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  1. AND THAT MEANS.....

    01. Gashina
    Average: 9.630
    Highest Score:
    11 (@Empty Shoebox, @send photo, @BEST FICTION, @He), 10 (Sanctuary, @Serg., @ericcccc, @soratami, @Slice of Life, @ThighHighs, @eliminathan, @junglefish, @ThisIsRogue, @LA Hallucinations, @aaronhansome, @ohnostalgia)
    Lowest Score: 6.5 (@Gintoki), 7 (@karmarisma)

    Year-End Chart: #32
    Went #1: Week 35
    Total Sales: 1,190,389+​

    As what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, we finish the rate with no one other than 2017’s main star Sunmi coming in first and the phenomena that is Gashina taking the final title.

    Gashina is the only song in the rate to achieve a 9+ score and is almost a full point ahead of the #2 song.

    The song took on a life of its own, with the iconic gun motion choreo becoming a hit with many, and its wordplay in the title making the song more clever than some would give it credit for.

    yaaas @ A.C.E hunties 4 minutes in

    Sunmi has always had a rollercoaster-like career. Making her debut with Wonder Girls, she quickly achieved an astronomical rise to fame. Many were devastated in early 2010 that she announced she would be leaving the group out of homesickness due to the group’s America promotions and to pursue her education.

    With highs, though, also come lows. When Sunmi revealed in 2013 that she would pursue music again back with JYPE, some felt she had taken for granted the ability to go to university (many idols are often accused of using their celebrity to get into university and then not taking it seriously, wasting the opportunity, and earning the scorn of many Koreans and a culture that emphasizes discipline).

    Still, Sunmi can never be kept down. When she made her debut as a soloist, her dancing took center-stage, as it would go on to do throughout her career. The butt dance of 24 Hours quickly became viral.

    She would eventually go on to rejoin Wonder Girls five years after originally having left the group, and staying with them until the group’s eventual disbanding. And while it would have been easy to stick with JYPE, Sunmi took the risk and moved to a smaller company for her future solo releases. This ability to defy the odds is what makes the huge success of Gashina even more special.

    Even the low scorers couldn't curse such a beautiful woman:

    @Gintoki: “This is such a great song and video....but with one of the worst EDM drops ever…”

    @karmarisma “I think I overscored this a bit as well in the other rate; however, Sunmi's pronounciation at the start really bothers me. I can't question the chorus in any way though. Possible one of the most iconic things with the gun choreography.”

    @Monkey0: “Performance song of the year. It’s not all that musically though.”

    @ryan_riot92: “A trop bop done right. Killer choreography, killer vocals, and killer style.”

    *finger gun motion* GIVE SUNMI ALL THE TENS.

    @ericcccc: “I’m a bit conflicted. I find the production during the verses to be a bit shit but it really picks up during the chorus/drop.”

    @soratami: “Dua Lipa teas. Which is obviously something I'm here for.”

    @ThighHighs: “She is become Gashina, destroyer of bussies.”

    @ThisIsRogue: “I'm confident in saying that at this point, Sunmi will be the only female act to receive a 10 from me in this rate. This is too good and deserves all the praise it gets.”

    @Slice of Life: “A pop culture moment teebs. Everything about this is just iconic in the simplest definition of the word. If people came for the ~non-chorus~, I'm gonna scream. The said 'non-chorus' works so well. Also props to Teddy for producing such a fresh-sounding song.”

    @eliminathan: “Everything SunMidas touched turns to gold, and she wasn't even the best singer from Wonder girls. Why am I bopping so hard when she is missing all those notes live. Ha IMPACT.”

    And one of our FOUR 11 givers, @Empty Shoebox: “Where do you start with this? It's brilliant.”

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  2. Wow Lonely only got one 11(mine) I guess talent always loses.
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  3. A deserving winner.

    Thank you for hosting this @Sanctuary! It was a very enjoyable to both discover a lot of these songs and also to follow the rate. Looking forward to the 2018 edition!
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  4. Yay! I'm glad people enjoyed it ddd.

    The OP should be updated and I fixed any typos in the last two write-up's. Let me know if anything else you guys seen in the rate needs to be fixed or if there's any other issues.
  5. This rate was ICONIQQQ @Sanctuary thank you for your hard work, this was amazing idea, imagine how many songs we could've rated if we thought of this previous years.
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  6. Thank you so much for hosting @Sanctuary. You've been fabulous as always. Deserved winner, if a bit predictable.
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  7. Talent won. Can't wait for "Heroine" to win the 2018 rate (if it even went to #1 because I don't check these charts dddd).
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  8. [​IMG]
    iKon are also guaranteed probably a 4th week at #1. It could go on to become the longest #1 in Gaon history (which would be 6 weeks) dddd.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Well done to @Sanctuary, and our deserving winner, who presumably goes into the next winners rate.
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  11. I just noticed this one! So it is added (@Alouder98)!
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  12. ew @ S.Korea's taste

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  13. Rate cancelled for next year. Unless TWICE get 4 number one singles again.

    Great result, great rate, great job!
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  14. [​IMG]

    Great rate @Sanctuary.
  15. Thank you for hosting, @Sanctuary, you did an amazing job. Even though most of the songs on the list were just avarage to me, I still had a great time.
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Thanks @Sanctuary for giving me the chance to explore whether the Korean GP has better taste than Americans.
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  17. @Sanctuary amazing job, unnie! Thanks for putting this all together!
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  19. Me: existence is such a heavy, heavy burden. I don't know how to keep continuing on every day.
    Also me: 설렌다 ME LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY 두근두근두근 heart heart


    Good show btw @Sanctuary x
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