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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Still a bop after all these years and you know Brit agrees.
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  3. Is anyone really surprised? If anything, I'm glad she will have a steady gig again.

    Also, this is the theatre Gaga will be playing in so they will be roommates in a way.
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  4. So, it's been 19 years since the release of one of the most succesful debut albums in pop history
    I remember the moment when I saw the Baby video for the first time, it was the closest thing to love at first sight I ever lived and the rest is history, I love Britney so much

  5. Rem


    So fucking iconic. They should update all of her album sales.
  6. Bloodshy and/or Avanat
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  7. I feel like Britney has always tried her hardest to keep Max out of her albums. She hated the tracks he did for "Britney" (especially "Bombastic Love"), so she kept him out of "In the Zone" and "Blackout" (the albums where she had the most creative input), and she also didn't work with him for "Glory". I don't think he will make it on future albums now that she's more hands-on with her music.
  8. Can you really blame her? Resume aside, I don't think I have ever heard Max gush about Britney's vocals the way that Julia and Justin have, nor remark on her ear for melody. While it's all speculative since Britney basically leaves her albums on the proverbial stranger's doorstep in a basket with a note "play me" once they're completed , I imagine the recording and creative process behind the album are where Britney still connects with her inner artist. I always got the feeling with Max it's much more of a "show up and record these how I tell you to" type affair, and after 20 years, I can't blame her for being like "Yeah I think I got the enunciation of 'babay'down, I'm gonna go work with these fun creative kids".
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    These are cute, I want one.
  10. I need these immediately! If they aren't vanilla-scented, I will be pissed.
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  11. Totally agree. I do love most of their work together but I'm glad she's experimenting and working with different people. He's gotten stale over the past few years anyway.
  12. Britney's team's relationship with Us Weekly has gotten a lot better over the years, so I wouldn't be surprised if the "anonymous source" was Larry Rudolph or Jeff Raymond, her publicist. In the old Piece of Me residency thread, a couple of reliable posters were also saying that she'd signed a deal with the Park Theater and would go back to Vegas after the European tour this year.
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  13. She looks amaziing
  14. US Weekly was bought out early last year. Its now run by the same people who do OK! and LifeandStyle i.e its now a full on tabloid and has no reputability. Thats not to say the stuff about Vegas isn't true, but US has changed hands. Its not like used to be where after People it was probably the most publicist friendly rag.
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  15. Queen of fashion montages.
  16. Portugal. The Man collaboration confirmed.
  17. A new residency would be the least surprising thing ever.

    Regarding the European tour: if it happens they should give out some dates soon.
  18. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the same roll out as the Asian tour (randomly announcing each show every two-three weeks and giving them two weeks to sell out).
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  19. Well-deserved. Ironic tho how for the first part of her career her singles were bigger here rather than the US with the trend then reversing post-Circus.
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