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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. And now you will never forget. What a dreamboat.
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  2. Fuck all to do with a professional lense. That’s what he actually looks like.

    The very idea that there are masses of equally hot 47 year is absurd.
  3. You are free to disagree but next time read carefully, i never said there are masses of them.
    The sooner people stop fawning at celebrities based on pictures and look around in real life to see what's in front of them the sooner they will be happier. This unhealthy obsession with media and celebrities in absurd. Most celebrities wouldn't get a second look in real life if they weren't celebrities.
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  4. Oh come on. Many celebrities are celebrities quite simply because they are good-looking in a way that most of us aren't, and there's nothing wrong with noticing and appreciating this. This guy you are talking about is exceptionally attractive and I'm not going to find many 47-year-olds like that.

    The solution isn't looking away from celebrities or passing a law mandating beautiful people to wear burqas, but learning to not compare yourself against other people all the time so you don't destroy your self-worth. Also realizing that yeah, beauty can be a problem, but let's not make appearance the center of our world.

  5. Iconic. Hopefully more cities begin to follow to address the issue of police brutality.
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  6. Um, @Baby Clyde just said that he has actually met Mark Foster and seen what he looks like in real life. Who said anything about his opinion being based on pictures?
  7. Your ignorance knows no bounds lol
  8. Two of the three straight guys I work with have come out as gender-fluid / non-binary this year. I keep tripping up on their preferred pronouns though.

    The other straight guy is very confused by it all.
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  9. He's trolling you, surely. Or he's just really into it and is trying to get you to play along with his babies in nappies fetish.

  10. My 12-year-old nephew is reportedly being called gay and other things by kids at his new school. He's not identified himself as gay, but it's upsetting the poor kid - it's been years since I ever had to deal with anything homophobic said/displayed directly to me (plus side of a 'resting angry face') so I don't know what to advise my sister.

    Should he report them? Punch them in the mouth? 'Rise above' and ignore?
  11. I don't know how it works where you are, but if he punched someone in the mouth, he would definitely get into a heap of trouble. So that's probably not the best advice!
  12. It's difficult because if he reports them he may get more trouble from them for being a grass or whatever. But reporting them is probably the best option so he doesn't get himself in trouble with the school.
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  13. My experience - not saying it's the best way to go about things - is that the school does shit if you report it.

    Just go straight to the parents. Sometimes they're douchebags just like their kids, or even worse, but it's still better than talking to the school about it. My experience (again - empirically speaking) is that the school puts all effort into victim blaming and at worst tries to move the bullied kid to another school.

    (There are of course schools that know how to handle bullying very well, but I'm afraid those are quite few.)
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  14. Depends on what the school is like. Report it to the school if there’s a chance they’ll do something about it.
  15. Tell him to go hide in the school library during lunchtime. That's what I used to do.
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  16. Mess. This is gay culture.

    I suddenly have flashbacks to the librarians saying "You can't eat in here!" because I tried to sneak in a snack due to how hungry I'd get as the day came to a close.
  17. We have nothing to suggest he's gay - he's definitely not an alpha male (thank fuck), is very studious and into geeky things (and the same fascination with 'dark' subjects I've always had) - so hopefully their gay comments are just the standard lack of imagination any 12-year-old bully demonstrates.

    My sister is a teacher so has no qualms about marching on them with a list of complaints, but that's the last thing he wants. Difficult situation.
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  18. The best solution is to be taller and stronger than your bullies. So... yeah.

    Talking with the bullies' parents seems like a good idea, though often bullies are bullies because their parents treat them like shit as well. Honestly, telling him the benefits of having thicker skin might be the best short-term solution. It worked for me, as well as developing a cynical sense of humor.
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't go to the parents, let the school deal with it.

    If he doesn't want you to do anything about it, there's not really much you can do about it. Although, escalating it these days is far more likely to end in a positive result than it would when I was a kid. Homophobic slurs tend to hit the zero-tolerance trigger in most schools these days.
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  20. In literal terms, this is probably another aspect - he's absolutely tiny.

    I hope he's inherited some genes from our side though as I was the smallest kid in class until about 15 and am now 6'3"
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