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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Queen of appreciating her fans but also free shit.
  2. It's definitely giving her team too much credit, but it'd be pretty amazing if the supposed tour commercial that she shot with Peter Lindbergh debuts during the Super Bowl. It'd be a smart way to launch word of a tour / the ...Baby, One More Time anniversary tie-in (which is why her team probably isn't doing it).

    In reality, it will probably premiere on Instagram one week before the first date.
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  3. Cardi B wearing a Britney and Justin Tee. Now do a hot collab please.

  4. That would be interesting!
  5. So, is it safe to say that we're very closer to a new music era?
  6. Where Are You Now is her best work as a vocalist. Really excellent vocals.
  7. Requesting the full adress of your local coffee shop.
  8. Wouldn't that be perfect? But I don't think they will invest the money in a Super Bowl commercial in a billion years.
  10. Derp, I completely forgot.
  11. ‘The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs’ on Leather Lane, London.

    Wanky, wanky name and very overpriced coffee admittedly but when I went past again later they had ‘Piece Of Me’ playing so they had moved onto ‘Blackout’ so they remain flawless.

    Queen of caffeinated beverages and social affairs.
  12. Her team wouldn't have paid for that though. It was an NFL promo.
  13. Ready for the Britney remix of Bartier Cardi... Britneyer Cardi is coming
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  14. Honestly we never really know with Britney. There's almost certainly a European tour of some magnitude this summer; whether that means 1, 5, 10, or 20 shows is anyone's guess. Only one is confirmed. Everything else is whispers and speculation at this point, but based on what Justin Tranter said, she's done some recording at the very least. I'll be surprised if we don't have a single by summer, even if it's a one-off.
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  15. She needs to call Max Martin and give us another hit like 3 or Hold It Against Me like now
  16. No Max Martin on B10. No.
  17. After Witness? I hope not.
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  18. Let's not hold him responsible for Witness (not to mention that the production on that was actually stellar).
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  19. She proved she doesn't need him if Blackout and Glory are good indications.
  20. Love that her team wanted you to know her as 'just Britney' after 1 song.
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