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  1. Sis, I don't even know who's in that group, apart that one who got into anti-Chinese mess. No idea even how many members there are.
    I simply judged the songs. Not my problem they're cheap jingles. Scores in this rate don't look different than how I rated them elswhere. Here are zeros because the total number of entries is lower, so four (that actually means zero) won't do. I ain't got no time for commentary because I spent all my nice words on them in other rates.
    I don't know where this overreaction comes from because my stance on Twice's musical output is consitent. Hell, my opinion on JYP produced music is consitent. Get your girls new, better producers and then we'll talk.
    It ain't that deep, it's just matter of personal taste.
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  2. ddd sis talk about an overreaction. Poor girl only held a Taiwanese flag.
  3. JYP only produced one of their songs in this rate.
  4. I get not entirely enjoying a song but flat out giving a 0 - which means there's absolutely NOTHING you can enjoy in the 3-4 minutes it runs - to four songs by the same group even though they all sound completely different?
  5. Hopefully @Monkey0 gave SISTAR's Lonely a 0 as well just to show how much he hates Black Eyed Pilseung's production and truly show us it's just a coincidence he doesn't like Twice's production.

  6. That's why I called it a mess.

    Yes, there's nothing for me to enjoy in this songs. If I listened to them few times and have no desire to listen to it ever again nor I feel I'm missing something they get zero (in this rate, go to SOT+ for 3s or 4s, the scale issue). I'm not going to give out a participation points because there's no bum note or something obvious like that. It's really not a complex concept
    Is this how Hwayoung felt?!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Moving on....

    Let's find out our Top 10....

    First out today is....

    12. Signal
    Average: 7.847
    Highest Score:
    10 (@Serg., @ericcccc, @eliminathan, @BEST FICTION), 9.5 (@ryan_riot92)
    Lowest Score: 0 (@Monkey0), 4 (@LA Hallucinations), 6 (@He)

    Year-End Chart: #30
    Went #1: Week 20 & Week 21
    Total Sales: 1,250,964+​

    We lose our third TWICE song as we inch and inch closer to finding out our Top 10. With only one song remaining in the rate, can they find a way to make it in? We’ll have to wait and see.

    More importantly though, we part ways with “Signal”. Like with many TWICE songs, the Nation’s New Girl Group remain polarizing and the controversial topic on everyone’s tongues, fans and haters alike.

    Spawning more classic one-liners and iconic hand choreo, the colorful video for Signal sees the girls make contact with life outside of our own in a song about an oppa who doesn’t realize how you feel about him. The girls pursue an alien love interest and even reference iconic films like Men In Black:

    Signal would be TWICE's third 1M+ seller in 2017 next to Knock Knock and last year's TT, which continued to heavily sell into the following year, moving 1M+ digitals in 2017 alone.

    But could TWICE send a signal that you all could receive?

    @Monkey0: "Nothing will make me respond to such trash signal."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I don't know what to say about this song, it just lacks...'it'. That certain something to elevate it to the point that I'd want to listen to it regularly."

    @ThisIsRogue: "The song itself changes up a bit too much but I bop nonetheless. It's grown on me since I first heard it."

    @ThighHighs: "This song would get a 9 if it weren’t for the fucking intro. Everything up until the first singing verse happens is peak irritation."

    @soratami: "What kind of lost The Sweet Escape album track."

    @Slice of Life: "I really don't wanna do this wrong because I use this so much. I mean, I use a more palatable version that I carefully extracted from a shady Soundcloud account. But since we're rating the (very messy) original version, I'm gonna be honest."

    @karmarisma: "This is a song that I hate to love and love to hate, but the problem is I actually love it, and Momo and Mina's nasal prowess make the song as iconic and amazing as it is."

    @eliminathan: "MINA DID THAT. Everyone was clocking Momo and Mina for their rap but I don't get the hate, it sounds better than almost all of Dahyun's raps. Maybe the good unnie hypnotised me into stanning this song."

    Yas she did.

    @ryan_riot92: "Unlike “Knock Knock”, this track is minimal in the greatest way. It’s got that signature TWICE sound (and I don’t mean the shoddy vocals) cute and quirky but never beige."

    @ericcccc: "BOP. Actually amazing production and that video? Wig."

    @Serg.: "We love Korea's song of the year."

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  8. He


    Signal is definitely not my favorite Twice song. It's around Chair Up levels of catchy but not great.
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  9. And our final song to miss the Top 10 is....


    just kidding....


    11. Fine
    Average: 7.934
    Highest Score:
    11 (@Alouder98, @Gintoki), 10 (@Serg. @Slice of Life, @eliminathan), 9.5 (@ThighHighs)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@ohnostalgia) 5 (@ericcccc), 6 (@Squashua, @ryan_riot92, @LA Hallucinations, @He)

    Year-End Chart: #43
    Went #1: Week 9 & Week 10
    Total Sales: 1,214,489+​

    This is such a pretty special song, isn’t it? Even as someone who usually doesn’t have much time for Taeyeon’s music, there’s just something special about “Fine” from its message to its production to the video for the song.

    “Fine” is a song about the intricacies of moving on from a relationship and how we’re sometimes not prepared for the challenges that face us in dealing with loneliness.

    The video opens up with Taeyeon on the phone, talking about how she’s recently changed the color of her hair and trying to make small talk, when the person on the other end seems confused as to why she called them just to talk.

    As the lyrics touch on, part of dealing with loneliness and depression for many is dealing with free time, keeping one’s self busy for busy’s sake, and having to find things to keep one’s time. She walks down the street to see other couples and at home, when cleaning and organizing things, is hit with memories of a past she can’t seem to let go.

    The chorus brings us to the point of the song - recognizing when you’re not fine, and the honesty it takes to say you’re afraid and worry you’ll never be fine.

    But instead of being seen as a weakness, there’s a hopefulness in the music and her vocals, reminding the listener that the only way to get better is to first acknowledge when you’re not fine.


    "Fine" would be one of the singles released to promote Taeyeon's album My Voice, her first full studio album after a series of huge hits accumulated through 2015 and 2016. A deluxe version would be released two months later in April.

    The song would go on to spend two weeks atop of the Digital Chart, dethroning TWICE and blocking GFRIEND's "Fingertip" from hitting #1. Though 2017 was somewhat quiet for Taeyeon on the solo front, with SNSD's comeback happening in that summer, "Fine" would still go on to move over 1M+ in digitals.

    It was clear - many of you felt Taeyeon's song was more than fne.

    @ericcccc: "What kind of early-2000s adult contemporary mess."

    @ryan_riot92: "This track describes itself … it’s fine… that’s about it."

    @Empty Shoebox: "I'm not one for ballads but I can feel genuine emotion in this. I don't like the pitch shift in the fiiiiiiiiine though."

    @Monkey0: "Strong and beautiful chorus. Obviously Taeyeon knows how to sing the hell out of a song (not only when it comes to power vocals but she has good sense of musicality). It is a bit too obvious and predictable."

    @soratami: "I wasn't very impressed by this at first, but I kept going back to it and raising its score a bit more."

    @karmarisma: "Fine is probably that breakup anthem that Taylor Swift still hasn't managed to release. I did not enjoy this song when it first came out, but gosh I listened to this after a breakup myself and I see the sheer brilliance of the lyrics. That chorus has to be one of the most belt-able ones for when you're in a mood."

    @ThisIsRogue: "Great melody and a simple but effective hook. Very catchy. Taeyeon's voice makes this pleasant to listen to and that high note at the end is impressive."

    Our high scorers:
    @ThighHighs: "I’ve been mostly bored by Taeyeon’s balladry, but this one is right up my alley. The chorus is a true belter. Most appropriate when driving past your exes house at 2am."

    @Slice of Life: "Another song that quietly snuck up on me. I've always been hard on Taeyeon because I know she can do better than just release beige ballads... but there's something about Fine that just speaks to me. That middle 8 always send shivers down my spine. Iconique."

    @Serg.: "My all time favourite Taeyeon song"

    @eliminathan: "It can seem a bit shouty at times but the ad-lib doing falsetto and lower register singing instead of shouting cuts through all the yelling of the regular chorus perfectly."

    And one of our 11 givers, @Gintoki: "Fine is definitely my favourite from all the songs that were no.1 at Gaon, lyrics, voice, video...I just like everything about this."

  10. The write-up

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  11. I agree. That was @Sanctuary unnie's best write-up yet. I felt attacked.
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  12. He


    Nice write up, true.

    Average song.
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  13. I'm waiting for the next page to sum up the Top 10 ddd.

    Also, the OP should be updated with every elimination so far.

    Edit - Dddd wait. Okay good.
  14. YOUR TOP 10:








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  15. Good.
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  16. Well since Likey has no chance to win now, it better be Sunmi or Sistar.
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  17. Scream!
  18. I have mixed feelings about this top 10. Love 6 of the songs and enjoy 1 more, but the other 3 are my least favourites out of the whole top 20.
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  19. 10. Some
    9. Lonely
    8. Red Flavor
    7. Energetic
    6. Don't Know You
    5. Likey
    4. Palette
    3. Really Really
    2. Lonely (Sistar)
    1. Gashina

    is the ideal ranking for me.
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  20. SHIGNAL BONAE SHIGNAL BONAE SHIGNAL BONAE SHIGNAL BONAE!!! The beat is amazing i the beginning and the end of the song.

    Fine is a sublime and sophisticated piece of pop.
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