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Gays Of Dubai

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by scottdisick94, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Any gays here lived in / living in / been to Dubai? On paper it seems quite anti-gay but just wondering how it actually is day-to-day!? And quality of life / lifestyle in general? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated! Should I go for it!?
  2. Never been and never want to. I know plenty of gays who have, and to be honest, their attitudes are either "SHUT UP! Why are you judging ME/MY HOLIDAY CHOICE?! Yeah it's anti gay but NOBODY is affected by it REALLY!" or "Yeah I went/lived there and hated it with every fibre of my being. But you do you."

    When I lived in Asia one of my employers offices was in Dubai and I met many a gay who was making it work for them but it sounded atrocious.

    Even just as a destination it's just seems quite nothingy.
  3. I saw the thread title and hoped for a terrible LOGO reality show inspired by Sex and the City 2.
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  4. Nice airport for a lay over. That is all.
  5. @scottdisick94 I wouldn’t risk it.

    I lived in Russia before the whole propaganda law thing came into being and I still had a hard time.

    Not being able to be your true self isn’t worth whatever money or career move you might get, in my opinion.
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  6. Well, I'm still alive.

  7. While I'm not too familiar with the specifics of Dubai, and the UAE is a different country to Saudi Arabia, I recall seeing an episode of 'Banged Up Abroad', where a gay nurse from the UK went to work in Saudi Arabia for a bit, and ended up being beaten and jailed. Fortunately for him, he was able to escape eventually.

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  8. Low key not even that great of an airport.

    All that damn pointless space.
  9. Is that walk-through tropical garden thing no longer there?
  10. Who knows sis, it takes about two hours to walk to your gate.

    Don’t have the timeeee.
  11. P.S. Dubai is low key one of the worst places I’ve ever visited as a tourist.

    Trash city. I cannot fathom why anyone would choose to move there aside from money. But like...go to the Cayman Islands or some other low tax haven.
  12. The giant indoor waterfall would be a stunt if it wasn't surrounded by miles of emptiness dddd
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  13. All my friends who visit there end up burning through anything remotely interesting to do in about one day and the rest of their trip seems to be just doing endless Insta stories from... shopping centres and food courts. Werk I guess?
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  14. Well, Lisa Scott-Lee lives there. Maybe she needs an audience.
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  15. But bottomless brunch!!!1!!
  16. My manager went there recently and compared it to Benidorm.
    It's 'A No No' from me. I really don't want to go somewhere I can be thrown in jail just for being me.
  17. Come to Mykernos.
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  18. As does Lindsay Lohan. What kind of B-list at Capital haven?
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  19. Lindsey never made B-List at Captial
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