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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. I tried slotting No Horses on to Strange Little Birds but I couldn't find a place to make it work. So I just added it on to the playlist I made of all the stand alone songs they released since they reformed.
    I wish they'd release FWY digitally though. I always feel like SLB is incomplete knowing that it's out there on vinyl but not on streaming or CD etc...
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  2. I only listen to first listen albums by queueing the album. Everything else just gets added to my general playlist.
  3. BeautiflGarbage and Bleed Like Me don’t quite have the consistency as the first two, so being the revisionist I am I make a good mash of the two and I haven’t changed it in years.

    Bad Boyfriend
    Why Do You Love Me
    Metal Heart
    Bleed Like Me
    Sex Is Not The Enemy
    Cherry Lips
    Breaking Up The Girl
    It’s All Over But The Crying
    Nobody Loves You
    Tell Me Where It Hurts (so underrated)

    It’s wildly strong and the true successor to V2, and that transition from Nobody Lives You to Tell Me Where It Hurts is just sploosh.
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  4. Where is "Run Baby Run," heathen
  5. Every time they tried to do it, one of their labels was put up for sale and all releases put on ice for around a year. The 1999 b-sides album had new remixes commissioned for it, and the band wrote Silence is Golden and Til The Day I Die for it, then their US label got closed and sold to UMG. There was another attempt at a B-sides compilation at the end of 2002, but then their UK label got closed and sold to Warner. There's also an entire beautifulgarbage live DVD sitting in the vaults, multiple camera options and everything.

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  6. The Chemicals is one of the best things they've done since reforming. Had it been on SLB I think it would have really strengthened the album.

    I like No Horses too, but it has an odd structure lacking a chorus, so whilst it does build up I don't think it ever really reaches a climax.
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  7. I definitely think The Chemicals should have been included on Strange Little Birds, agreed it would have added something extra special to that album. I can usually only make it up until We Never Tell until I get the urge to change the album.
    I know it's an unpopular opinion but I've always had a soft spot for Right Between the Eyes.
  8. I really like that we have such different opinions on their work.... Guess it's a testament to their complexity
    I really would like to love Parade but it sounds like a sub-par Version 2.0 single and all the nice 'production' tricks aren't enough to save it...:)
    I guess the only thing we can agree on is that Version 2.0 is perfect as it is!!!!!
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  9. As for similar groups.... I guess that would be like underestimating Shirley's uniqueness... Hahaha.... God I love that woman!!!!
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  10. I actually think Right Between The Eyes might be a fan favourite!

    As for Strange Little Birds, two of my favourite songs on there are So We Can Stay Alive and Teaching Little Fingers To Play, so I always make it passed We Never Tell! I do find the first half of the album a bit of a chore as there are too many slow songs in succession, plus I'm not fond of Empty. The album gets going at Even Though Our Love Is Doomed for me.
  11. This was the best thing to happen from Strange Little Birds:

  12. Yeah, Magnetized is great too. Should have been lead single if you ask me.
  13. And the video is brilliant!!
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  14. Empty, If I Lost You, Teaching Little Fingers and We Never Tell have entered my upper echelon of Garbage tracks, while Magnetized and So We Can Stay Alive are similarly fantastic. I much prefer Birds to Bleed and NYKOP now, while initially thinking it would be my least favorite Garbage album.
  15. Magnetized is definitely my favourite song from Strange Little Birds, such a moment.
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  16. Strange Little Birds was immediate for me whereas Not Your Kind Of People took many repeat listens before I grew to really enjoy it.
    I always listen to SLB during Autumn/Winter as it just has that mood for me, dark evenings, long nights etc. And as I said before, the mixing and mastering on NYKOP leaves alot to be desired. But it does have Sugar on it which is one of my favourite post-reform Garbage songs.
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  17. Yeah I also thought SLB was a great return to form.

    ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ is fantastic, but couldn’t get into anything else from that album. ‘Felt’ is pretty good, though.

    Whereas on SLB I adore ‘Sometimes,’ ‘If I Lost You,’ ‘Magnetized,’ and ‘We Never Tell,’ all of which give me more ‘Version 2.0’ vibes than anything else since...well...’Version 2.0!’
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  18. Automatic systematic habit is fantastic indeed.
    Didn't you like Blood for poppies at least? It's bloody brilliant indeed!!!
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  19. I think NYKOP is a pretty strong album. The only song I'm not fond of on the standard is Beloved Freak. Everything else is at least an enjoyable listen. Plus it has four amazing classic Garbage standouts in Automatic Systematic Habit, Blood For Poppies, I Hate Love and Battle In Me, with Sugar and the title track taking care of the great G ballads. Add to that the fact that three of the bonus tracks are fantastic (i.e. not Bright Tonight and Love Like Suicide), and I think it's actually a really strong set. Of course, Show Me should have closed the standard edition because it's utterly divine, but you can't have everything!
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  20. I never watched this episode of AHS Coven.
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