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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Song or album? You have always some reliable Britney tea.
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  2. He


    Acceptance speech sorted.
  3. I caved and managed to get good seats in Birmingham.
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  4. Got good seats in Birmingham too but will have to get some Manchester ones nearer the time, I can't have Britney Jean on my doorstep and not go!
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  6. Here for Ashley replacing Pitbull as opener.
  7. Also she put a Cher cover on her first album.
  8. If anyone is looking for tickets for Manchester, Eventim have some on sale in block 103.
  9. I think Britney's sheer influence on popular culture justifies her award. Her brash sexuality inadvertently liberated a generation of LGBTQ youth who had no immediate idols of their own to look up to, whilst the pain and horror she later experienced within her career created a deeper identification and relation with one's own personal struggles. Though hardly a Gagaesque activist, her power comes from a certain energy ever-present in her music - even in the most melancholic of creations, she is still somewhat hopeful, optimistic, endearing. Giving that sort of brightness and affirmation into the world can sometimes be just as effective as any call-to-arms.
  10. *bops in eloquent justification and summary of her career*
  11. Nailed it. The Gays are notorious for loving their ladies who persevere despite the odds and she’s certainly a perfect representation of that.
  12. [​IMG]
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  14. Britney has always acknowledged her gay fanbase. Let's not forget the time she showed up unannounced and performed at a gay club in NYC back in 2003. It was one of the first times I saw gay culture "normalized" on television by non other than one of my idols. I still remember how important that was for me as a young confused gay boy.

  15. NOT them using Britney to try and flog a few tickets for Justin Timberlake

    Shady binches
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  16. I live for the group of 3 trying to dance in unison serving Fifth Harmony levels of confused choreography.
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  17. RJF


    Britney Spears did the original "Oops!" choreo at Stonewall.
  18. I'm so glad she is getting this award from GLAAD. Growing up as a gay boy, Britney saved me so many times by just being herself and giving me songs to forget and to cry all my problems and issues for being who I am. I think the way she sees us - it's like it doesn't matter to her if you're straight/gay/bi whatever because we are all equal humans etc - is really the way to go. But sadly, in the world we live in we do need people to bring more attention to our cause and I'm glad she is getting more active and talking more about it and other issues.
  19. I think her speech will be very sweet and cute when she attends the award. I'm sure she's honored and flattered to be given the award.
  20. [​IMG]
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