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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. I just loved that HUGE bed. Hilarious and the way he rolled all the way over. So cute.
  2. Great third episode. Those three GCB's (Carlene, Cricket and Sharon) are my favorite so far.
  3. Sharon is shit. I hate her. She's not even fat!

    It was a good episode though. Cricket is obviously the best one so far, she's flawless.
  4. This what I wanted to write along Cricket's name. We share the same opinion.

    I like Sharon all brainless and naive.
  5. I love this show. So much bitchiness is just what every show needs plus such a great cast!
  6. Me and my roommate can't stand Amanda and Marisol, they are soo dreadfully boring.
  7. This show is the only reason why I'm always looking forward to Monday.
  8. The new one was the best since the pilot. Good to see them starting to phase some stories in which could run beyond a couple of episodes. Cricket and Blake stole the show obviously, their Bonnie and Clyde was amazing. That's how you do fancy dress. Heather looked amazing too!
  9. I can't even describe how much life Cricket's performance in church gave me.
  10. If the DVD boxset came with an uncensored cut of Carlines brother getting out the car, I'd be buying that shit for friends birthdays for years.

    Now that their personalities are settling and it's no longer the 4 friends against Amanda, it's finding its legs.

    Laughed so badly at 'well I'm not getting it ... of course not sweetie, your his sister' part!
  11. Oh my god at Crickets performance at the funeral. 'A wretch, like YOU and You and YOU and ME'
    She is amazing.
    And the brother is beyond hot.
  12. I haven't watched the last two episodes and I was going to catch up last night but after seeing this week's ratings, I've decided there's no point. I don't want to get invested only for it to be cancelled in May.
  13. It's only getting better. Even if it does get cancelled (which isn't a cert) it's not like there'll be any big cliffhangers.
  14. TV By The Numbers (who are usually right) still have it as a likely renewal, but it can't afford to drop any further.
  15. It's basically down to the fact that I don't want to get attached to it only for it to be gone within a few weeks. Maybe I'll revisit it over the summer if it's renewed.
    I saw that just after I posted here actually. Let's hope the numbers can remain stable at the very least.
  16. Also it was up against some music awards so it was bound to take a bit of damage.

    Cricket singing 'Amazing Grace' was the best scene I've scene on TV this year.
  17. If Cricket continues like this then I may end up loving her as much as I loved Bree in season one of Desperate Housewives.
  18. Those Xtina ad libs ... Amazing.

    I laughed so hard.
  19. I think the latest episode was kinda lame and Amanda is a bit annoying: beautiful, loved by everyone - except the other women who are just jealous, a good heart etc. etc.
  20. Cricket and Carlene definitely own the show, the Amazing Grace performance was the highlight of the show, I couldn't stop laughing..she better get an Emmy nomination. And the way Carlene and Cricket double teamed Amanda on the phone and introduced themselves with their full names was hilarious.
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