
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Slice of Life, @Monkey0, @eliminathan), 9 (@ThighHighs)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (@Squashua), 5 (@Alouder98), 5.5 (@ryan_riot92)

    Year-End Chart: #42
    Went #1: Week 12
    Total Sales: 1,136,673+​

    Highlight, formerly known as Beast aka B2ST, made their debut in 2009 and served for years as Cube Entertainment’s main boy group. Though their relationship with Cube ended in legal issues, the group has an extensive discography.

    The first issue in their careers was when Hyunseung, the member who would work with Hyuna as part of Trouble Maker, went on to seperate from the group and continue to release music as a soloist under Cube.

    After releasing as a group of five, Beast’s time under Cube came to an end and the members had a change in mind, but so did Cube for the group’s name. The group would go on to establish Around US Entertainment and try to battle for the legal rights over their past material and name with Cube in court.

    Legal issues over unfair contracts is something that haunts much of k-pop. A company like SM Entertainment has been sued several times by their idols and accused of unethical legal practices. Some fans worried Cube would try to use the Beast name with Hyunseung and new members. The claims were eventually denied by Hyungseung.

    Beast's story is not uncommon. Veteran groups like T-ARA are now pursuing means to retain the rights to their name from their previous companies. As well, more idols are looking into opening up their own companies. Hyolyn of Sistar chose not to resign with Starship Entertainment and created her own company to oversee her music.

    While many challenges await Highlight - their extensive tour schedule can be seen as an answer to the financial burdens of running their own company - the success of Plz Don't Be Sad and their material under a new name remains a large victory.

    But could Beast get y'all to reinvent your love for them as Highlight?

    @ryan_riot92: "The re-invention of BEAST … unfortunately that re-invention was kind of bogus …"

    @Empty Shoebox: "There's bits of this that are good, and bits that really aren't (like the second part of the first verse) depending on the singer at the time."

    @Squashua: "I've said it once and I'll say it again - they completely couldn't be arsed when I saw them performing this live. It was so low-energy, mumbly and just meh compared to the rookie boybands who gave it their all. It doesn't help the song could've been a cast-off from that one Chris Brown album where he went EDM. Hard pass (the MV has some pretty sets in it though so there's that)."

    @ericcccc: "This is cute! I find that the pre-chorus totally kills the momentum built up in the song but other than that it’s nice."

    @ThisIsRogue: "This was a nice discovery. Surprised I never heard this on the K-Pop Daebak playlist on Spotify but I guess that's determined by Western tastes rather than what's actually popular in SK."

    @Slice of Life: "This is so fun yathhhhh. Highlight's dad-pop is really not my aesthetic but I bop all the time."

    @ThighHighs: "A bopperoo of epic proportions. The “WOAAAHH”s take my bussy into the stratosphere every time. I should really pay better attention to them."

    @karmarisma: "A great redemption for BEAST, well Highlight with a bopper of a song. An infectious hook, some great melodic whoaAAAoohs and nasally rapping creates a solid debut track and hit song."

    @Monkey0: "Effortlessly happy, energetic track showing maturity of a boy group. Relaxed and rich in production."

    @eliminathan: "Iconic rebranding of kings, come through and get wins under a different name with songs that aren't even as good as your old songs. True masters of the art. Gikwang and Dongwoon are zaddies too."

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  10. I'm trying not to be sad Highlight oppas but you left too soon.

  11. Really Really outlasting these far superior boyband songs though.

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  12. Talent always wins.

  13. True, Ko Ko Bop is still here after all

  14. [​IMG]

    This can go any time now teebs...
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  15. Really Really is the best boy band song in the rate nn.
    They already do, sis.
  16. Island is better than Really Really
  17. But it's not in this rate.
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  18. Both of these received 7s from me and mess at me not realizing that Highlight is B2ST. I didn't even recognize my baby Yoseob's vocals, geez.
  19. Can I go back in time and give Highlight a 10 because...... I was wrong with my score ddddddd.
  20. Under the radar queens
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