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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Oh it’s brilliant!!
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  2. Love it. A cracking return.
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  3. Love it.
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  4. ITS SO GOOD !!!
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  6. Add me to the chorus of approval. So Garbage, yet so fresh.
  7. I LOVE IT! Kinda reminds me of Shut Your Mouth which I consider a classic. This might be my favorite lead single first listen since Why Do You Love Me. I thought I'd be disappointed with an animated video but I actually think it's kinda a serve too. Super pumped for this album!
  8. Vinyl bundles sold out? I only got the email 30 minutes ago and they're already all gone.
  9. Hmm. It tangibly gets better (or rather, the individual elements all work better together) as it goes on but it feels slightly on the nose without enough hooks to sell me on it. I mean... I’m a Man’s World - MARINA truther to a degree because she can make me buy what she’s selling, however hokey. Hopefully it fits onto the album a little better than it plays in isolation.

    I want it to be Automatic Systematic Habit but it’s not. Probably my issue.
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  10. The deluxe edition is coming out on pink vinyl with alternate artwork for Record Store Day on June 12th - get that first week coin and chart debut BMG

    It's the signed print. They've all gone so the bundles automatically go out of stock until they readd them without the print/repriced.
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  11. Do you mean it’ll have an alternative cover or inside art? They might do the inverse of green/pink.
  12. I just saw there was a signed print available to purchase on its own? It was not there when the store went live... Anyways, the green vinyl is sold out but the white one is still there...
  13. I'll bet you any money they use that Spotify playlist cover with the shit G logo. The lime one.
  14. The green vinyl is available on Amazon and HMV, it looks like it's the standard version, I'm surprised the white one is still available on the store since it's the 'Limited Edition' pressing, which is also on HMV. I'll definitely be getting that pink RSD pressing, I've just listened to the bonus tracks in the approved order and it's a strong listen in itself, in fact, it clears to see where they were headed with this album in these tracks, almost like a prequel to where they are now and the world.

    Regarding The Men Who Rule the World, I wasn't too sure on first listen, it sounded clunky lyrically, production-wise and took a while to get going, but the last 40 seconds won me over, and by the third listen I'm here for this song and I do get those Shut Your Mouth vibes in the production.
  15. Better than the official album art.
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  16. I went for the green vinyl + deluxe CD + signed print bundle earlier. Glad I got one before they sold out now!
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  17. ugh, the green vinyl already sold out.

    ugh, I don't really like the new song... hopefully it's a grower.
    I'll just keep streaming the amazing new Toni Halliday EP instead.
  18. This is a grower, but I'm so happy to hear them right now. Still my very favorite band to ever exist and they are still cracking! Going through my Garbage favorites as we speak!

    The ending SLAPS.
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  19. The green is available on Amazon and HMV.
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