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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Next year for Europe.
  3. Shirley with Venus Williams! Venus is a Garbage fan! She loves Strange Little Birds!

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  5. C’mon European dates!!!
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  6. They said 2023
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  7. I’m willing the official announcement into reality…
  8. Why is it they don’t do a more extensive headlining tour, but instead do these joint package tours? I would think they are a big enough name with enough hits to sustain a headlining tour? Tori Amos for example just finished an extensive headlining tour of the US.
  9. Tell the promoters that. Garbage never made it beyond headlining theater-size shows in the USA. They've played the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on every single tour they've done. In the UK the last major tour was a mix of 5,000 (Brixton Academy) down to an 1000 capacity student union.

    Also, in June 2022, the entire tour circuit is jam packed with delayed 2020/2021 rescheduled tour dates and there's only so much venues, tour crews, tour equipment and so on to go around. As well as ticket holders. And that's before you get into logistics and tour insurance in case of a COVID outbreak among the artists/crew.
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  10. Why can’t they continue playing theatres the size of the 9:30 club? I never thought they were a band that was that money driven. They don’t have a huge number of backing musicians, dancers or big production.
    As far as Covid, they started the package tour thing with Blondie before Covid happened. So I don’t think it is totally driven by that.
    I think it’s a bit short sighted. These package tours where they do very predictable set lists of obvious hits and which are very expensive are making me lose interest in them as a fan. I know they are doing a few headline shows, but none are near me unfortunately.
    I did attend the US tour with Blondie, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as their headline shows. I skipped the Alanis and Tears for Fears ones. Aren’t they afraid this strategy will alienate their core fan base?
  11. The tour still has to pay for itself, and all it takes is a couple of cancellations and non-sell-outs to fall into tour debt, especially at the theater level, even with a bare bones production and slimmed down crew. It's very likely that they just can't get booked by enough promoters right now to break even, so a support slot on a bigger acts tour is an option on the table when the big festivals aren't booking you either.
  12. I find it hard to believe a band with such a high profile singer in the media such as Shirley and the number of hits they have couldn’t get booked by enough promoters to break even. Especially when other bands and artists from the same time period manage to do headlining tours.
    I think they just like performing before bigger audiences and making more money, which is their right I guess, but I thought they were less money and career driven than other artists but I guess not.
  13. I think you're overthinking this. It's just some support gigs before getting going again with their own shows next year. They supported some big acts when they were at their commercial peak as well - Garbage opened for Alanis, No Doubt and U2 in arenas and then within months played their own headline shows with a fifth of the audience capacity.
  14. Are they going to go out on their own again? It’s been 3 package tours in a row, Blondie, Alanis and now Tears for Fears. It’s not as though they just did one supporting tour. Way more than just some support gigs. Honestly I’m starting to give up hope they will ever do an extensive headlining tour again. When did they say they would do their own headlining tour next year?
  15. Blondie was five years ago. They did their own tours in 2018/2019. Alanis was last year rescheduled from 2020 and this year TFF with some additional Alanis dates that synced up. Their own tour is planned for next year, they were telling everyone last night they'd be on the road in 2023 and there was a recent social media post saying this, although it's likely that they had some headline touring pencilled in for earlier this year but fell through at some point after the Blondie shows from last year got rescheduled.

    I wouldn't even describe the Alanis and Tears for Fears gigs as package tours, they're just support slots that their touring agents have negotiated a "+ Special Guest" credit for. The Blondie tours, I would agree were marketed as a package, but ultimately turned out to be a Blondie tour.
  16. I guess. It just seems like forever that they’ve down a headlining tour with rarer tracks and more new material. Whether you call it a package or not they do a shorter set with mostly obvious big hits. It just seems odd to not do a headlining tour to highlight the new album while it’s fresh in people’s minds. The way it has been handled is a massive turn off to me as a fan.
  17. More general discussion but speaking of Bleed Like Me, I would love a tour + box set. We have a few more years until the anniversary but it’s so consistent. I was excited to see Metal Heart in their recent set. The remastered version sounds huge.
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  18. I love Bleed like me and I'd love if it gets the anniversary treatment. We'll see as it's their curse album.
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