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Garbage - No Gods No Masters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. That's Anthology updated in BMG regions with the correct mixes and masters, although it seems that they've also left the incorrect one up as well. Aus and NZ presumably to follow when Liberator Music pull their finger out.

    Also, Kelly Clarkson slayed "Only Happy" today

  2. Great that they’ve finally uploaded the correct version. The remastering is most apparent on the Bleed Like Me tracks I think, the vocals are coming through much clearer and there’s more of a dynamic range. I can’t really tell a difference with the Not Your Kind of People tracks which is a shame as they were the most “brickwalled” ones on the original 2012 album release. Not sure if these have actually been remastered?
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  3. They have, my ears can't deal with the drop out bits of "Battle In Me" and I can listen to this version just fine.
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  4. Agreed the vocals in Battle In Me don't get drowned out in the mix anymore.
  5. Same with "Control" and you can hear the stems of "Automatic Systematic Habit" clearer, there's a funk bassline on the chorus that's almost imperceptible on the original.

    I really, really wish that if we ever get a Not Your Kind of People re-release there's an alternate/rough mix of "Blood for Poppies" closer to the live arrangement, especially on the ending which sound so anthemic.

    I've also got quite a soft spot for the 2019 stoppy starty live version
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  6. The wide left-to-right panning guitar sound in "Breaking Up the Girl" is present again in the 2022 remaster after being almost inaudible on the 2021 remaster, otherwise I think the other three beautifulgarbage singles are pretty close to last years release; and I can't really tell with the two No Gods No Masters singles, but I imagine all Heba has done has made the volume consistent with the rest of the compilation since she did the original master of those. "No Horses" is remastered, and you can tell - when it was re-released on the bonus CD last year they used the 2017 master.
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