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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. A hookup of mine turned up on my favourite TV program tonight and I had an existential crisis about how I know barely anything about the lives of a lot of the people I've slept with and maybe in turn know nothing about myself

  2. Crimewatch is your favourite TV show?
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  4. I've forgotten how this rumour even started now dddd.

  6. Same but run with it if it's not a hindrance.
  7. This seems like the appropriate thread to vent about my clown problems.

    Why do I always fall guys quickly, it really messes with my head so much. Especially when I know they like me back, and this is usually in the sense they just want to sleep with me and not necessarily anything more.

    Like I met this guy recently for a hookup and on grindr he just seemed like a hot guy but that was it, I met him and he was 100% my type and now my thoughts just go to him and its even worse now I'm not working because I have all day to 'think'.

    I know its just a bit of a crush but I really wish I had the power to switch off these emotions because its hard to deal with at times. I think some of this comes from the fact I met two guys at different stages last year who gave me a lot of affection quickly but then became quite selective with how they would interact with me soon after and it really got to me.

    There are plenty of guys I meet in bars or for hookups and they're hot and it goes well and we talk, but I don't have a 'crush' on them and its all cool, but every now and then a guy will come who I just can't resist and its hard.

    Anyone else feel like they go through this?
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  8. I still have a crush on a guy I hooked up with twice like... five years ago. It happens. Just my type in every way, but neither of us were looking for something serious at the time.

    We live on opposite sides of the country now, so I resort to checking his instagram story once a week or so and then pretending I've moved on.
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  9. Of course! Human nature.
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  10. Desperate times call for desperate measures...


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  11. They all look like they have weak stroke game tbh
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  12. NONE.
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  13. Who's the bottom right?
  14. That froot looks familiar.

  15. Union J are back?
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  16. Male Lana looks like if Empire was set in Twin Peaks. Of course it does.
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  17. Lane is an ex-football player who likes to have sex with guys but he's definitely straight because he's a top and doesn't give blowjobs. He'll ghost you on a monthly basis but what can you. He listens to Coldplay because that's what real music is supposed to sound like.

    Duolingo is a narcissist and he'll proudly tell you so. His Twitter page is made up of links to his Onlyfans, likes of tanned and muscular gays only and retweets of Britney stan accounts. He goes on a gay cruise just before the US is put on lockdown because he's American, he does what he wants and, at the end of the day, Corona cannot reach a boat in the middle of the sea.

    Elio looks at you like that when on your first date you tell him that it's been quite a few months since you last visited a temporary art exhibition. He takes you to one because "he's got nothing better to do anyway". The conversation remains awkward for the whole afternoon and comes to an abrupt end when you cannot name your three favourite Björk B-sides. You tell him you like Hyperballad tho. He leaves.

    Marino makes you fall for him the moment you meet him. Funny, liberal, charming. He shows actual interest in your life. He's searching for a stable job but he also wants a job that makes him happy! In the meantime he loves to spend time with his rescued dog, watch Spongebob on Netflix and try different colours of nail polish. You think you found the one, while ignoring the endless red flags that pass you by. Turns out he's a psychopath.

    Help me.
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  18. Adult Baby guy messaged me to say his bf is now at home permanently so he has to stay in baby mode all the time. As I rolled my eyes and prepared my 98th reminder he has the right to refuse, he wrote he was irked but preferred it to having to leave and get a job, so I think a bit chunk of the rationale is finally solved.
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  19. [​IMG]
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