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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. He has, he told me after we broke up that he’s heard us have sex a few times but didn’t want to embarrass me at the time. I was mortified.
  2. ...dddd. I remember hearing my parents having sex a few times when I was a teenager. It was traumatizing.
  3. I assume this was the soundtrack to that video you found of your former boss, then?
  4. I'll leave that to your imagination

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  5. My entire body is cringing I'm so second hand embarrassed / mortified
  6. I love playing music when I'm having sex with my boyfriend. Vespertine is our favourite so far dDdddd. Hidden Place is an amazing song to make out to.
  7. *searches "not like other gays" on Pornhub*
  8. LTG



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  9. My boyfriend refuses to listen to the xx because I played them so much when we had sex back when we first started dating. Sometimes I think I should be offended but we really did play the debut album into the ground.
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  10. Different music for different sex too. The xx or Vespertine are nice and lovely, but when you just want to get dicked down until you pass out you'd put something more intense x
  11. This whole 'music during sex' conversation reminded me of this iconic post.

  12. Oh wow.

    I was just going to come here and quote this, which sounds positively angelic in comparison.

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  13. This very cute guy wants to hook up at the airport (which I could be down), but he has ‘no queens, fats or fems’ in his profile and I can’t endorse that FML.

    Maybe I’ll grab a Starbucks and watch hot Portuguese men get patted down at Security instead.

    Apols for turning this thread into my diary but no one IRL knows I have hoe tendencies so it’s good to get it out.

    Edit: I found alternative entertainment and had to RUN for my flight.
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  14. This reminds me of a French amateur porn clip I found once where the guys were listening to Nicola Roberts’ album in the background.

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  15. Poor Leona Lewis. After all her Grindr marketing tactics the gays chose Nicola instead?
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  16. LTG


    WAH WAH WAH indeed
  17. So found out today that two gay guys I known from the scene have both died under differing circumstances in the last two weeks. I only knew them casually but they were mid twenties, attractive and likable normal guys. One got hit by a drink driver and the other OD'd. It's made me rethink my whole fucking life. Sorry to unload.
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  18. That's really hard news to face. I hope you have friends in the scene to reach out to and grieve with. We're all here too!
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  19. That’s a lot to take! I hope you’re able to speak to friends and family, but feel free to PM me to talk if you’d like.
  20. Really admire you for rejecting a cute guy who is an ass.
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