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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. The kii is that Ms. @digitalkaiser liked said thirst trap
  2. I said what I said
  3. I clicked on the link in your signature and liked it in my head.

  4. *Also promotes aforementioned thirst trap selfie with a helpful insta link in the sig*
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]

    (This will be us by the time we finally meet in person...)
  7. I tried running a few of these comments through google translate but they don't offer sassy gay as a language.

    Sometimes I feel so heterosexual.

  8. Posted a pic with my cat today.

    First PM:
    "I love your foots"
  9. I blocked a guy on Grindr because he had Dislikes: Madonna in his profile. I have no time for that sort of toxicity.
  10. My crush lives five hours away from here so we can't see each other very often, but he does upload a lot of Instagram stories of himself working out at the gym and it's the best combination of frustration and excitement I have ever experienced.
  11. This is still such a powerful speech. It hits very close to home.

  12. Ugh, I'm having the most trivial gay problem and need to snap the EFF out of it. I don't think I'm even like, asking for advice, I'm just venting this out into the world.

    I'm a big guy, and have been my entire life. That's made dating a bit of a rough go at times, but I haven't really cared because the idea of a relationship has always sounded like a load of work I don't really want. I'm 26 and I've never actually been in a real relationship. The last 5-6 years have been pretty much absent of dating because I've kept off the dating apps and websites and just enjoyed my friends. I promise, this isn't meant to be a pity-party, I just haven't been interested in dating or even hooking up for the most part.

    WELLLL, this past week I went to a friends place to watch the Olympics and his roommate was there. His roommate is not my usual type, but I remember thinking he was cute when I walked in, and he seemed nice enough, although I spent most of the time hanging and chatting with my friend. We finished hanging and I went home and straight to bed. The next morning his roommate had facebook messaged me and added me as a friend. He proceeds to tell me he thinks I'm sexy and fun to be around and he'd like me to come over some time when his roommate (my friend) isn't around. I told him I'm attracted to him as well, and we agreed to get together for a drink and see what happens, but haven't set a date or time yet.

    And I'm FREAKING. This dude is way thinner than I am, like actually fit, but judging by his past FB and insta posts he's got a taste for the big guys, so I know that he is into me physically. The thing is, I can't bring myself to officially set up a date! I'm usually so confident when talking to guys because it's usually me who is making any moves to see if they're interested, but this time I've got a guy who has explicitly stated that he wants it and I'm freaking out and unable to close the deal. I've always been playing the supportive friend in this instance whenever other friends are in a similar scenario, but why am I frozen in fear now? I'm entirely too in my own head about this, gals. The most embarrassing thing is that this dude probably just wants a quick smash, and I DO TOO, but I still can't bring myself to set something up.
  13. Get the fuck out of your head and get some dick!

    Or to be politer, you seem to be uncomfortable with the role reversal, but you should really start believing in yourself more, so you can accept that it’s warranted attention.
  14. What would Hyuna do?

    In all seriousness, do what you want to do. If you sense that he just wants to hook up and you're not against it then do it... unless it makes it awkward if you visit your friend again. If not and you wanna actually see him one on one without hooking up, then let him know that you'd rather just hang out first somewhere or that you don't want to hook up straight away. Just go for whatever you want!

    Get it girl!
  15. This is something you need to decide upon for yourself but honestly I would just go for it if I were you. I'm sure you could arrange something that's not necessarily as formal as a romantic date but isn't a case of instantly dropping your pants upon arrival either. It sounds like you two need to spend some time together and see what happens. Sometimes that's the best way. Go get that D.
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  16. Thanks gals. Y'all are knocking the sense into me that I truly need. I had already made it clear that we gotta get a drink together before he gets any of this candy, so we're definitely going to have a while to chat first. If he's just looking to bang, at least I'll know and we can go down that road. I think it's the not knowing what he's after (plus he's hot) that has me sick about it.

    I think we both know.
  17. get that fancy lip & hip
  18. Alright ladies

    I've lost 26 lbs so far and I finally feel like...really good in my body as a gay man. I think some of you may have seen my Instagram post, but since I came out at 13 in 2002, this is really the first time that I've felt my body is capable of being seen as attractive/sexy/desirable by not only me... but for even my partner. Like @ThighHighs, I've been "bigger"/"thicker" a lot of my entire life, being called "Slim Jim" and other names even by my mama, but also... I've been blocked on apps and made fun of by gay guys in person for not only being bigger, but also being Black, and #Latinx, depending on how people categorize me first. I'm moving past that rather unexpectedly.

    It kinda explains my avatars over the years because they've been tools to help me stick to my goal of taking better care of myself and caring more about diet/fitness. My recent physical came back super positive and my doctor is behind my progress, plus I wear clothes that I would've laughed at before... so overall, I'm just in good spirits about everything. I finally like the body that I have.

    P.S. too. It's interesting how the same men treat me differently/better now that I'm perceived as thin. Being bigger I can see how transparent it is, but Christ... people can certainly be obvious about why they're talking to you!!!
  19. Honestly, "what would Hyuna do?" should be everyone's life motto.
  20. Just here to say 2 things:

    1) Yay, I'm really happy for you and

    B) You have the BEST avatars on the forum hands down.
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