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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Yup, it was a real struggle because he lives near San Francisco in a pretty liberal area where he rarely needs to worry about this stuff (and when he does, the signals are totally different to what they'd be in the UK). There were lots of times when I had to push him away when he tried to kiss me or wriggle my hand out of his quickly, and then explain to him when we were in private that it was in the interests of keeping us both safe. It was honestly the most challenging part of the whole thing to be with someone so naïve to all the dangers who I had to educate on the fly, and often nonverbally as best I could.
  2. Ok so I have had dates and sexual activity with two daddies in the past two days. And it was a lot of fun.
  3. Sam


    Was smoking outside a bar in town tonight and my ex swanned past hand in hand with some guy and I just feel a bit crushed. Like, we weren’t meant for each other and things weren’t working with our work schedules, but having that sprung on me out of nowhere, almost two months after we’ve broken up and I’m moving on (despite my best friend telling me the night before that he’d allegedly told one of our mutual friends that he wasn’t sure how attracted to me he was), and then his new squeeze aggressively brushing past me on purpose, followed by the pair of them staring at me, like ...... I don’t wish him any ill will and I hope he’s happy, but could he be a bit more grown up about it? Like, we split almost amicably with him saying he wanted to remain friends, and I had my own issues with that, but then I came face to face with him as I entered the smoking area and he exited (and it became clear he’d left his jaw at home after taking MDMA) and I had to force a smile, and now I’m the fucking fool left second guessing everything. I’ve actually half a mind to text him and be like “Nice to see you last night, hope you’re well,” despite me knowing for a fact he won’t have any recollection of it. The irony of it all being that he broke up with me the day I was planning to ask him where the relationship was going because we didn’t see each other enough. Like, I was never besotted with him the way that I was with my previous ex, and at the time I thought that was a good thing because it meant I held a modicum of control, and maybe I could learn to really like him (don’t get me wrong the initial attraction was there), and now all of that seems fucking futile after seeing him with someone else. He was an absolute mess, and we were quite well suited, but post break up I’m far too focused on myself and my friends and family, and figuring out how I fit into the world as a young adult, to even think about dating- only to see him having a great time with someone new - despite the typical spiel he spun when we broke up saying “I’m not looking for anything serious, it’s not you it’s me” etc.

    I’m really overreacting and getting all up in my feelings, and I should have known I was bound to see him out at some point, but the surprise of it tonight was just awful. The worst thing is that I absolutely know that we weren’t good for each other and weren’t going to work, and yet I can’t help feeling a little bit heartbroken.

    TLDR; cancel all gay men because they’re fucking trash
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  4. I've been thinking about relationships lately, and it's funny how break-ups turn the two parts into competitors to see who gets over the other one faster. Or to see who finds happiness sooner. As if to correct a wrong they just realised they made or something. Like... meh?

    @Sam de Jour if he was showing off on purpose and didn't even bother to say hi, I'd just ignore/block him and move on with my life.
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  5. I've had similar things happen when I was younger and now if I'm in public alone and I get stopped by a man I keep things moving and mind my business. I feel rude for like two seconds but then I think I've stopped to give people directions before and been mugged so I'd rather be safe...

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  6. I don't think that's true. Like, I wouldn't want someone to move on with indecent haste, but I'd be happy if my exes got in a new relationship. They're not bad people.

    Maybe if you date terrible people, but then you really need to be looking at your life choices.
  7. It was just a general observation from what I’ve seen around me.
    Friends break up amicably and soon after the resentment comes in. And then they just can’t be in the same room.

    In my case, when I broke up with my ex, I didn’t pay him much attention cause I was on erasmus travelling every other weekend. But from his side... he made sure I knew he was going up to Madrid all the time to party and trying to hang out / make out with friends I introduced to him. Like... what?
    I guess that one’s on me, yeah.
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  8. Oh, that wasn't aimed at you specifically. I was thinking generally.

    If someone is effectively your best friend for 6 months or a year or whatever, I just don't see how that can become hatred or anger unless they do something pretty awful.

    But I'm very laid back.
  9. For me personally, I've never been friends with any of my exes. I tried with one who I'd loved loads and it was just too hard to do it.

    I was out last night and my ex from 2001 was there stood pretty much next to me and we didn't even acknowledge each other. I'd speak to him because, well it was water under the bridge years ago, but it's like I'm invisible.
  10. So Torremolinos is actually fucking great. Having a good time and made some friends.

    The daddies here tough. Making me so thirsty. I’ll tel y’all a funny one when I have the time to type
  11. Returned from Greece yesterday. The starey gammon man was on our flight and every time I moved in the departure area there he was. We had to walk past him at one point. He was sat down and so I decided to just have a nice ball scratch a few inches from his face at that precise moment.

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  12. Russell T Davies could write QAF series 3 from this page.
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  13. I'm glad this hasn't been my experience of it. Regardless of how much we talk or don't talk I want nothing but the best for him, and have wanted that since we broke up.
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  14. Torremolinos has a very interesting history, where our own Stonewall happened.

    It’s a funny place, and it feels like going back a few decades when you compare it to other Spanish gay areas like Chueca and l’Eixample.

    Glad you’re enjoying your Spanish gateway!
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  15. So I’ve just spent a whole week travelling around the UK with the guy I met on holiday in June and it’s been just perfect. There’s definitely something there and it was quite hard to say goodbye. The distance between us is big but I can’t help but want this to work. He makes me so happy.
  16. If it is anything like Cucumber, I'd rather he didn't.
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  17. Also
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  18. I met someone really cute on Meet Me, who actually wants something other than sex. Fingers crossed
  19. We love to see it! x
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  20. Thank for this! Yeah every area has their own character, and I like Torremolinos very much!
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