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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. These days people can find deleted tweets anyway, but yes. It seems like he genuinely hadn’t even realised those tweets were there.
  2. I deleted all my tweets the other day. Well a good few year's worth. It's possible to do all.
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  3. An update on this for anyone following along, there was a lot of commentary in the news about this particular bill yesterday. Kevin Andrews, in trying to defend religious freedoms said that it was OK for a Jewish baker to deny service to an Islamic wedding, or vice versa, based on beliefs of religion or conscience . The bigotry defies logic.

    Doesn't matter though because this awful bill has been abandoned by the Senator who drafted it.
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  4. I hid the fact that I do drag from my mother-in-law even though I was living in her house when I started it (and continued to do so for 18 months kii) but I came out to her and invited her to a show about a year ago now. She has been at every one of my shows since then and is my biggest fan now.

    The only thing is sometimes she calls me by my boy name because that's what she's been calling me for 14 years (and she's not really used to the whole 'drag name' thing) but I've told her now that she doesn't have to use my drag name at all, as long as she doesn't call me my boy name while I'm in drag. I've told her just to talk directly to me or poke me in the arm if she needs to get my attention.
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  5. I know him. He waved at me in Tesco the other day.

    Real shame about the job.
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  6. He's now been fired.
  7. K94


    Just get rid of all the major gay publications and start over tbh. His tweets were abhorrent and if he had turned a new leaf, he should have known to clear his Twitter too. However, it's quite something how certain gays are suddenly militant activists in light of this situation, but when their favourite twitter gay with abs says something like "why are there so many letters?? I hate identity politics!!!11", they'll be quiet.

    Also, from what I've seen on Twitter, Patrick Strudwick is in no position to throw stones.
  8. When you've accidentally mispronoun your coworker TWICE who's literally the coolest, nicest, woman.....


    Literally mortified.
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  9. I've done this (accidentally obviously) a couple times with a coworker who identifies as nonbinary and uses "they/them" pronouns, and they were nothing but kind. I think most people are understanding!
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  10. Yeah, he acts like a bit of a dick.
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  11. He's ex-Gay Times himself, which is interesting.
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  12. I thought you said mispronounce, as in got her name wrong. From my experience, as long as there's no malice behind it most people are understanding. Unless you keep doing it obviously which I'm sure you won't.
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  13. This guy messaged me through my site a while back - "I'm gay and love slasher movies too" etc - and we've chatted back and forth for a while.

    After we ran out of ways to argue over which Halloween sequel is the worst, he told me this week that his boyfriend is a dom who makes him stay home and wear nappies 24/7 (he's unemployed), which the b/f changes for him when he comes home, so this guy - late-20s - has to sit around all day and is forbidden to go to the bathroom. He says it's consensual, but also said he got really upset by the stack of adult-diapers in their home, almost a year's worth. I told him he's entitled to change his mind but I don't know if I can/should do anything more?
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  14. If it's consensual CAN you do anything? That sounds quite unhealthy (hygienically I mean, I'm not judging his choices) but if he's not into it any more then he needs to get out.
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  15. The hygiene part is pretty much what I said. I didn't think too much of it (bar 'eww') until he mentioned his emotional responses, and I'm not sure if it's a cry for help of some kind. From a complete stranger. Who blogs about shit horror movies.
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  16. That makes me very sad. And no that is not hygienic in the least to be sitting around all day in your own filth. If it's so consensual, he should be able to talk to the guy about not wanting to do it anymore.
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  17. What I find odd is its the stack of nappies that is upsetting him?

    If its consensual, where's the problem? Are you sure they're not just trolling you?
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  18. Because he's agreed to go with the boyfriend's wishes, and resigning himself to a year wearing them freaked him out. If he's genuinely consenting I agree, no problem.
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  19. That is no way to live your life. Consensual dom/sub control stuff is obviously fine in sex but not for everyday life. Controlling someone to that degree seems like emotional abuse to me.
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  20. I would argue it’s even crossed the line into physical abuse. You don’t just up and control someone’s ability to eliminate waste all day.
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