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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. ...and sad at the same time?
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  2. well, this is my life, and I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and that I’m still trying to figure out how that could be
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  3. yee haw.
  4. Bottoming is a lifestyle,
    It's a choice,
    It's a freedom of expression,
    You have to live it,
    You have to love it,
    You have to breathe it,
    Bottoming's all about love and glamour!
  5. Gays in the GAY thread after a Grindr hook up:

    @SexyForever in the GAY thread after a Grindr hook up:
  6. So many same-sex couples holding hands out and about this week is making me so happy!
  7. Can't do it. The 1990 in me still jumps out. I have to leave that for you younger queens to do your bit.
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  8. Makes me bitter!
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  9. It's Brighton, also.
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  10. Sis I was sweaty palmed in Mykonos. Brighton can be rough as fuck too.
  11. Exactly, which is why it makes me so happy to see people be all 'fuck it' and do it anyway.
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  12. Gay boys of this forum:

    I have a little question. Hope some of you will answer honestly. For a Pride special at the radio station I work at, I'm doing a piece on this question: Why do many gay guys love strong female popstars?

    So if some of you would write up what makes you relate to female popstars in this way or what makes your fave the best, that would be great!

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. Because I'd rather be them than me.
  14. I think female popstars have always felt like a more liberated species than male popstars, and it's that freedom that calls to a young gay.
  15. As a kid, it was a revolt against the structured 'men should act like this and this' doctrine - girls always seemed to have more fun: More color, better friendships, less concern with swagger or 'commanding respect', I guess.

    Musically, male artists have seemed largely to reject the melodic feel-good music I love. Female voices soar higher, they just seem to give more of themselves to it.
  16. Also female artists tend to sing about men. As a gay boy that’s nice.
  17. Because they make videos like this:

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  18. ….. and then they do relatable queen interviews like this:

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  19. Great answers, guys! Keep them coming!
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