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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I've been in a relationship for the past nine months with a guy who catfished me on a dating app (he used someone else's face pictures entirely). When we first first met I realized it but still found him attractive so I kept seeing him. Oop.
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  2. dddd this is the first time I read about a catfish gone right
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  4. Thanks for the messages, hags.

    We haven't talked today at all. If he contacts me I'll tell him I'm busy (cause I am) and leave it at that. If we pushes on, I'll have to explain that what he did was shitty and hope he realises, even if he sees it as a joke.

    I used to feel somehow responsible for him cause he's just here for six months and I don't think he knows many more people. But I don't know, I've been feeling like an Uber friend that he only requests when he's bored and... no.

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  5. This is not a thing. Don't underrate yourself.
  6. You don’t have to explain yourself or engage with him if you don’t want to. You don’t have to be the nice person who exits this with a detailed explanation of your reasons. You can absolutely block him and get the fuck out.
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  7. I know all this. It's just not me to be so... blunt. Even with people I actively dislike ññ
    I don't wanna ghost him or anything like that cause I know it sucks, even if nobody owes anything to anyone.

    I'll probably won't see him in weeks, so there's that. I just want my mental abilities to focus on these exams!
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  8. I totally get this! I have no idea how to be blunt or straightforward, unless I know there's no chance, like with straight friends I have and am attracted to, and I have no idea how to be upfront about not liking anyone. And it's easier to just ghost, cause I don't have to be upfront, but it feels shitty so I always end up messaging them.

    Been a while since I talked about what was up with me and dating stuff so here goes.

    I was talking to this one guy I met on Grindr who seemed really cute and sweet and we had a lot in common. But he lived kinda far - a couple hours from where I live, and then he goes to school/lives in an apartment near NYC - so it would be hard to really make anything work, despite both of us being interested. And I was a little cautious because he seemed to have some slight alcohol dependency issues - he mentioned drinking at least once every day that we talked, and was happy when he found out he could still drink with the antibiotics he was taking after going to the dentist - and while I know people my age tend to drink a lot and it didn't necessarily mean anything, that was still a bit of a red flag to me. So I was already considering telling him I wanted to just be friends or part ways, if he messaged me again about anything, but the last time we really talked for more than an hour was the 11th, and not at all since the 18th so I think we both know nothing's going to happen.

    I've also decided to stay off dating apps, at least for a while, cause it never seems to get me anywhere unless I want a hook up - which would be fine if I had money/could drive 9r could host, but I don't and can't. So I don't really see the point.

    And today, I was hanging with a few people before chorus, and since we're trying to get more people to join, I asked one of the guys I noticed, and didn't already know, and was told he was planning to or already had talked my chorus professor, so he might be joining. He's really cute, and seems really nice, and it felt like we clicked a little in the couple minutes I talked to him, and when I said I would hopefully see him around, he said "oh definitely, for sure" or something like that, and it made me smile, but I have no idea what his sexuality is. If he joins, and I get to know him, I'm hoping for something to happen but I don't wanna bank on that.

    Throughout all of this, I've been reminding myself that my worth isn't based on if I'm single, and I don't need to date anyone, but I'm also feeling kinda alone and that I want to be with someone, which I feel like is okay? That I want that? I think it is, but not sure.

    Anyways that's all, rant over.
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  9. I’m fucking tired of men and their unsolicited dick pics and their assumption that because they’ve sent one, they're getting one back.
  10. One reason why I've decided on not using the apps.
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  11. His lips are plump, his biceps are being squeezed tightly by that fitted shirt and he told me he was lip syncing to Want You In My Room at the gym today.

    Why On GOD is he straight? The lord is testing me.
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  12. When you find the p*rn video you'll be using for months to come.

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  13. Me with a Brazzers one.
  14. Mine was a random twink on Twitter oop
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  15. He told you WHAT and he’s straight? That’s borderline open flirting in my book.
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  16. [​IMG]


    And good for KY Jelly for getting some free promo out of it.
  17. Oh my God. A mood.
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  18. I... have a boyfriend and, for my first time posting in this thread, I'm really, really happy.

    Of course he lives over 300km away (why wouldn't he?) but we're making it work and, yeah, things are going well.
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