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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Low key after 10 minutes I'm just waiting for it to be over so I can stop pretending.
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  2. ddddd destroy the man's ego a tad.
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  3. I don't think I've ever been in this thread before. The last several pages have been quite an experience.
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  4. Yeah I can't be doing with these all day sex shenanigans. I have to wash clothes, make dinner, look after my children...
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  5. Miguel - Coffee
    Frank Ocean - Nature Feels
    Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes

    The playlist that gets me going.
  6. Björk's Utopia was the soundtrack in my last sex and my fuck boy were scared at one point and asked me if i was a serial killer.
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  7. LTG


    Yeah the idea of fisting has never appealed to me.
  8. Thank god that didn’t happen.
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  9. But how do you know if you weren't even paying attention???
  10. I knew what was going on but wasn't particularly interested.

    The episode was so engaging tbh and Criminal Intent is the worst Law & Order!
  11. LTG


  12. I approached him today but he said he's not into it. Sigh.

    Now all I have to look forward to this weekend is a 50yo dad who said he wants to brutalize me.

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  13. Lordt. Had a quickie (hell, he was practically finished before I was even in the room) with a random from Grindr. Really awkward goodbye as he was a talker. Lied and told him I had to be back at work in a few minutes to get him gone. 10 minutes later I run into the grocery store, get what I need and go to the checkout line and lo and behold, who is there but chatty Cathy. There was no graceful exit so I pretended not to recognize him and stayed on my phone the whole time on a fake call.
  14. Now I finally know who is watching those syndicated CBS procedural shows!

    F*** I just realized L&O is from NBC ddd.
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  15. The thread... being a mess again but I'm all for it.
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  16. Your life sounds wild.
  17. Where do we all stand on younger guys? Im 31 so im enjoying both ends of the all you can eat gay buffet. I got coffee just now with this chatty 17 year old hes very cute but not sure if I wanna go there... basically do I risk the drama and go balls deep or do I back the hell away mary? or Little.Mix.grown.mp3
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  18. I don't subscribe to gay math so, if it's a hit and run, go for it.
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  19. Was never into young guys even as one - a bit of wear n' tear was always sexier.
  20. [​IMG]
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