Garbage - No Gods No Masters

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WOW that was fast! I'm not complaining because more Garbage is NEVER a bad thing! I hope we get a classic Garbage sound or something new and not just a bunch of Strange Little Birds B-sides.
Damn that was quick. So excited. I bought all the remastered albums earlier this year and really fell back in love with them all over again. And the last album was pretty great. 'Empty' ended up becoming one of my favorite songs by them ever.

OT: Do you have plans for a new album, or are you staying focused on the tour and still enjoying the success of 2016’s Strange Little Birds?

SM: We had a week session about a month ago where we came up with a nucleus of about five new songs, and our hope is that we get to release one of those songs to come out in tandem with the Rage and Rapture tour because we feel it would be just great to have a new piece of music out at the same time as this momentous occasion.

OT: Can you tell me a little bit about the song you plan to release?

SM: It’s actually a vision into the future. [Laughs] It’s a dystopian tragedy. [Laughs harder] It has all the elements that you would expect from us, but it’s more of a piece rather than a pop song. It’s an imagining into a dystopian future and what that would mean for us all. [Laughs] It’s dark. Let’s leave it at that.{/quote]
Butch has said he's been going through the V2.0 archives, and Billy Bush has tweeted about working with ProTools to safely open sessions saved back on the software in 1997. I'd be VERY surprised if nothing comes from that, even though it's not likely to appear before May 2018.

The tour, they discussed at the Q+A in London last year - they have deliberately not played many V2.0 songs this last tour because they are saving them for a Version 2.0 anniversary tour.
I WOULD DIE to see a Version 2.0 anniversary tour.

Cause I'm such an obsessive, I even calculated that playing EVERY V2.0 track, b-side, plus The World Is Not Enough, Supernatural (their cover song from that tour), PLUS two bonus other-era tracks, would still clock in at 90 mins, leaving plenty of time for Shirley chat onstage. The 20 Years Queer shows were all two hours long, and Shirley took time to talk about every b-side, as well as a few other extended monologues throughout.
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