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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Cricket is now my favorite character.

    Last two episodes were so good. The part with Cricket and her gay husband axing the girl that they interviewed for being their surrogate just because she was for Obama was hilarious!

    And that pastor is HOT!
  2. This show is all about Cricket. Give her a frickin Emmy or Golden Globe or something, she\'s such a brilliant character. The partnership between her and Blake is so well done

    The whole show is great, I hope it gets a second season.
  3. Just watched the other days. Apart from it not really following the previous episodes Carline/Amanda understanding it was great.
    It had that awesome thing of being a great stand alone episode. Only the main characters where in it and there was no real story development but it was so fun. Carline vs Cricket singing audition was brilliant TV.

    Although I'm still worried by GiGi looking like a well done up corpse ... she has some serious open casket make up/hair going on.

    I've watched the first five episodes in the past couple of days and it's hilarious! And the soundtrack is perfect - Kristin Chenoweth singing 'Jesus Take the Wheel' is brilliant; and my favourite new discovery is 'Hallelu Y'All' by Bomshel, which I'm obsessed with at the moment.
  5. I've actually been won over by Sharon now. Her shopping channel adventures were hilarious.
  6. This has been cancelled. I'm glad I stopped watching after a few episodes because I had a feeling it wouldn't last long. I hope Kristin Chenoweth gets something new soon.
  7. Shame, but at least there were no huge cliffhangers. Episode 9 with the BBQ was fucking brilliant and should've been the finale. The actual finale in Mexico was a bit shit. Why take a show about life in Dallas out of Dallas?
  8. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Kristen can always go back to Hot In Cleveland...
  9. Such shame! I need Cricket in my life.
  10. NOOO! This show was hilarious, I could have done with so much more of it.
  11. That's actually kinda sad - it had potential!
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