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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 312, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. I thought it was odd they've marked this a Day 1 when they've writing for it for a while.

    Either way, FUCK YES.
  2. Might be day 1 recording vocals? Day 1 of mixing?
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  3. I'm going with Day 1 in the recording studio on full production. They've been writing on and off since 2017, it's just that now they do the more traditional thing of entering studio with songs composed, rather than book out the top floor of their own studio for 12 months and start from scratch - like they did on the first four records.
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  4. Justin Meldal Johnsen was in studio this week doing his bass parts. Going on precedent, that means they're on the last few weeks of recording before mixing and mastering. Gotta get it done before the Alanis tour.

    Also DuBlonde was in studio with them last week, so assumptions that there's a Record Store Day release happening (although it feels a little up against deadline to get a RSD vinyl pressed in time)

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  5. Are they doing a duet with Du Blonde? That would be amazing!
  6. Urgh I saw Du Blonde open for them on the last tour and she was CRAPOLA.
  7. I’ve never seen her live so I can’t comment on that, but I love both of her albums.
    What was wrong with her performance?
  8. It was dull and uninteresting. She was also quite annoying. walked out and stage and the first thing we said was “I forgot to take my anxiety medication today”.
  9. I dunno, I quite enjoyed Du Blonde and found myself singing along to their songs after the second show out of the four I saw. They were in the crowd behind me in London during the Sleeper set and I didn't get a chance to say hi, thought I'd manage it in Dunfermline but they left the venue for their next gig before the end of the Garbage set.
  10. I only caught the show in Leeds on that tour (first time in Leeds since 96!), sans Butch, and I didn’t think highly of Du Blonde. Especially Estrons were so good on the 20 Years Paranoid tour
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  11. Du Blonde is great but k
  12. If anyone is crawling the walls, over the last few years I've been scanning in hundreds of Garbage articles. Happy to give a fan something to do while twiddling their thumbs on isolation.

  13. Nice. Thanks for this!
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  14. PS If anyone has any interviews that I'm missing and fancies scanning them in and sending them on to me I'd be grateful. (PDF format, or in JPEG's which I can convert later are great)
  15. Are her old diaries available?
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  17. Thanks so much
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  18. Dunno if anyone's ever posted this, but this is an unreleased remix by Girls Against Boys bassist Eli Janney that was done for the cancelled Version 2.0 B-sides and remix album. He also did a stellar remix of Cherry Lips that was released a few years later.

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  19. And an unreleased remix of Breaking Up The Girl by Jimmy from the KLF
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