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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Yes, I didn’t think they were that good a match with Blondie because Blondie was from an earlier era.
    Also how does Tears for Fears get to headline? They were never that big in the US with only a few hits. Garbage has more hits and more albums. They are playing many of the same venues they played with Alanis. I can’t see Tears for Fears being a big enough draw to sell out those venues.
  2. Pairing with Blondie made sense though because they are both legendary and influential female fronted rock bands.
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  3. Maybe in theory. But I went to a show and the Blondie fans weren’t into Garbage. I don’t think bands should be matched just based on the gender of the singer. Alanis at least on her first album had much more in common musically and lyrically with Garbage plus they came out at the same time.
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  4. Why can’t they tour with a more current band? Why does it always have to be a nostalgia thing? Touring with Chvrches would be great.
  5. Tears for Fears are actually really big, probably much bigger than people realise. Their back catalogue has aged like fine wine and benefitted from being featured in movies and game soundtracks over the past few decades, plus some of the best 80s pop songs to come out of that decade.
    But yeah it's an odd pairing, wonder why they can't just do their own tour?
  6. I wonder if Garbage will do a longer set since the tour only has 2 acts instead of 3.
  7. I also like both bands but mood-wise I wouldn't fancy seeing them one after the other. It's like having Courtney Love open for Spandau Ballet.

    I also find it a bit sad that either Garbage or their management clearly sees them as a heritage act that should be packaged with other heritage acts: they have never stopped releasing great music. Something like Churches would be a great idea, as @Coolrockgirl said.
  8. I think the American venues that Garbage normally sell are already booked with rescheduled shows or the venues have went out of business since the start of the pandemic. Garbage are headline mostly 1-2,000 seat indoor venues in North America, with bigger crowds in the big alt rock city markets. Some of the promoters at the "working band" level might not be in the best financial position to risk tour margins with a booking going south. It's probably just less hassle to hitch themselves onto an outdoor ampitheater tour that someone else is taking the financial hit on if there's any changes later.
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  9. How did Courtney go down as support for Lana back in 2015? That would a great gig for Garbage to get a support slot on - a demographic and age-range that would really boost their streaming numbers and pop cultural imprint.
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  10. I don’t mind them touring with Tears for Fears, but I don’t like the shorter sets with mostly obvious hit singles. Since this has only 2 acts instead of 3, I would hope they could do a longer set with a few more tracks from No Gods, No Masters and rare older tracks.
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  11. That would be great. Lana is a newer artist but her style of music does appeal to older people as well.
    Garbage is a bit different than Courtney in that they have more atmospheric ballads such as Cup of Coffee.
  12. Funnily enough, I was originally going to say "that's the weirdest pairing since Courtney Love opened for Lana del Rey", but actually that worked quite well, as Courtney's voice wasn't in full throttle and a lot of the songs were more acoustic in style. It wasn't like a Hole show. Plus they have a certain percentage of shared fanbase and constantly praise each other in the press, so I don't think one audience was entirely closed to the other...
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  13. It was more about the similar legacy but ok.

    Also, Alanis’ first album was pure pop, Jagged Little Pill is Alanis’ third album.
  14. I meant the first album released in the US that I heard. Sorry for the error.
    What do you mean by similiar legacy? Blondie is quite a bit less rock than Garbage with disco and reggae influenced songs.
  15. Yes there was a connection in that way so it seemed more organic. I don’t believe Garbage has ever mentioned Tears for Fears or vice versa.
  16. Blondie is and very much is considered a rock band in music history, despite the odd song like “The Tide Is High” and “Heart Of Glass”. Garbage might hit harder but Blondie are a band from the 70s, the rock music of the 90s was deliberately harder than the previous decades.

    Besides, Garbage also do the genre dabbling and have proudly taken inspiration from other genres (with full disclosure) like pop with “When I Grow Up” and “Cherry Lips” on Version 2.0 and beautifulGarbage.
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  17. To me Garbage has always seemed more personal. confessional and honest in their lyrics which is why I enjoy them more than Blondie.
    But my point was no matter the theoretical similarities between them, I don’t think it worked as far as the fan bases blending. It worked much better with Alanis.
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  18. No two artists have the exact same fanbase. I think Garbage and Blondie had plenty of overlap? I love Garbage and like the albums I know of Blondie, but if I was gonna go to that tour I'd definitely invest the effort into getting to know Blondie better.

    Chvrches would work amazingly well. But in general co-headlining tours suck.
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  19. If they toured with a male band, I would prefer Duran Duran. At least they blend rock and electronics.
  20. I guess not! Seeing as how people who went apparently said the majority of the Blondie crowd weren’t really here for them, which I found surprising. Regarding the lyrics, you’re not wrong at all. Garbage have such a vulnerability that’s enviable as a songwriter. There’s not a bad record or b-side to their name!

    But them opening for Tears For Fears?! Are they okay?
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