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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Dying at the thought of a new Garbage album.

    Favourite band, they haven't let me down yet.

    Love each of their albums equally pretty much.

    Can't wait to see what they do with this
  2. Me too. I adore NYKOP but I kind of hope they try a few new things this time around. Maybe not to the extent of BG, but I'd love them to stick an electro-production cattle prod up this album's arse.
  3. I think it will be a departure from NYKOP - I would love a BG style of departure, that album is absolutely amazing.

    They are in a position really where they can do whatever the hell they want though so... I'd like this album to have more slower, down tempo songs though, those to me are when Garbage truly shine.
  4. They've been at it a year already... now we're on the second year of production, (going by precedent) it now feels like it's coming soon!
  5. Haha well in that case we should have started this thread aeons ago! Colour me excited...!
  6. The insider info is: new album and tour early 2015 // 20th anniversary "activites" late 2015.
  7. Ooooh!!! - remastered re-releases for the anniversary please?!

    I hope they chuck some synths on the new album.
  8. I want grungy techno jazz covers for the next album.
  9. More Version 2.0 and less Bleed Like Me.
  10. 1. They had better release Pedals. I still haven't forgiven them for that
    2. Remasters of the first four albums will be appreciated (along with the b-sides of course)

    That apart, I'm really really REALLY excited that they're back in the studio! YAY!
  11. I don't want them to ever sound like Beautifulgarbage ever again. It makes me shudder, that album. I think Version 2.0 is a good template from which to follow.
  12. ...of course, their best album makes you shudder.

    *roll eyes*

  13. Version 2.0 was so 1998, wasn't it.
  14. I wish they'd collaborate with other producers, rather than making everything by themselves. Not Your Kind of People was very good, but unadventurous. I'd love them to work with Ariel Rechtshaid. Or even Greg Kurstin.
  15. Greg Kurstin would compliment them perfectly.

    Their debut and BeautifulGarbage remain my favourite.
  16. Ray


    PLEASE get someone else to master it. Not that terrible woman who did NYKOP. Just Say No.
  17. Thrilled. If we get another Not Your Kind of People I'd be completely okay with that, but I do have to wonder where the hell else they could possibly go, sound-wise. Short of completely re-inventing their sound or something.
  18. Oh god yes, agreed. I really hope they take all the complaints re: the ridiculous loudness of NYKOP on board and get someone else to do the mastering job. I also hope this somehow makes the cut as a finished song.
  19. I'd be interested in them trying this too, although they did that with Bleed Like Me and it all went nipples-to-the-sky and they ended up ditching all the material they recorded bar Bad Boyfriend (I think), and starting all over again.

    The thing is, as a long time Garbage fan I do want them to push the boundaries a bit, but I also want them to still sound like Garbage. Which is a touch rock-hard-place I guess.
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