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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. It's a bit of a shame to only include two tracks from the last album. Not even Wolves, which is the single they promoted the most if I recall correctly.
  2. I know it would cost a fortune, but I do wish when artists release greatest hits on vinyl they’d have an option that includes all the songs. Just make it a three vinyl package and I’ll be more than happy.
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  3. Well what a pleasant surprise this is! I too hope that the Not Your Kind Of People singles have been mastered properly. It's my least listened to Garbage album for that fact alone.

    The last album definitely deserves more but what a great singles band they are and what a great set this is..
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  4. All tracks are "2022 remastered"... they should have done it properly
  5. Granted most of them are going to be the album versions so they’re all technically a waste of space.

    “Magnetized” and “Even Though Our Love Is Doomed” making it in while not even being singles is a bit of a ”huh?”.
  6. Magnetized was!
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  7. Oh! It wasn’t listed as a single on their Wikipedia.
  8. Magnetized is still incredible and Strange Little Birds as a whole remains underrated.
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  9. Moight give this a purchase X
  10. Will scoop this up for Witness alone, but wish it included Betcha.
  11. Wasn't there only ONE remix? The UNKLE remix? What other ones were there?
  12. The special edition of Absolute Garbage included 13 remixes... They could have added rarities and some remixes that didn't make AG special edition or they were not included in the 1st and 2nd album CD reissues
  13. Wait, what’s the story with “Witness To Your Love”? I just heard it and it just makes me feel like it’s something from a post-beautifulGarbage / pre-Bleed Like Me era but it’s from some charity compilation in 2008? Whaaaa?
  14. The Chilled Out remix was on the promos, and was the single version in America. That's a remix by Garbage.

    There's also a more electro-rock version by Garbage that was never released, there's "Bonus Beats" mix by UNKLE that was on one of their DJ set releases and there's a remix by Rickidy Raw (produced All Saint's "Never Ever" and remixed "Special") that wasn't released.

    And then there's that awful orchestral mix from the actual movie titles that the band despise.
  15. Was it? I’d never heard it before and I do remember the song being played on the radio and it being the standard.
  16. I need a US pre-order for Anthology!
  17. Very excited about this news, the 2CD tracklist looks amazing, but yes I have to agree the last album is not represented well, very this is intentional?
    Obviously I would want a 3/4LP set containing to full tracklist.
    I’ve never heard Witness To Your Love, so I’ll be treating that as the new song.
  18. These are a bit contentious, because "Doomed" was a digital/buzz single released before the album technically. "Magnetized" is a cancelled single, the video was made and released and then they discovered that PIAS hadn't actually made the vinyl that was supposed to go with it.

    Quite a few fans on the Garbage facebook groups have a bee in their bonnet over "Wolves" not being on there - I can get over "Wolves" not being on it. Personally, I don't really need three or four songs from an album I bought only a year ago, and the general public isn't going to buy this album because "Wolves" is or isn't on it. They be looking at CD1.

    They gotta leave something for the Bleed Like Me 20th, I guess. There's not much extraneous from that era, even if you shore it up with the 2007 stuff. I think "Witness to Your Love" just was in Shirley's consciousness because of this book interview:

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  19. Hopefully they do include the Absolute Garbage tracks on Bleed Like Me anniversary box set to warrant the G-Side disc, overwise it'd be slim pickings, unless demos are included.

    Also, Wolves has a radio edit that is yet to feature on a physical release, so this would have been a nice inclusion. Other than that, I'm happy.
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  20. Is Control the radio mix on this release? From what I know it's quite a rare one.
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