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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. I didn't go, but he's suggesting tomorrow night. If he pulls a Jeffrey Dahmer, watch out for the user names DeadSon or StillBorn in the near future.
  2. Are you meeting in public tomorrow?

    I mean, you do you, but I'd at least meet in public for a drink and a chat before deciding whether you want to go to his house. At the very least let someone know where you are and maybe check-in with them through the evening/night.
  3. Uno


    I met a guy at a friends birthday party two weeks ago and we've seen each other literally every day since then. Usually I think that's too excessive but damn it's thrilling.
  4. Wait... it's frowned upon to just go to a guys house (that you don't know) after texting/messaging on Grindr?

  5. Well he's the ex boyfriend of a former friend. I have never met him though, so I do consider him a stranger. We are both known around these parts. It might be a good match. I am just nervous because I don't want the town folk to talk about me more than they already do.
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  6. I'm against it, partly in case I get killed but mainly just because I'm just way too lazy.
  7. Better to go over to his place than have him come to yours. That way, he'd have to take care of the body. That's what they tought me in school.
  8. I sucked off my neighbour today. He lives three doors along from me and it was a total rush dddd
  9. I used to always bring guys back to mine, but nowadays I prefer getting a drink the first time and something active on date two, then so on and so forth.


    My man and I dated shortly over the last three months that way and things kinda progressed within the last month, which felt really natural. He sings too and our music taste/interests fall in line, so we've really had a lot to do together, but he's really challenged how I see a lot of this world, too. I'm probably the happiest I've been since I've moved to Columbus. I really can only see my life feeling more positive as I turn 30 by the end of the year (at least I hope, ddd).
  10. Oh my gosh this sounds just like those tumblr videos!
  11. He didn't want to send a pic on Grindr so he wrote "Head out to the car park and i'll come get you" I clocked him immediately.

    His son plays with my little brother and I talk to his wife in passing but dddd I needed it ok
  12. sis
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  13. shame me all you like sis but it's done x
  14. Now this turns full mode into A mess but I'm not judging!
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. @munro really is the Miley of the youth clique
  17. This thread is wild
  18. Depending on who you speak to, this is either a compliment or really thick shade.

    makes u think x
  19. It's Miley. It's never a compliment.
  20. K94


    My word.
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