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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. I didn't vote for various reasons but am enjoying this nonetheless.
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  2. Welp, looks like it's Gashina for the win for me.
  3. I'm ok with Lonely, Likey or Gashina winning. Was also happy for Palette to win and didn't expect Wanna One & Heize to make it this far, but werk.
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  4. Our first song to leave the Top 5 is....

    05. Don’t Know You
    Average: 8.500
    Highest Score:
    11 (Sanctuary, @ericcccc), 10 (@Alouder98, @soratami, @send photo, @ThighHighs, @LA Hallucinations, @He)
    Lowest Score: 5.5 (@karmarisma), 6 (@eliminathan), 6.5 (@Serg., @ThisIsRogue)

    Year-End Chart: #23
    Went #1: Week 26
    Total Sales: 1,367,798+​

    We lose another Digital Sales queen with Heize finally leaving us. “Don’t Know You” was the title track from her third mini-album ///.

    After her stint on Unpretty Rapstar 2, Heize took the time to build her profile amongst k-indie fans with collabs with prolific artists like that of Dean, including the funky “Shut Up & Groove” and “And July”. The latter would go on to be her first Top 10 hit on Gaon.

    Heize would first flex her muscle as a digital giant with the late-2016 release of a one-off track called "Star”, her fist r&b-ballad and post-fame solo release. Star would also go on to be her first #1.

    “Star” set the stage for /// with its moody r&b sonic palette and lyrical themes of the stars, clouds, rain, and more all capturing the feelings we experience regarding love.

    Though “You, Clouds, Rain” would go on to be bigger, “Don’t Know You” would be a huge hit in its own right, moving over 1.3M digitals and finishing within the Top 25 for the end of the year.

    One of the most memorable aspects of “Don’t Know You’, besides being her most mainstream-sounding song yet, is its video in which Heize teaches the viewer how to lose their lover teddy bear in 14 ways.

    The track’s lyrics reflect on being a selfish lover and realizing once it’s too late how you’ve let someone down. She laments about how she should have spent more time holding her lover and telling them how she felt, as opposed to spending her time on other things or trying to buy’s one happiness with gifts. She raps and sings about how she worked so hard to have money to spend on someone she loves, only to lose said person.

    But could Heize maintain your love?

    @karmarisma: "Not half bad because of the slightly groovy beat, and interesting chorus (however it does get a bit too repetitive). I feel like I really overscored this in the SOTY rate"

    @Serg.: "her rapping saved the song, because the singing parts were not cute"

    @eliminathan: "Her singing is good, her rapping is good. I just hate the chorus it doesn't fit the rest of the song."

    @ryan_riot92: "I think my main problem with this song is her voice during the chorus. I mean I can handle a nasal voice but this? It’s almost TOO much for me to handle. It’s a cute song though."

    @Empty Shoebox: "There is a beat here, but I don't think I could dance to this."

    @Slice of Life: "It's cute and the production is my style. I'm not sure if I'll ever hop on the Heize train though."

    @Monkey0: "Apart from poor styling, poor she. It’s a bop. Nothing earth-shattering but pleasant."

    Y'all... are SO hateful, but the Little Heizonsters pull through:

    @Gintoki: "My favourite song from Heize.....and one of the best kpop videos from last year."

    @soratami: "I had never heard of HEIZE before this rate, but honestly I'm stanning." YASSS DISCOVER TALENT!

    @ThighHighs: "A freaking bop! The production, melody, and video are all so fresh and fun. I’ve seen talk of her all over, but never really gotten into her. She’s great."

    @LA Hallucinations: "By far the biggest discovery of this rate. Made all the ballads worth it. Sensual queen." YASSS DISCOVER TALENT!x2

    And our 11 giver (besides myself), @ericcccc: "A M A Z I N G. Apple Music recommended this to me last year and I’m still bald. The production is so perfectly ahead of the curve while still being approachable. I love the video, and overall the whole package is emotional without being cheesy. One of my favorites of 2017."

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  6. He


    Heize was a contender for my 11. Flawless track.
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  7. Even better is that the Teddy Bear was Onew.
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  8. Oh, and as much as I kind of like this, "And July" is a masterpiece.
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  9. I'm glad that Energetic has gone so far. It's a true KPopjustice that everyone seems to have recognized how MASSIVE that song is. We redeemed our asses after the SO+Y Rate debacle where they didn't even make the top 100.
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  10. He


    Wait, really?
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  11. [​IMG]

    He does a costume reveal at the end of the video
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  12. I'm happy Energetic is in the top 4. As soon as it beats Lonely or Likey I'm going to be not so happy.
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  13. He


    I don’t recognize him, kii.
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  14. Y'all talking about Energetic....and only thing on my mind is...
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  15. "Don't Know You" is already out... wow. I am disgusted.
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  16. You get to be happy, sis.


    04. Energetic
    Average: 8.695
    Highest Score:
    11 (@karmarisma, @ThisIsRogue), 10 (@Slice of Life, @Monkey0, @ThighHighs, @BEST FICTION, @LA Hallucinations, @He), 9.5 (@eliminathan, @ryan_riot92, @aaronhansome)
    Lowest Score: 5 (Sanctuary) 6 (@soratami), 7 (@Serg., @Alouder98, @evilsin, @Gintoki)

    Year-End Chart: #41
    Went #1: Week 32
    Total Sales: 1,018,134+​

    We finally part ways with the last boy group standing. Wanna One were able to not only defeat oldies like SECHSKIES and rebranded vets Highlight, but also outlasted huge groups like BTS, EXO and WINNER. The Nation’s New (Temporary) Boy Group made it out on top, even if it wasn’t enough to sneak into the Top 3.

    As said before, the commercial success of Wanna One was immense throughout 2017 and the sales of their album put the vast majority of other Korean music to shame. All the boys have become somewhat icons in South Korea, with many of them enjoying high levels of fame and well-paying CFs, especially that of Kang Daniel, the charismatic center who took the hearts of gays by storm.

    I watched this last night for a laugh because Daniel was in it dddd:

    Though the boys have enjoyed massive success, they weren't doing that hot at the beginning of this rate.

    At only a few voters in, Energetic actually had a much lower average of 7.000 and was outside of the Top 10. As more votes came in, though, the song begin to rise and rise, finally hopping over Heize (who at one point sat at #1), pushing her down to #5 and ultimately taking the #4 spot.

    The boys rose to fame singing "pick me! pick me! pick me!" and many of you did:
    @ericcccc: "DDDDDDddd not me hearing a house instrumental and loving it #shezpredictable. However, the rap sections aren’t as good and kill the flow."

    @Empty Shoebox: "No Dua Lipa here of course, the groundsmen are quite strict about that. Needs a bit less vocal howling. Solid otherwise."

    @ryan_riot92: "I don’t really know what I didn’t see in this track when it first came out. This track is truly phenomenal! I may not have followed the whole Broduce 101 thing but I’m glad to know that something completely amazing came from it!"

    @eliminathan: "It's obvious Minhyun is the most practiced singer just by hearing them but that's because good king sis had years of being a flop to practice. Glad to see zaddy being successful for once. Other than Minhyun's singing, Harry Pote has good intros to his raps."

    @Squashua: "Ok this was a bop. I'm sorry for not watching the show fast enough to give this the time of day. LDN Noise-esque banger."


    @LA Hallucinations: "There are some points they have made.. Suddenly the Slice of Life is me."

    @Monkey0: "Perfectly manufactured pop song that serves us energy drink for your soul."

    @ThighHighs: "As I’ve been rating this song in a few separate rates this month, I expect it to begin to tire on me However, every time I listen to it I’m shocked by just how GOOD it is. That moment where the beat drops into the first chorus is EVERYTHING. The song has a really kinetic quality that helps it move from verse to chorus to rap break and back into a chorus seamlessly. The bit where everything drops out only for Kang Daniel to come busting back in with that “Awriiiight uh oh work ya body” is one of my favorite moments in pop from this year."

    @Slice of Life: "THIS WAS SOOOO ROBBED IN THE SO+Y 2017 RATE. Y'all should repent. That Ong-Minhyun-Sungwoon-Jaehwan chorus is literal perfection and could save lives. I love it so much. Let's not do this wrong here ok thank u."

    And now.. a word from our 11 givers:

    @karmarisma: "An unquestionable 1000/10 if possible for me. Possible one of the best and most successful boy group debuts ever. Wanna One managed nearly 1 million sales for their debut album, topped the digital charts multiple times, won double digit music awards and all the Rookie Awards with this monster of a single. And these achievements would be meaningless if it wasn't a good song but it was. Jaehwan's high notes, Daniel's 'uh uh work your body', Minhyun's piano playing and 'soft singing', Ong's hotness...there were TOO MANY MOMENTS. And I had the good fortune to see this live, and Wanna One performed the heck out of it, even on 2 hours of sleep. The Nation's Boy Group. We owe this to the one and only Pentagon's Hui for making this happen, and I only wish for him to produce something this incredible for his own group so they can see the light of success soon."

    @ThisIsRogue: "Another easy 10 for me. This is excellent, with fantastic production but I'm also partial to it because it's so heavily piano-driven. Reminds me of 90s piano-driven dance songs, which I love."

  17. I really can't be with mad with this result. I honestly expected this to not even bother the top 20 ddddddd.

    I'm okay with a three-way tie for the number 1 too.
  18. How do you think the Top 3 will unfold?

    With time, everything will be forgotten, as will you. That’s what’s really sad…

    Fine, in order to forget you, I will live like the flowers, that’s who I am

    Me likey, me likey likey likey, me likey likey likey
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  19. Truly, wisdom to guide us through even the darkest of times.
  20. In words of Ru Paul, 10s across the board, those were my top 3 pre-rate so I'm totally fine with whatever wins.
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