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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. He


    I think there is a discussion to be had there on consensus and when it crosses a line; which seems it might be the case here. I agree that out of bed, this type of relationship is incredibly problematic.

    But beyond the hygiene part, there is a serious risk of damaging your anal sphincter permanently.
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  2. My gut feeling is that he's into it more than he lets on but is perhaps too embarrassed to admit it.
  3. That is a toxic environment for anyone to be living in - both literally and figuratively.
  4. How did they meet? Presumably a fetish website? and surely they talked it out before going ahead with anything in that case?
  5. I don't think any of that matters though and the point is that he should be able to stop at any point. Dom/sub relationships don't mean the dom gets to literally own the sub.
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  6. It really depends on your own boundaries, there are plenty of people who are totally into that ownership kind of relationship. Of course, anyone should be completely free to speak up when they're not comfortable with something.
  7. Which is fine, until they aren't.
  8. Which is what I said in the part of my post you decided to chop off in your quote.
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  9. I just didn't understand your post. Like, sure plenty of people are into that kind of relationship, but it's clear (or somewhat clear) that the guy has major concerns, and it doesn't matter in the least that they talked about it beforehand.

    But we're on the same page here! I just don't think it's relevant at all that they had a conversation beforehand. Because even if they had, so what.

    (But again, I think we're all on the same side with this.)
  10. The real mess is... how do people even find this diaper shit sexy in the first place? I can even understand how someone might get off on blood and mutilation, but... diapers? That leakage, that point-blank period. Sigh.
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  11. BYE
  12. I love @Raisin Hell. Also please give us an update in the Relationships thread if you see this xx
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  13. I'm sorry but that is all kinds of fucked up. I would alert the local authorities as a matter of precaution, so they can run a routine check to ensure there's nothing more sinister going on.
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  14. OK he's definitely into this more than he let on - he was asking if I remembered being in nappies as a baby. I'm suitably grossed out.
  15. So Mark Foster has came out this week, I can’t believe he’s 47. He looks absolutely incredible for his age. What I would give to be acquainted with him. Lord.
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  16. The fact that Mark Foster isn’t by boyfriend has upset me for 20 years or more. He’s only got hotter with age.

    I was once at the same event as him and tweeted that he was there and he should marry me. I later bumped into him at the bar and he looked at my like ‘That was you wasn’t it??!!’. I should have proposed right there and then.
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  17. I had to google who Mark Foster is.
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  18. He's very handsome, but there are many other men that age that if photographed by a professional lens would look as good. Just to say that the chances of you finding a guy of the same level of hotness are not that remote.
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  19. Same.
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  20. LTG


    Obscure zad.
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