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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I’d definitely have an OnlyFans but you can easily snatch content from it and distribute it and I feel like the people who lock the decent content under an additional fee after having you subscribe to be crass.
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  2. And what about my Pornhub search history?

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  3. I don’t have a single issue with Onlyfans. People can do whatever they want with their personal content.

    It’s actually an interesting concept. Imagine if our favourite flop artists starts to use it to upload random demos? That would be amazing!
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  4. I don't have an issue with OnlyFans - I once spent a weekend on a cam site and made £150 out of it. Which was nice. It was a very odd experience.

    But I also share this uncomfortable feeling about subscribing to someone I might interact with on a friendly level in real life. Especially if I had hopes of more.
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  5. More power to anyone who has an OnlyFans I say. I've shown my bum off enough in my insta stories for anyone to pay to see it now.
  6. I had a portable TV in my bedroom as a teenager and remember when Channel 4 showed Derek Jarman's 'Sebastian'. I...well, let's say I had a busy night that night.
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  7. Honestly, Insta's green circles are more intense than Only Fans.
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  8. There are guys on twitter I follow who post tons of stuff, and I thirst for them but if they went only fans I'd be like, nah, thank u, next.
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    I made a comment about my ex doing this a week ago on here, and I did want to clarify that I would've never made that remark if that were his situation, and have no problem with OnlyFans in general. It was about him personally (and his personality), but you guys don't know him so that post totally lends itself to this criticism. I normally don't put personal info on this site, and feel bad if it was seen through this light (dd).
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  10. Sis no, I didn't even see you post, just saw OF being mentioned. No need to apologise or anything.
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  11. I don't have any opinion on only fans, I just wouldn't pay money just to see someone's account, it wouldn't interest me.

    Unless Niall starts one.
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    Me charging a reasonable £1.50 per month for my Only Fans.
  13. As a teenager I downloaded stuff from limewire (surely destroying countless family computers in the process) and nowadays there's endless free content out there, so maybe it's a generational thing, but I'm always slightly surprised that people pay for adult content.

    I'd be interested to know the demographic split of OF subscribers.
  14. You mean if (someone that looked like) Jax Jones started one you wouldn't?
  15. Nah. Even the actual Jax. He's so cute and funny it could sort of ruin the magic.

    Kind of like when a cute lad on grindr starts chatting and sends you a ton of almost gynaecological photos it sort of spoils it.
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  16. RMK


    Okay I think someone replied to me before, and I haven't checked this thread in a bit so I'm delayed nn.
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  17. People be like that too tho *sadface*
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  18. I'd subscribe. x
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  19. I don't have a green circle list, yet...
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  20. a blumpkin a day keeps the bills well paid <3
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