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  1. Dddd sorry for how late I've been doing these....

    07. Red Flavor
    Average: 8.260
    Highest Score:
    11 (@ThighHighs), 10 (@Empty Shoebox, @Slice of Life, @ryan_riot92, @junglefish, @LA Hallucinations, @aaronhansome), 9.5 (@Squashua)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@soratami), @send photo), 5 (@Monkey0)

    Year-End Chart: #20
    Went #1: Week 28
    Total Sales: 1,420,332+​

    Red Velvet have had an interesting career for a group whose debut was rushed because another group was going through a scandal. As well, their debut saw them go through their own scandal that could have easily derailed them due to most Koreans’ feelings about Japanese colonialism, but they somehow made it out alright, thankfully because the premise to the group itself is rather brilliant.

    The RV M.O allows them to shamelessly deliver huge “Red” tracks and toss out r&b “Velvet” type tracks here & there. As many would agree, results held up for at least half of their name throughout 2015-16.

    Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb (though a bit Bang Bang), and Russian Roulette all delivered poppy and colorful combinations of bops and music videos. Times were exciting for Red Velvet. Well… up until 2017 came and Rookie was released ddd. Though a success in their home country due to its simple chorus and memorable choreo, Rookie left many international fans cold.

    Still, it’d be silly to count the girls out, and they proved just why with Red Flavor.


    Red Flavor is a huge bop that plays into some of the most exciting aspects of pop music. From the get-go, it combines unconventional song structure with left-field production, while the song never really stops throughout, hitting you like a rush of fruity, citrusy adrenaline. The video is similarly a rollercoaster of fruit, sweetness and colorful visuals coming at you faster than you can interpret them.

    Red Flavor would go on to be the third-best selling girl group single of 2017, only behind Knock Knock by TWICE and As If It's Your Last by Blackpink. It would even outsell its predecessor Rookie. The girls would follow-up the song with another hit, Peek-A-Boo, and then serve another Velvet track when entering 2018, with the silky Bad Boy.

    But could Red Velvet convince you to have your daily recommended servings of fruit?
    @soratami: “I want to like this, but it just… doesn't work. The various elements of the song don't mesh together at all.”

    @Monkey0: “I get the catchy chorus but there’s nothing else there.”

    @eliminathan: "Peek-a-boo blows this out of the water, it's alright though. Yeri interjecting throughout the rap to just say RED and then she dropping her own rap that slays Irene's life is iconic [YAS respect the queen]. The song ends on a weird note."

    @Serg.: “As I said somewhere before it aged like milk, I can't even listen to it in full anymore, just give me the Yeri/Irene rap part and I'll leave”

    @LA Hallucinations: "Far from their best but still shits on everything else in this rate."

    @karmarisma: "An unquestionable Summer BOP. It makes me want to lie inside under the fan and eat watermelon in this painful Aussie summer sun. It's just an absolute burst of energy in the summer, as summer songs should be. Of course, Seulgi and Wendy are absolutely dominating vocally, while Irene brings out the shades for that rap break. I do predict this aging like milk though…"

    @ThisIsRogue: "This is super catchy and just FUN. Welcome relief after that run of ballads."

    @ericcccc: "O K A Y. Those verses are whatever but everything else? WHEW."

    @ryan_riot92: "Move over SISTAR [First of all, how dare you], the new queens of summer have arrived. Red Velvet took on that role and delivered us the summer bop we’d all been looking forward to. The quirky and light mood mixed with an intense fun factor make this song spectacular!"

    @Slice of Life: “A well-deserved first number 1 single for Red Velvet. This is just a perfect summer release. Now that Sistar are dead, it's time a new iconic girl group snap that Kweens of Summer throne. And I think with Red Flavor, Red Velvet has a fighting chance of being Sistar's rightful heiresses.”

    @Empty Shoebox: “’fun' drinking game for the video - every time Irene blinks, take a shot. See if you make it to the end of the intro. To keep with the song's theme, make sure you shot fruit juice. Anything else may harm you and your baby. This song's a bop, even if I'm not a summer person.”

    Our 11 giver, @ThighHighs: “The bop of the century. Everything about the promotions for this song signaled that they had arrived to own the summer, and they certainly did. This is one of the most infectious songs of the year, and it helped define my summer. This song is an adrenaline rush and tbh is one of my favorite pop moments of the whole year.”

  2. Wow. Wasn't expecting that.

  3. Well, at least it made top 10, but also

    How dare y'all .
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  4. I only have a single non-10 score left so please...

  5. Same, hoping Energetic goes next and it'll be a perfect top 5.
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  6. Red Flavor got a 7.5 from me, it's not their best for me, but it certainly has some charm to it.
  7. Don't You Know & Energetic double sashay for perfect top 4.
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  8. I'm sorry, sis.....

    Sorry to you too, sis....

    And you too, sis...

    because you're all wrong.....

    06. Palette
    Average: 8.391
    Highest Score:
    11 (@Slice of Life), 10 @Sanctuary, @Alouder98, @soratami, @send photo, @Squashua, @junglefish, @ryan_riot92)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@ericcccc, @eliminathan, @Gintoki), 6.5 (@Empty Shoebox, @karmarisma, @ThisIsRogue)

    Year-End Chart: #7
    Went #1: Week 16 & Week 17
    Total Sales: 1,817,177+
    Well, she had a nice run while she was at it. Despite entering the rate as the artist with the most songs at an impressive five #1s, IU falls out of the rate with her last song just before we reach the Top 5. For a refresher, here is how her songs placed:

    #27. "Through The Night" - 6.434
    #25. "Can't Love You Anymore" - 6.760
    #23. "Autumn Morning" - 6.956
    #20. "Love Story" - 7.260
    #06. “Palette” - 8.391​

    Palette served as the title track for the album of the same name.

    Moodier and more current than her other releases for the project, the song is more rhythmic and features a rap from G-Dragon. The video follows the stylistic IU formula of quirky and colorful visuals. The wall choreo is kind of iconic, as well, especially when she recreates it live (her doing G-Dragon’s rap is also a bit impressive):

    IU finished 2017 as one of the most successful soloists of the year, as she always does.

    It’s not really the commercial success of Palette that makes it a success, but the (albeit slight) diversion from her usual balladry and introspective lyrics (relevant to her long career) that makes the song feel like a victory - more specifically, a victory lap.

    IU made some of you feel truly fine, and left some of you feeling just fine:

    @eliminathan: "I love the meaning of the song, the throwbacks in the video are also nice. Out of all the IU songs in this rate though, this one isn't anything special."

    @Gintoki: "And this will get 6 instead of 5 cause it's just a little bit better than all her beige stuff."

    @ericcccc: "This is truly fine."

    @Empty Shoebox: "Would be better without the featured artist."

    @Serg.: "One of her more interesting releases this year, her voice is so pretty and gd does a good job."

    @karmarisma: "IU's moneymaking strategy Pt. III - a collaboration of Pts I and II, with a calm and slow enough song to appeal to Korean ballad sensibilities with a monster collab partner in GD (who for once isn't being nasally all over the track). However, it also has a bit of extra flair which makes it much more interesting, and the vocal layering is a treat. The best songs still remain burried in the album though - Jam Jam and Blackout."

    @Monkey0: "I’m so happy that she overcame her mid-life crisis, being a famous millionaire at that age must be awful. And going by that song it wasn’t so scary."

    @ThighHighs: "This is everything. A nice hazy morning song for when you’re just getting out of bed and greeting the day. For real, it’s so nice to hear this kind of song from IU. An indomitable chart force admitting that she’s not entirely sure exactly who she is at 25 is SO real. It came out right before I turned 26, so it was all a perfect storm of feels"

    @Squashua: "This song got me before, but actually being 25 now…. Soundtrack my existential crises a bitsy Empress of Korea. I'm cry-bopping as we speak. Even if Gashina will storm out of this list, there's no denying this year was ALL about IU."

    @ryan_riot92: "YAAASSSS!! Come through Nation’s Little Sister!! This is such a lovely little tune. A smooth R&B drizzled with honey vocals. Heck even G-Dragon doesn’t sound like a whiny bitch in the song and that alone is worth praise."

    And our 11, @Slice of Life: "YATH IU SERVING MATURITY AND CLASS AFTER ALL THE SHIT NETIZENS THREW AT HER. WE LOVE A CLASSY KWEEN. (When will Taylor Swift? etc) One of the very best songs of the year, period. Every little thing about this is on point."

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  9. D'aww I would've liked this to have won out of the 6 songs left so...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. 5. Energetic
    4. Lonely
    3. Don't Know You
    1. Gashina & Likey (tie)
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  13. Am I the only one pleasantly surprised by Energetic coming this far? It didn't even make to it our top 100 of the year.
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  15. 5) Likey
    4) Lonely
    3) Don't Know You
    2) Energetic
    1) Gashina

    I still haven't gotten over Red Flavor's elimination, though.
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  16. 5) Don't Know You
    4) Energetic
    3) Lonely
    2) Likey
    1) Gashina
  17. Probably....

    Would Like
    5) Energetic
    4) Don't Know You
    3) Lonely
    2) Gashina
    1) Likey

    5) Don't Know You
    4) Likey
    3) Energetic
    2) Lonely
    1) Gashina
  18. This but switch Likey and Lonely.
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  19. Likey will go first cause there's certain people that tanked it
  20. If 'Energetic' makes top 3 that'd be amazing considering how much we stan our queens.

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