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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Devious Maids sounds like a reality tv show they'd put on Oxygen.

    What ever happened to Vicious Cheerleaders? That sounded great.
  2. They really should have stuck to their guns on 'Good Christian Bitches', because that title is doing them absolutely no favours.

    The only ABC shows to premiere with lower ratings this season are Charlie's Angels and Work It, both of which have now been cancelled.
  3. I LOVED IT!!

    The one-liners are classic. The way Kristen's character fit God into every situation was hilarious, and Annie Potts was amazing as the Grandmother.

    Overall I enjoyed it, but I do think they will need to flesh some of these characters out. Personally, I wouldn't change a thing about Kristen's character..it's so obvious that she is the star rather than Leslie Bibb. After one episode, I'm already over Leslie's "I'm a changed woman" routine...so less of that and more of the girl from the end of the show.

    I really do need to learn their names and all, but the gay husband is adorable, and just soo damn likeable.
  4. It's a bit confusing as there are so many people and so much is going on but I'm looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully then I will understand more.
  5. The word 'meh' sums up my feelings towards the pilot. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either. I'll stick with it though.
  6. I enjoyed it. It didn't try to hard, and it didn't fall flat. It was overall very well thrown together.
  7. I enjoyed it but it felt like very little happened whilst introducing us to so many characters in such a short space of time I found it a challenge to grasp most of their names. The title being an abbreviation is stupid. They should have stuck with "Good Christian Belles" if they really weren't brave enough to go with "Bitches".
  8. Presumably they had the internet in mind when shortening it to GCB. It was bound to be hashtagged as GCB on Twitter. It's all about hashtagability nowadays.
  9. A sad sate of affairs to be sacrificing creative integrity for something like this.
  10. Episode 2 really didn't grab me very much at all. Don't know if it's cos I watched it after Desperate Housewives and was still reeling from that but still... Must do better.
  11. It was more hit and miss than the pilot but still very funny. I preferred Kristin in this episode. Not enough Heather but I liked getting to know Cricket and Blake a bit better. The wardrobe malfunction was hilarious.

    The ratings went up as well! I guess the church leaders and politicians speaking out against the show has given it a free publicity blitz. They should've kept the original title!
  12. They really should. Especially as if you google GCB, you get loads of stuff about a burger from McDonalds.
  13. What an own goal! I remember the Parents Television Council trying to claim responsibility for The Playboy Club's cancellation, which would have happened anyway due to its horrible ratings.

    Has any other show this season rated higher in the second episode than the first?
  14. I don't know but it is quite unusual. There's always a chance the final ratings might take away that small 0.1 bump though. The ratings could really do with bumping up a bit more, I was hoping for a stronger start to this show but I think its association with Desperate Housewives stopped it from rating higher. Housewives has been dying this season.
  15. With second episode it became even more amazing. It's all that I love Mean Girls meets Desperate Hosewives meets Dallas. All wrapped up in great sarcastic fabulousness.

    Kristin is amazing!

    It's everything Desperate Hosewives is trying to be for last 3 years.
  16. I agreed with everything you said until that last line. As bad as Desperate Housewives has gotten in the last few seasons, it's still a hundred times better than this show.

    I'm in love with the gay husband. Wasn't he dating Gabrielle Solis for a while on Desperate? I think he had an ugly daughter enrolled in her 'modelling school' or something.
  17. Wow, the relationship between that one brunette and her gay husband is adorable and hilarious. I was kind of shocked to realize that she knows.
  18. I don't know. Only two episodes of GCB aired and it gave me more than DH did in last three seasons.

    Desperate Housewives (for me) were only worth watching because of Eva/Gabriele. The rest was like beating a dead horse. Uninteresting to watch/listen.
  19. I was pretty bored by this week's episode. I think I'll give it one more week before I call it quits.
  20. That was a great twist. The actors who play that couple steal all their scenes and they particularly shined in that one.
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