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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Agreed with this but it is quite small. There's also a club called dirty pop that follows me on twitter, not been but they've got pop in the name so that's a positive sign!
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  2. This new guy joined the choir I'm in recently. He's a PE teacher and clearly comes straight from work in little shorts and tight stretch fabric t-shirts and is all meaty arms and chest hair.

    90% of the tenor section is reliving their adolescent gym teacher fantasy.
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  3. Is that a gay choir? *wink*
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  4. No but it's Brighton, so many a gay. PE man is an exception and his wife is one of the altos.
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  5. Saara Alto is not straight tho.
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  6. If I don't see her she doesn't exist.
  7. I usually struggle with meeting guys from Grindr etc because I have body hangups and I'm sure that once I take my top off that they're going to tell me to get dressed and go home. The worst time of this was when I was chatting to somebody and we exchanged pictures and his response was to reply "Do one, fatty" before blocking me. Yesterday, I saw a hot guy and on his profile he said he was into guys with my body type. I messaged him and his response was "You're sweet but you're too slim for me". I feel like I can't win!
  8. I really need to stop sending pics of my bum to people in exchange for compliments.
  9. If you’ve got it, flaunt it
  10. I have been, kii.

    (Check your DM's)

  11. Me: sends message again on Grindr because I didn’t think the guy got it as it only said “sent” and not “delivered”
    Said guy: “no I actually got it”
  12. I only had a body pic on Grindr and I was getting ‘meh’ messages and added a face pic and now it’s popping. Waiting for the self esteem to crash when the ‘new pic gets attention’ bubble bursts lmao.
  13. Just a reminder that we're all fab separate and apart from validation from others!

    (Checks the apps.)
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  14. Men's standards of beauty doom them to loneliness.
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  15. Aren't you a top?

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  16. Is it so hard to go on a date or just meet someone without someone asking "SO why don't you have a boyfriend?"

    Like, should I have a boyfriend?
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  17. What sort of answer are they even looking for?

    "I'm single because I've murdered every one of my previous boyfriends. Should we split an app?"
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  18. Plenty a top has a nice ass and can appreciate compliments?

    When on a date? They need some etiquette or sumn.
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  19. Yes, was just being sassy because of something @HollyDunnSomething posted today on ha socials.
  20. On a date. On the phone. In the car. In the house. Like, really? I guess it's their way of saying I'm a nice person but still.... you're single and next to me/across from me as well.
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