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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Just listening to this album again today and mourning the lost joint tour with Blondie. However I hope this means they'll come back to the UK and play this triumph of an album in full.
  2. They are doing a few solo headlining dates in the US but sadly none near me.

  3. Traveling to Niagara Falls right before July 4th… do I really need to see them that badly.
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  4. The dates are in odd locations. Not in major markets. The closest to me is Richmond.
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  5. The terms of the Tears For Fears and Alanis tours probably prohibit them from playing the major cities so close to both runs.
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  7. Uploaded for the first time in video form yesterday. This was one of the first things I downloaded in mp3 from Audiogalaxy back in early 2001 and I hammered it that entire summer.
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  8. Where's the fricking UK dates?!!!
  9. Nothing 'til next year.
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  10. Was the recent studio sessions for something to come out to coincide with TFF tour or something bigger?
  11. The hair could easily be from V2.0 days! They sound like they're on fire as always...
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  12. Definitely. Love her with the shorter hair.
  13. Honestly.... I hate the fact that there is no chance for us in Europe to see them... They are spoiling the US fans, and I am not so sure they even deserve it,
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