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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. kal


    It’s their terribly awkward way of proposing.
  2. I mean it comes from a good place of acknowledging that you're attractive physically and perhaps have qualities that others would like to be around, but the delivery/execution just comes off in bad taste.
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  3. Just widen your eyes, stare blankly into the middle distance, and in a dead voice mutter, "I did. The Ancient Ones grew jealous of our union."
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  4. I'll be using this.
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  5. The Comeback Coroners need to chill.
  6. I am, but I have an incredible ass.
  7. Meow.
  8. Boy I know you want it, while I turn around you watch me check up on it.

  9. [​IMG]
  10. And yet we haven't shown each other...

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  11. Go right ahead. xo

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  12. Did I fucking lie.gif
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  13. So I've been talking to this guy on grindr and the convo was quite refreshing. We literally chatted for 4 hours and at one point I asked him if we wanna exchange numbers. He didn't want to because he said that he had had a bad experience not so long ago, and of course I respected that.
    Then we continued chatting (including voice mails) and at one point I asked him what his zodiac sign was.
    From then on... crickets. He didn't respond until a day after and just asked "my zodiac sign? why do you wanna know lol?".
    Then I simply answered "So I assume you don't believe in astrology?" And he again simply replied "lol why do you want to know?" (again with a delay of over 24 hours despite being online).
    Like is it so hard to simply answer? So yeah, i ghosted him then in return of him low-key half-ghosting me.
    Why couldn't he just say he doesn't feel the conversation/me and just move on?
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  14. Wait you believe in astrology
  15. Regardless, block him and move on, sis.
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  16. Yeah it is not that hard to say "i don't believe in that, can we talk about something else?".
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  17. I don't believe in star signs, but it wouldn't kill the conversation and I wouldn't care that someone asked
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  18. I think a student came out to me yesterday saying he had a crush on some character from The Society? I googled him and


    Sis... the taste.
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  19. You don't like the Edward Furlong look?
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  20. hell no ñññ

    Anyway, it was a nice moment and I’m happy that he felt he could talk about him liking someone (even tho it’s probably from a bromance pov ñññ).

    Anyway, I got a crush on my Airbnb host from Cardiff and now I’m doing a day trip to London just to see an exhibition he’s doing this weekend when I should be preparing for a week of camping.

    I am what???? A

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