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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Top Of The Pops!
  2. Yes and my favourite TV shows are Top Model and Top Chef. I greet everyone I know by saying "Top of the morning to you" and my favourite film is Top Gun.
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  3. Top Cat was right there...


    (Tag yourselves, I’m the trash can)
  4. @HollyDunnSomething is the top of the trash can.
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  6. Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 23.13.39.png

    Me after Mykonos.
  7. I met my boyfriend's parents and extended family this week and they highkey love me

  8. Bop and Bop 2
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  9. How much cash did you slip them while bf wasn't looking?
  10. I didn't need to do any bribing, I just had to show up and not be his ex boyfriend who they despised passionately. Kii.
  11. So none of the cute poolside daddies are viable, however there’s some 60-something gammon here with wife and teenage daughter who eyes me bottom to top every time I go by. Eww.
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  12. Where are you on holiday?
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  13. The further we go into a Brexit black hole you know the gorls are going to be turning gammon into a micro-fetish, so you might as well try and get in there early.
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  14. Greece. Too few @Vasilioses to be found here though.
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  15. So my vacation with my boyfriend went brilliantly and we did basically everything we wanted to do, long story short it was a great time.

    But being with another openly-queer person in public made me think about how weird people get when they're trying to enforce their bigotry in public spaces. Like, there was this one time we were coming out of the train station in Exeter in broad daylight and this random ass fuckboy stopped us to ask what time it was while his friend (who he was pretending wasn't his friend but it was obvious) sat back and watched. Immediately I was suspicious because, y'know, there's lots of clocks in every damn train station in the world, but we told him anyway. And then as we walked off I heard him and his friend guffawing to each other, not even trying to hide it. And I'm pretty sure it was just a ruse to hear our voices so they could attribute a gender to us both. Like...think about that, they stopped total strangers in the street and pretended to ask the time (which you can get from everywhere in 2019), just to hear how our voices sounded, just so they could decide whether they thought we were boys or girls when they're never even gonna see us again anyway. Extremely normal behaviour.

    I know that's pretty mild in terms of bigotry-driven harassment, but it really made it click in my mind just how bizarre these people act. Like, I've heard stories of TERFs walking up to women they think are trans, announcing to them that they have a vagina, and walking off. I even heard one story of a TERF forcibly pulling a CHILD'S underwear off in a public bathroom to see what genitals they had. They're not just disgusting people, they're incredibly strange people who deadass refuse to conduct themselves in an acceptable way in public. And from now on I'm gonna keep that firmly in my mind when it comes to queerphobia in general and call it out when I can. The queer community is just atypical, the actual weirdoes are the bigots who perform this kind of bizarre and antisocial behaviour.

  16. They're the sick ones tibbs.
  17. Stay safe guys. Soon as you feel unsafe get away as soon as possible.
    I've changed train carriages / rooms / stores / clubs for those reasons many many times.
  18. Yep. The more you have to do it, the more your senses get attuned to it so you can spot the potential bother way earlier. It's tragic it has to be like that, but better safe than sorry.
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  19. Pick up daddies at the playground
    How I spend my daytime
    Loosen up the frown
    Make them feel alive
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