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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Good on you. Don't encourage or reward people like that.
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  2. This is such sad news. Hope you're doing good! It do makes me wonder about how delicate lives could be and we just need to live our lives with no regrets.
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  3. One time, I had trade over at my apartment and I had my playlist on shuffle and I fellated him to Kelis' Bossy.

    I can't have music playing during sex either, I NEED background/white noise. I always turn the TV on and change it to a random channel.
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    Let me add Rita Ora: Queen of Saunas to this list.
  5. I watched a porno of some hipsters fucking once, and they had 'Heartbeats' by The Knife playing quietly in the background.

    It actually suited the mood.
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  6. Only on Popjustice: gays discussing music during sex and comforting somebody who just lost two friends on the same thread page.
  7. We’re the kind of friends people actually need in their lives.
  8. I know I've seen this one. I just can't remember if I nutted to it.
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  9. Cream - Prince was suggested to me by a female friend years ago, and it always makes it onto a hastily put together dick appointment playlist (usually for if it’s daytime and, living in a terrace).
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  10. I did. Was good.
  11. This is on the “dirty playlist” I spoke about on the other page for the intro alone
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  12. Beyonce - Dance For You is the only acceptable music for sex. Plus it's 6 minutes so you can start and finish before the song finishes.
  13. He


    Isn't it called "I want your love"? It was a artsy porn. It was hot, I think.
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  14. Oh dear.
  15. Anything by Cassie tho! Love a Loser is that erotic trip.
  16. Ddd I just remembered as a child I'd sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to stranger diners at restaurants.
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  17. I would hate child-you so much.
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  18. One time I was more invested in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent than whatever this dude's hand was doing to me.
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