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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know why The World Is Not Enough isn’t on streaming? Or at least Apple Music?
  2. The band hate it, don't they?
  3. Nah, they hate the weird orchestral remixed version on the movie titles, which is not the version they co-produced with David Arnold, and released as a single (and is the version on the music video and the Absolute Garbage CD/digital). It's on the setlist they are performing live on tour right now, the fourth tour that they've been playing it on since they reformed.

    It's because Absolute Garbage dropped off streaming last year and BMG hasn't uploaded a new version. You can't stream "Tell Me Where it Hurts" or the 2007 remix of "It's All Over But the Crying" either. It's still online in North America because the rights there have always been held by Universal Music; same for Australia/New Zealand with the label there. Everywhere else, Warner's master rights for their major label backcat reverted to Stunvolume in 2012, but they've let Absolute Garbage lapse during the transfer of the digital albums distribution from Stunvolume to BMG at the start of 2021.

    A bit of a clusterfuck to happen in a year that a new James Bond movie was out - it's probably cost them several million streams and some digital sales. Before it fell off "The World Is Not Enough" was their fourth highest streamed track on Spotify - sitting at 17,000,000 streams but now "#1 Crush" and "Cherry Lips" have overtaken and passed the 20 million mark in that time.
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  4. New to this tour: "Godhead" and "Can't Cry These Tears"

  5. Love it!

    I hope they do Flipping The Bird at some point, an anthem for any generation.
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  6. I doubt that's the reference to the band Placebo?
  7. Garbage are performing the #60YearsofBond concert in London in October!

    Also, handily a perfect opportunity for some labels to get their finger out and get the song back online, either by reuploading Absolute Garbage or by upping the original single.

    (Feel free to reply, RT or Quote Tweet this to get some noise made)
  8. Oh wow, I've always wanted to hear Can't Cry These Tears live ! Amazing.
  9. They were one of my musical blind spots so out of the blue I decided to give their discography a listen... with barely any breaks. I don't usually do this as I like to take my time when I get into a band but I just couldn't stop this time. I mean, they already had me at "Supervixen" with its shoegaze-y wall of sound! How have I been living without these bops in my life?

    As you can tell, I've liked all of their work so far but I really loved beautifulgarbage.

    I was totally unfamiliar with them, having only a vague memory of the Why Do You Love Me music video and TV ads that I've seen back in the day, so I went in with no preconception. It means all the non-rock influences that pop up in their music were a pleasant surprise. At times, I was loosely reminded of Curve, a band I was obsessed with a couple years ago, thanks to the blend of rock, electronic, industrial, and trip-hop. I'm so happy to have found something else in that realm! Also, Shirley's voice... I have no words. There's an edge to it that perfectly suits rock music, but she can also mold it in so many other ways depending on what the song's style or part calls for. The range!

    It's getting late so I'm saving their newest album for tomorrow but what a blessed day, having found a new band to be obsessed with!
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  10. New collection out Oct 28.
    Garbage - Anthology.
    1. Vow
    2. Subhuman
    3. Only Happy When It Rains
    4. Queer
    5. Stupid Girl
    6. Milk
    7. #1 Crush
    8. Push It
    9. I Think I'm Paranoid
    10. Special
    11. When I Grow Up
    12. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
    13. You Look So Fine (Single Version)
    14. The World Is Not Enough
    15. Androgyny
    16. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
    17. Breaking Up the Girl
    18. Shut Your Mouth

    1. Why Do You Love Me
    2. Bleed Like Me
    3. Sex Is Not The Enemy
    4. Run Baby Run
    5. Tell Me Where It Hurts
    6. Witness To Your Love
    7. Blood For Poppies
    8. Battle In Me
    9. Automatic Systematic Habit
    10. Big Bright World
    11. Control
    12. Empty
    13. Magnetized
    14. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
    15. No Horses
    16. The Men Who Rule The World
    17. No Gods No Masters

    All tracks are 2022 remastered (another remastering? Another Garbage collection? ). It looks like no new tracks included.
  11. They’re so fucking underrated.
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  12. Yellow Vinyl too!

    To be fair, it's been 15 years since their last greatest hits, that's a reasonable amount of time (I'm not counting The Absolute Collection because that was a local market release for Australia and New Zealand) and a few of those 2010s singles *really* need a remaster to bring down the brickwalling.

    Nice to finally get "Witness to Your Love" on a Garbage release after all these years. And the radio edit of "You Look So Fine".

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  13. Just look at all those singles! What a fabulous collection. I wish they'd included a few unreleased/new songs on it - but it's nice to see Witness To Your Love being included officially. I feel like an "Anthology" collection should have been a 3-disc affair:
    Disc one - singles from the first two albums + Kick My Ass
    Disc two - singles from the third and fourth albums + Witness + unreleased songs from the Bleed sessions
    Disc three - RSD singles + singles from the fifth and sixth albums
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  14. They handily all came out on the bonus CD on last year's album release. I think it would be taking the piss to use disc space up on them all a year later?
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  15. True, but I did say that it should have been a 3CD affair because they were "singles" in some way. It would make the anthology complete, in a way.
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