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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. I personally know and like Blondie. I think it was more the opposite. A lot of the Blondie fans didn’t investigate the music of Garbage. Sadly there are some fans of older bands that aren’t interested in learning about newer bands.
  2. On the UK tour Alison Moyet is opening for Tears for Fears. That makes a lot more sense.
  3. Weirdly I don’t see Garbage promoting this on their social media, just Tears for Fears.
  4. I think the percentage of Garbage fans who'd appreciate a Blondie concert is bigger than the other way round. What Garbage really need to do if they are going to play the support game is hitch themselves to a headliner who have a more significant overlap of fans from the same era. A Hole/Garbage co-headliner would be a fucking surefire co-headliner, even though Garbage sales wise are technically the bigger band, it wouldn't really be seen as a step down, cause Courtney is Courtney.

    Yes, I'm aware just getting Hole onstage again is a whole other conversation.
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  5. This might’ve been more of the boys in the band choice. It does seem odd though I can imagine Shirley is rearing to play full sets and unleash the new album in full.
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  6. Agree with the heritage rock complaints. Put them on a tour with Beabadoobee or The Marias (with the young band opening obv) and let the Gen Z Garbage discovery period commence. They already have been gaining some younger fans via the recent soundtrack work, and their team should be leaning into this more.
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  7. I was at the Blondie/Garbage show and it was literally a mainly boomer audience who sort of bopped around for Garbage but not really. I felt like I was hanging around with my parents’ friends and it sucked (but the show itself was great!).
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  8. Garbage / Skunk Anansie / Republica
  9. Do they currently have any other shows announced for 2022 besides the Tears For Fears tour?
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  10. Nothing, but the Tears for Fears dates don't clash with the rescheduled Blondie dates, so that implies that there's April-early May shows somewhere that are not yet announced.
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  11. I would think their taste is more rock oriented. I can’t see them sitting around and listening to Tears for Fears. Butch Vig is a very successful producer. Doubt he needs the money.
  12. I can’t make heads of it at all.

    Edit: I don’t think they’re driven by money whatsoever but being out of action for so long with Covid and it might be something to do with the new label.
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  13. Garbage could also tour with Prodigy, Placebo, or The Cardigans. All different, but were around during Britpop and were embraced by that audience.
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  14. Also odd because Shirley has often railed against the idea of being a heritage act herself and gets upset they aren’t invited to the “cool” festivals (I assume Coachella or Primavera etc — to which I agree especially given the warm critical reception the band is receiving again.) Another thought I’ve had upon hearing this TFF news is wondering if Garbage forgets that their fans, for the most part, are significantly younger than they themselves are (most being under 40) and certainly younger than the OLDER bands they themselves are touring with, and those bands’ fans. They are kind of leaving themselves, and their fans, in limbo with some of these pairings. It would be smarter, IMO, to pair up with a band like The Kills or something (who kind of transcends era themselves) or some of the many newer rock bands out there who are influenced by Garbage and would love to play with them. They deserve to be on a pedestal, not a support slot.
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  15. I actually think the perfect pairing for Garbage would be Placebo, they go hand in hand. But then again they don’t really have a US audience if that’s the reasoning behind this tour.
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  16. It’s probably because a lot of those newer bands influenced by Garbage don’t have huge hits repeatedly played on the radio that they think would draw a large audience.
  17. I don’t know if BMG has the power to tell them who to tour with. They haven’t exactly been out of action since they did the summer tour with Alanis. It would be naive to think they aren’t partially driven by money. Almost every band is.
  18. We don’t like it because we are all big Garbage fans and want them to do a solo headlining tour. But I went to another general music forum and people seemed very excited about it and thought it was a great bill.
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  19. Thanks for the heads up! Snagged the tour shirt.
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