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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I could tell you something golden that did!
  2. Sis, I never said I was fine with pissing on each other, just for the record.
  3. All of this over piss, someone bring up scat and put the good sis into cardiac arrest!!
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  4. Try sploshing - custard instead. Nothing that can offend and you can lick it off mmmm...
  5. I don't like custard.
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  6. I remember being on holiday in Gran Canaria and in the Bunker was a bathtub (of course) but when I went, there wasn't anybody in it. But a friend of mine went a different day and peed over someone. So.
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  7. me: be sex positive :) all kinks are okay

    someone: scat


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  8. Page 481 of this thread is basically like a night at a cruise bar - piss play, arguing, someone bringing up ice and the inescapable presence of Cheryl Cole.
  9. If someone wanted to pee on me I'd force them to drink a 2litre bottle of Evian first.
  10. Weren’t you 13 then?
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  11. Fave In The Zone album cut.
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  12. Or pineapple juice.
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  13. Yes!
  14. Finally, someone else with taste.

    The first ever message I got on Grindr was a guy asking if I'd pour custard or porridge into his boxers or over his head.
  15. And that's what put you off?
  16. I love custard. Mmmm.
  17. Not there being a Secret Diary of a Call Girl episode about this
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  18. Heh. Try it, it's cathartic.
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  19. Men are trash and I give up with them
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